There were two common ways of dealing with assassins. The first was to find and attack the assassin first, and the second was to block the assassin’s attack and counterattack him.

If he could, the first way was the best. However, it was hard to find the assassin when a similar level of users used Concealment, unless they had the means to break the enemy’s Concealment.

So, of course, Xiao Fang chose the second method.

It was because his Ancient Knowledge had an outstanding defensive ability.

Among the three Ancient Knowledges that he has, he showed and used only two of them, which are the ‘Steel Dragon Miracle’ and ‘Strong Dragon Law Fist’.

This combination could basically be classified as ‘Deal Tank’. The Deal Tank combination boasted a solid armor and was able to deal damage fairly well.

Both Ancient Knowledges were the Ancient Knowledge which hard to find, and only a few of them knew that the synergy is maximized when the two are combined.

This combination was called the ‘Strong Steel Dragon’ and it was a combination that was powerful enough to fit into the top 30 soul combination formulas to be revealed in the distant future.

The disadvantage was only that there was no mobility skill so that the level of maneuverability drops. However, Xiao Fang was supplementing them with his third Ancient Knowledge. The third Ancient Knowledge of Xiao Fang, which was completely hidden…. It was the ‘Vampire Blood’.

Among the Blood series Ancient Knowledge, this blood which belongs to the higher levels, was what Luo Yusheng had paid so much for.

in Sang Hyuk’s past life it was rated higher than the Wyvern Blood, which was sold at auction, and it had some special soul skills that helped Xiao Fang solve the problem of maneuverability.

Of course, this part was a secret.

Luo Yusheng told Xiao Fang not to use the skills associated with the vampire blood before other people to use at this crucial moment.

He did not care about the passive form abilities that other people cannot recognize, but the active abilities that other people would recognize as belonging to a third Ancient Knowledge, were completely sealed.


“You can block even a strong ambush if you use the Strong Dragon Wall after spreading out the defense using the Steel Dragon Ordnance and equipping a shield using Steel Dragon Soul.”

Xiao Fang was able to hold harder that any other tanker if he was determined to hold on. Of course, if he focused on defense like this, he had to give up the attack altogether, but if he was able to block the first ambush when facing the assassin, then the next thing was not that difficult.

In fact, for this reason, assassin users did not like ‘Way of Proof’ much. It did not matter when neither side knew anything about the other, but it was very big problem if your opponent knew about you and came out like this.


“Even if he use all of them like this, but I still have one left.”

Xiao Fang was not just believing in his defensive strategy. A hidden trump card. If he used it, he could 100% disable things like ambushes.


[Xiao Fang seems to be trying to defend first and fight back after that. When I observed him, Xiao Fang is a very powerful Deal Tank user. I do not know what abilities exactly he’s going to use, but I think he’s going to endure the ambush.]


Jang Minho, who was in charge of the commentary, prepared while staying up almost every night for this game. Thanks to that, he had a lot to say.


[So, in the end, can Xiao Fang be able to endure Immortal’s ambush?]


Jeon Yongmin asked with a curious look.


[It is advantageous if it was the usual case. It is true that ambush is almost meaningless for a defensive player. Honestly, ambush is not a good match for the ‘Way of Proof’. The place that is the best for ambush is the dungeon.]


[It means that Xiao Fang wanted to endure it, right?]


[Haha, you have to listen to the end. I just talked about the usual case…. now is different. From my conclusion, you won’t be able to hold back.]


[Why is it like that? If it is Xiao Fang, isn’t he a recognized ranking user? If such a player intends to defend, it won’t be easy to get over it.]


Jeon Yongmin and Jang Minho already had a few words so Jeon Yongmin reacted exactly as Jang Minho wanted.


[It does not matter who the opponent is. The important thing is…. it is Immortal. He is different.]


[Aren’t you thinking too one-sidedly? I know that all eight players who have entered the quarter-finals are all top level users with great skills. If so, even if he is Immortal, can he win it easily?]


This was also what Jang Minho asked him to do in advance. In the end, he had to provoke him to make him talk so Jeon Yongmin’s reaction was necessary.


[Immortal is different. I know that Xiao Fang has great ability, but what cannot be done, cannot be done.]


Is it because it was too biased commentary?

In the chat window that comes up real time, it started to say that the commentary sucked too much. However, Jang Minho stood firmly in his position.


[Anyway, all viewers can check and see that what I said was right in about a minute.]


Jang Minho spoke as if it was prophecy.

And as he spoke, the space near Xiao Fang split horribly and one black blade came out.

There was almost no surprise because it was the scene that was actually expected by everyone.

Of course, Xiao Fang, who had strong defense posture, was not surprised at all. He used the ‘Strong Dragon Wall’ right away and lifted both of his fists up to the front.

Strong Dragon Wall and Steel Dragon Soul reduce the damage as much as possible and the damage that has penetrated it is blocked through enhance defense by the Steel Dragon Ordnance.

This was Xiao Fang’s idea.

Xiao Fang thought that Immortal was able to win against Line Dark because the battlefield was a dungeon.

The dungeon was the best battlefield for the assassin.

But Way of Proof was different. The assassin could not use much power here.

So Xiao Fang believed that he could destroy Immortal with his own hand.

But his belief now at this moment….. is broken.

Jjojojong! Kwakwakwang!

The black blade just touches and made the Strong Dragon Wall and Steel Dragon Soul vanish. The two skills, that Xiao Fang thought as the hardest defense, have disappeared as quickly as a bursting soap bubble.

Fortunately, Xiao Fang’s senses were keen.

If the Xiao Fang’s sense had fallen, he would not have been able to react and would have been swept away by the black blade in a second, but Xiao Fang was not like that at all.

He used a number of his treasured skills when he felt the danger.

Vampire Blood’s soul skills ‘Swarm of Bats’

It was a skill to instantly turn his body into hundreds of bats and shed 80% of the damage.

The cooldown time was 3 days and if he use it, he will not be able to use all the power of the Vampire Blood for three days, so it was not a skill that he can use thoughtlessly, but now first he need to live and see the rest.


Xiao Fang thought that when his body turned into hundreds of bats, he could endure the ambush, so he was thinking about the counterattack.

Nope, he just wanted to think about it.

Theoretically, Swarm of Bats was able to withstand any attack. Obviously it was theoretically.

But unfortunately, Xiao Fang’s opponent was not an opponent bound by theory or common sense.

The Outlier…..

The non-standard existence used all his power and the black blade swallowed up the entire swarm of bats.

Xiao Fang could not be an Immortal’s opponent in the first place.

Immortal was much much much stronger than what people thought.



Chapter 115 [Episode 59] The Best One 2 – End


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