Chapter 114 [Episode 59] The Best One (The first in the world) 1



@ The Best One (The first in the world)


“I am a person who is usually not easily surprised… But this time, I was really surprised. Gale and Immortal. How did you keep these two identities separate? It’s really amazing.”

Sang Hyuk had wanted to call to tell her, but Lee Mirae rushed over immediately as soon as she heard it. In her opinion, for something this important, she could not just simply talk on the phone.


“I told you before, but this is the secret that only noona (older sister, blood-related or other close person) and the CP know.”

Sang Hyuk had revealed that Gale and Immortal were the same person only for Lee Mirae PD(Production Director) and Kim Yunho CP(Content Producer), the only two people who saw Gale’s real face. Because it was hidden, but not on purpose, so he had revealed himself and asked the two to keep the secret.


“Don’t worry. I won’t tell to anyone. You don’t have to worry because the CP is not the person who likes to talk about these things. But, is this something to hide? I think it would be daebak(jackpot) if you reveal it.”


“I did not hide it because there is a big reason…. It’s  just there is no reason to reveal it. Just keep it secret until it is revealed naturally.”


“Ok, I got it. But if you were going to The Best One, you have to tell me in advance. Then I would have gotten you cleared up to the final seed.”


“It’s okay. I won the preliminary competition and have secured the final seed anyway.”


“Indeed, if you think about it, you are even cooler.”

Lee Mirae sincerely cheered Sang Hyuk. She worked as the PD who was responsible for Sang Hyuk while at same time she looked at Sang Hyuk as a man, not as a client/friend.

She didn’t know the reason, but Mirae could feel a very mature charm from Sang Hyuk.

Sang Hyuk was a charming man, although she could not actually hit on him because he was young and they had a business relationship. So she had no choice but to cheer him.


“People are saying it a lot these days that the winner is Immortal anyway… so, are you confident?”

Lee Mirae looked at Sang Hyuk who had been watching the internet while sipping the ice americano that she had bought for him.


“I don’t know. I’m not really sure.”


“What? Why is the World Class Immortal saying something so weak?”


“Oh, you have to listen to the Korean words to the end. It doesn’t mean that I’m not confident to win, but that I’m not confident to lose.” *

Sang Hyuk joked lightly and smiled.


“Kyaa, as expected! This is who you are.”

Lee Mirae nodded and rejoiced. Kim Jongwoo PD called several times a day and asked her to find out some of the hidden secrets of the Immortal from Gale, but she just said she will do it but really she just lightly blew him off.

Although Kim Jongwoo PD was her boss, there was not much business between them since he was not her direct boss, so she did not feel the need to do the favor.


* * * *


The main event was scheduled to start in a week.

Originally Sang Hyuk was going to play Shadow Forest as well as Way of Proof, but he gave up Shadow Forest because he got too interested in the preliminaries.

Honestly, if he also played at the Shadow Forest, he had the confidence to chew up everything, but because it would have been a lot of nuisance, so he gave up to control his pace.

Thanks to it, Sang Hyuk was even more relaxed. Although the finals started in the 32nd round, Sang Hyuk did not even need to participate from the beginning, as he was in the 8th round, having received one of the four seeded positions.

While waiting, Sang Hyuk was getting ready for his Hydra Invasion in the remaining time.

He was going to hunt the Hydras right after The Best One.

The calm time passed.

In the meantime, Sang Huk announced through live Channel One that Immortal, the guild master of the One guild, will go to The Best One.

This was matched to what Kim Jongwoo had promised before. In return for doing the interviews, Sang Hyuk took all the highlights from the tournament, so the footage is now available on live Channel One.

A week went by, Sang Hyuk finished preparing for the Hydra Invasion and in the meantime he also finished preparing for the finals.

All that was left was to keep playing the finals every day for a week at LGN Headquarters.

LGN provided accommodation for those who came from the provinces, but Sang Hyuk did not need it because he could drive to and from his house.

Although he came to the opening ceremony because of the requirements for the finalists, but if today he can finish the simple photoshoot and the official interview, it would be four days until the quarter-finals were to be held, so it was okay to come back later.

Until then, it was more convenient to watch live broadcast at home. Of course, LGN wanted him to watch the other competitors’ games at their VIP showroom if possible, but Sang Hyuk politely declined their request. He knew what they wanted, but he did not feel the need to do so.

It wasn’t whether he was interested in it or not, but the broadcast of the selection was visually more brilliant than he had expected. But Sang Hyuk, no, the Immortal, sat silently without expression.

Actually, he had participated in more spectacular ceremonial pageantry. Though it was not as player but a director, anyway thanks to his memories, nothing showed on his face. *

Rather, Immortal was interested in the other side of the drawing. Immortal carefully looked at each participant in the finals and began to look for those he knew.

He could recognize many people more than he thought.

Most of them would later become professional gamers.

Because the  league has yet to be formally announced, so the concept of EL pro-gamers has not been established.

But in the contest, those who will be pro-gamers in the future, were also participating as well.


“Won’t more than half of the users who participated in this competition be the first-generation of EL pro-gamers? There was a definite reason for the success of this competition.”

Immortal nodded lightly and realized clearly why The Best One once had a great success in his previous life.


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