[One Man Army, Ep.60(1): Treat Reality like a Game]

@ Treat reality like a game


Everything burst at once, even if he used Swarm of Bats. Xiao Ping may have felt himself a bit wronged by this. He could have actually got through it. It wasn’t nighttime now, and only if Immortal hadn’t used Black Flame Dragon…Xiao Ping could have endured one strike.

Of course, he would have been swept up with the attack that followed, but the reason why he was struck out with one strike was because Immortal intended to.

Immortal knew Xiao Ping very well.

He should have. Xiao Ping was a fierce contender at international competitions, getting into sharp confrontations with Korean professional gamers in his previous life.

At that time, his skill was good, as recognized by everyone.

However, he had a rather weak mentality making him collapse on his own at times, which led to his losses outnumbering his wins to the top Korean professional gamers.

Anyway, Sanghyuk, who had some grasp of Xiao Ping’s skills, knew that his ability to survive was quite powerful, so he decided to get it done all at once and blew him away with the strongest strike.

Users with weak mentality would collapse on their own when the opponent tighten the pressure first.

As expected, Xiao Ping collapsed on his own as a result of this one-time death. In particular, he was unable to use his vampire abilities because he used the Swarm of Bats, which made him collapse even harder.

As a result, the quarter finals of the Best One Battle, which had attracted the attention of a number of people, ended with a futile loss for Xiao Ping.

Immortal didn’t let Xiao Ping have even one kill. On the other hand, Xiao Ping was killed by Immortal 10 times consecutively, getting utterly defeated with set score of 2:0.

The game only lasted 15 minutes.

Actually, if the waiting time of 8 minutes is deducted, he was crushed within only 7 minutes.

Since it was a unilateral result, there was not much reactions to the game. The Chinese users were disappointed and sighed, as they shirked the loss with a strange logic that Xiao Ping surely wasn’t the real Chinese representative. Korean users were in a festive mode.

In the quarter finals of the Best One Battle, there were 5 Koreans and 3 foreigners, and as 3 foreigners were all lost, it made Korean users feel even more pleasant.

Although the gap decreased, so far, the number of top users was the highest among Koreans.

In the semi finals held on the next day, Immortal crushed his opponent yet again and easily got himself up to the finals.

The opponent was crushed the same way as Xiao Ping did. The opponent of semi finals couldn’t make Immortal fall once. Even after preparation for the blatant assault of Immortal, he was eventually beaten and collapsed unilaterally.

As the viewers saw that, they started calling Immortal ‘the natural disaster’.

The natural disaster that could not be stopped with strength of a human….

Likewise, Immortal that could not be stopped with strength of users….

It was true that they had some resemblance.


“That’s a bummer, you thought you would come up.”

The day before the finals, Sanghyuk met Gyebaek in the game. Although he said this, Sanghyuk thought Gyebaek may not come up to the finals since he was on the opposite ladder.

It was because of a user on that side.


“Yeah. It’s a bummer for me, too. But that guy was really strong…. I only had heard the rumors, but when I really fought with him, he was incredible.”


“Typhoon of Rising Guild······. Strong.”

The guy Gyebaek was referring to was the ace player of Rising Guild, Typhoon. Typhoon was a user that didn’t play in the Hall of Gladiators, so it was first time for Gyebaek to fight against him.

Of course, Sanghyuk hadn’t fought with Typhoon, either. He could just remember what kind of user Typhoon was based on the memories of his previous life.

Typhoon the soul-crusher.

He was a dominant figure in the EL as the most powerful one for a very long time. There were three people called as the most powerful one of EL for almost 10 years in Sanghyuk’s previous life, and one of them was the soul-crusher Typhoon.

Typhoon was strong.

Although his field was more focused on PVE than PVP, and he was not formally professional, he would sometimes beat the pro-gamers by participating in competitions as a quasi-pro.

Sanghyuk had even contacted him a few times personally when he was a coach, because he wanted him on his pro-gamer team.

So Sanghyuk knew Typhoon quite well.


‘Gyebaek is strong but so is Typhoon. They may be similar when it comes to basic gaming skills, but it would be hard for Gyebaek, who is playing on his own with no support, to win against Typhoon, who is getting full support from Rising Guild.’

If the two have the same ability, the user with better items and skills is bound to win.

In that sense, it may have been obvious for Gyebaek to be lost to Typhoon in the semi finals.

Although Gyebaek lost, he didn’t get too disappointed or angry over the loss. He just had the ‘I wanted to win’ reaction. He was on the verge of taking a philosophical view of life over losing because of someone.


“You’ll take a revenge for me, won’t you?”

Gyebaek looked at Sanghyuk, smiling.


“I didn’t participate in the competition to lose, so naturally I can take the revenge for you.”


“Ah, I’m sure you’ll do your thing well, but that guy uses a strange technique. I totally fell for it.”


“Haha, I saw the broadcast as well.”

To be honest, he hadn’t watched the broadcast thoroughly because he had a lot of things on his plate. But even though he didn’t watch it, he knew exactly what strange technique Gyebaek was referring to.


‘The hidden ancient knowledge Typhoon has…cyclone. That’s a fine technique.’

As far as Sanghyuk knew, only Typhoon had the cyclone, one of the ancient knowledges. He didn’t know how Typhoon got it either.

If he knew, he would have considered going back and getting it in the first place. It was that good of a knowledge.

The final round was going to take place in 16 hours but Sanghyuk was still on the game at that time.

If it had been for other users, they would have been sleeping to manage their conditions or analyzing their opponents; that was not the case for Sanghyuk.

To be exact, he didn’t have to.

Typhoon surely was strong. But he was only a strong man within the standard. He was no match for Sanghyuk, who had already gone beyond the standard.


* * * *

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