Chapter 115 [Episode 59] The Best One 2



“Actually, he really has great skill but this is mostly hype. You can win only if you show 100% of your skills.”

Luo Yusheng, Guild Master of Xiao Fang’s guild and Xiao Fang’s supporter, continued his pep talk to Xiao Fang.

In fact, Xiao Fang was a ranker, who joined and was made by the ‘Golden Imperial Soldiers’, one of the best guilds in China.

Luo Yusheng brought the talented young Xiao Fang and pushed him firmly from the beginning.

Thank to it, Xiao Fang was able to level up to level 50 even though he had a triple soul. Not only that, but all his items were superior to unique grade items that has been enhanced to +7.


“The one suited to be at the top spot is not that man, but you. So, today in this place, let all of us see that the strongest in the continent is the strongest in the world.”

Luo Yusheng was a powerful figure in China. He owned a real estate conglomerate with significant influence in China, even though he is from Hong Kong, but he was a person who believed in ‘China First’ to his marrow.


“So, should I use the third skill too?”


“As your opponent is a serious opponent, use the third Ancient Knowledge and press him hard.”

Up to now, Xiao Fang has been known as a double soul user. But he was actually a triple soul user. He was only hiding his third skill for various reasons.


“I got it.”

Xiao Fang nodded and replied with a confident look.

If he used his third ancient knowledge, no matter the opponent, even if it was the Immortal, he had the confidence to win.

And it was not just Xiao Fang or his aides who thought of this. Most of the Chinese users, who are by far the best in the world, predicted Xiao Fang’s victory.


[Frankly, it’s true that Immortal and his one guild are great, but isn’t it a story from about a few months ago? During these few months, the situation has changed a lot and… One Guild is also slowly being revealed as just hype.]


[That’s right, I don’t know if it was Lone King, but Immortal has too much hype as a guild master.]


[On the other hand, it was true that Xiao Fang was heavily undervalued because he was not active in the Gladiator Hall.]


[Immortal and Xiao Fang, these two will eventually find their place in the fight today.]


[Xiao Fang, fighting!] (TL note: cheering up, wishing good luck.)


[But, was Immortal’s skill really hype? I rather think Xiao Fang’s skill is hype.]


[It seems the top post is a Korean. Where is the Korean who set their nationality as Chinese?]


[I heard there are a lot of kids fake their nationality. The Koreans are from the Korean bulletin board.]


[Compared to Korean users, we started a little late and lagged behind, but as the time goes by, you will know why we are called the Great Country]


[In the past, even at the time of LOW, the Koreans had gained so much in the early days, but eventually we conquered all the servers. In the end, EL would be like that.]


[It is not the strongest user Immortal but the over-hyped user Immortal. Xiao Fang will definitely win today.]


  • •••••
  • •••••


Chinese users said Xiao Fang will win. Sometimes it was a comment to deny reality, but every time that happens, they’re driven into the corner and bombarded by facts.

The reason that they can do this is because the influence of the guilds made by Chinese users in the game actually increased greatly.

Anyway, because of the large head count, the power had exploded and as it has exploded, the rankings of the guilds went up naturally.

If you observe the top-level guilds, there are more guilds dominated by Korean users, but it is true that China’s force is strong.

However, only the Chinese users were predicting Xiao Fang’s superiority. Most of the users in other countries as well as Korean users have been predicting Immortal’s superiority.

Especially, the beliefs of Korean users were close to faith.


[The Chinese kids say Xiao Fang’s win is almost confirmed, aren’t they? Isn’t this a little worrying?]


[Shut up! One Guild is our faith and Immortal is a token of the faith. You are doubting your faith!]


[Frankly, the Chinese kids’ excitement is not one or two days, right? They’ll probably tell you another story when Xiao Fang is grounded.] (TL note: the excitement here is like making a scene unnecessarily before something happens, and buzzing around overreacting)


[If Xiao Fang is grounded, would you call him Fighting Fang?] (TL note: the speaker plays Xiao Fang’s name as Ssaul Fang which means fighting Fang.)


[Ooo, darn… because you said Fighting Fang, I thought you are the ahjussi (old man) in the supermarket outside.] (TL note: it’s similar to dad jokes. So if you play with words it’s usually made by an old man or ahjussi)


[I have seen more than 100 times the paid video where Immortal appeared, but a guy like Xiao Fang will never win when 100 people attack.]


[It’s funny to sit down comparing them who have different class in the first place. And I want you to stop talking about him being hyped. Have you ever seen a real, proven exaggeration among the controversies involving the winnings of the One Guild?]


[The foreign kids predict a 99% probability that Immortal will win but only the Chinese kids are strange.]


[Idiots, what do they think Immortal is for them to suck up to him like that? I think Xiao Fang is quite likely to win.]


[Wow wow, seems that the guy, who has eaten the Chinese bowl, has appeared.]


[You have studied hard to get the Korean certificate but you are barely showing off your Korean skills in this kind of place?]


[Anyway, they are just rampaging guys who will shut up after 20 more minutes, just leave them.]


  • •••••
  • •••••


At first, it was only a quarter-finals tournament in Korea, but now it is almost like a national confrontation.

The Chinese users who believe in Xiao Fang.

The Korean users who believe in Immortal.

They fought hard on the internet and the result was the roar went up even before the game started.


* * * *


Dark night, ruined building wrecks and straight asphalt. Then a sky without even a dot of cloud and with a bright full moon floating in the sky.

Xiao Fang first looked around and checked the environment settings when the game started.


“It’s a shame because the time is set at night, but there won’t be any problem because the full moon is bright.”

He obtained all information about Immortal in various ways. And as a result, he found out that Immortal’s specialty was the ambush.

There was a lot of analysis but eventually it was concluded that Immortal’s skills would be that of assassins.

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