“Anyway, why did he look at me like this?….. It’s Gye Baek.”

Thanks to the introduction by the host as ‘Gye Baek’, a top ranker of the Gladiator Hall and a strong candidate for the championship, Sang Hyuk was able to recognize his identity.

Immortal gently greeted Gye Baek using his eyes, who was still staring at the Immortal. Since Gye Baek came to the draw, he often looked around and there was a reason why he did it.

Gye Baek laughed brightly with a satisfying look when Immortal found him.


“I’ll have a cup of coffee after the draw.”

He didn’t know about others, but at least Gye Baek was not a burden to meet.

Anyway, the introduction of the moderator continued and of course Immortal was introduced. Immortal was introduced as the strongest player with all kinds of rhetoric.

As soon as he was introduced, a thunder-like shout burst out from the audience. He was literally the number one candidate for the championship and the one who received the most attention of the people present, so the shouting continued without stop.

It was just the drawing for the matches…. It should not have this level of interest.


After the draw, the individual interviews started.

Before that, Immortal was visited by all kinds of LGN affiliates. It was a bit annoying, but it was only a handshake and a photo op, so it was acceptable.

Moreover, it was not meaningless either. There were also welcoming faces among the officials.

For example, the caster Jeon Yongmin or Jang Minho, who was still a beginner commentator but later will be called the best professional commentator of EL in the future, they were people with whom he had maintained a good relationship in his past life.

Sang Hyuk had drank with them both occasionally and talked about all things even the personal things, so it was nice to see both of them like this.

Of course, in his current life, he has seen them for the first time, but at least they were friendly with Immortal. So unlike the other visitors, he treated the two people very kindly.

After several hours of visits and interviews by many people, the official schedule was over.

Right after the official schedule end, Immortal first visited Gye Baek.

Gye Baek was also looking for Immortal, so the two met right away.


“I did not know I would meet you here, Immortal. I honestly thought that Lone King would have participated, not Immortal, so I eagerly looked for him…. Is Lone King not involved?”

Gye Baek was sincerely happy.


“He cannot participate in the offline competition because of personal reasons. I did not ask for the details.”


“I see. Oh, we are not supposed to be like this. If you have time, let’s get a cup of coffee.”

Immortal moved to the nearby coffee shop with Gye Baek while continuing the conversation.

Gye Baek’s real name was Yoo Daehoon. As Daehoon revealed his real name, Immortal also revealed his name. The two of them were the same age, so they could converse comfortably.

Of course, they still used the honorifics and were careful to each other, but thanks to the bond they had in the game, unexpectedly they were able to talk as if they were close.

Yoo Daehoon talked and Sang Hyuk listened, but because Yoo Daehoon was funny so the conversation did not get boring.

Originally, Sang Hyuk was going to break up with a cup of coffee, but while he happily talked to Daehoon, the dinner time came and they even had dinner together.

It was like he was swept away by Yoo Daehoon’s pace, but this didn’t feel unpleasant.

Rather, Sang Hyuk felt good.

In the end, Sang Hyuk had dinner with Yoo Daehoon and drank with him until dawn. It was almost morning when finally the two broke up. When they left, the two of them were very comfortable with each other and they were put their arms around each other’s shoulders.



Sang Hyuk, who returned home after calling a driver, barely got up after almost 10 hours of sleep.

He has been drinking a lot, for the first time in a long time, so his head hurt like it was broken, but he still felt good.



Sang Hyuk, sitting on his bed, laughed as he recalled last night.

After returning from the past life to the present life, Sang Hyuk’s life was mainly tied to the game.

Of course, there was nothing bad or or was there dissatisfaction. It was very fun in the game. However, the point was that the pleasure that he felt while drinking and hanging out in real life yesterday was not in the game.

Yoo Daehoon, who was now his friend, told Sang Hyuk yesterday, “The world is wide and there are many things to enjoy.”

It was hovering in Sang Hyuk’s head longer than he had imagined.


“Well, slowly and carefully like this… let’s find pleasure.”

Sang Hyuk rose from his bed and nodded. He did not have to rush. The things he has to do now and the things he wants to enjoy are overflowing anyway. Especially, Sang Hyuk wanted to have more pleasure in the game.

The times that he felt so scarcely in his past life seemed to be abundant in his present life. *

Sang Hyuk who is only in his early 20s.

He had time to spare.


* * * *


The first episode of The Best One became more popular than expected and kept attracting viewers.

Fans from all over the world watched The Best One live on the internet and the enthusiasm was off the charts.

Eight players survived from the 32nd to the 16th rounds.

And the eight users completed fiercely for the four seats in order to play again in the real quarter finals, and finally four players were to fight against the four who were seeded.

Up to here, it took just four days.

After the quarter finals and the semi-finals were played for two days in a row, the finals were scheduled to take place two days later.

Although it was a very tight schedule, the tournament was unexpectedly so popular and it has to proceed because it has a pre-arranged schedule.

LGN opened a hot online event to make the atmosphere even hotter.

And the confrontation that will make the heated atmosphere explode at once, was the first game of the 8th round.

The battle of the strongest user, Immortal with the first person of China, Xiao Fang.

Of course, this battle was the most popular match of the 8th round.



Chapter 114 [Episode 59] The Best One (The first in the world) 1 – End


Editor’s Notes: I’m pretty sure the author intends to let the reader know that Sang Hyuk has been the director of more spectacular broadcasts than this in his previous life, so he’s sitting there thinking about what he would do different, basically grading the director, and finding him lacking.


Editor’s Notes:  It sounds weird, how the sentence emphasizes “Korean”.  That’s because in Korean, you sometimes need to listen to a sentence completely to figure out what the speaker is saying. This was why the translator used this phrasing.


“it’s not like in english, the pattern normally ==> subject verb object..

in korean ==> subject (sometimes it’s missing) object verb”


Editor’s Notes: Awwwww…. 🙁


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