“Huh······ Huh······.”

Typhoon looked front as he gasped for breath.

He was confident when the finals started. He was especially confident of winning against an opponent like Sanghyuk, who was an assassin-style user that struck the opponent with one strong attack.

The reason being, his soul skill.

The representative soul skill that can be earned through ancient knowledge cyclone, ‘Shield of Wind’.

It was an absolute defense technique that blocked one attack unconditionally.

It didn’t matter too much to Typhoon that it had the defect of having long cooling time and only provided a small defense area. Strikers who put everything in one shot had to be stopped only once, and the small defense area could be overlooked because of Typhoon’s superb control.

That’s why Typhoon thought Immortal may be strong, but worth fighting with.

And actually, Typhoon did block the initial strong shot of Immortal with his Shield of Wind.

Until then, everything went the way Typhoon had hoped.

But after then, everything went against what he anticipated.


‘What the heck······ He’s an assassin-style user with amplified stabbing ability?’

That’s how every expert analyzed Immortal. But Typhoon realized at this moment how wrong that analysis was.


‘Stabbing was just one of the options of attack he has. That guy is…a monster that makes analysis meaningless.’

Since Typhoon had a great skill and sense, he knew the height from which his opponent was looking down on him with only a few attacks going back and forth.


‘They want me to win against that monster? Damn······ it would be easier to clear the Forest of Spirits with a brush.’

Typhoon felt frustrated for the first time playing in EL.

Typhoon shook his head. He realized he would get unilaterally beaten up by Immortal, like his opponents in the quarter finals and semi finals.

Of course, he was going to resist it to an extent…but he couldn’t expect much.



As the win of Immortal was decided, thunderous shouts swept the ‘DN’ specialized arena of LGN.

Immortal had unilaterally beaten up his opponent even in the final round, then he briefly thought of the memory in the previous life and smiled bitterly.


‘At that time, I was just watching from the bottom of the stage…it sure feels different up here.’

He had won several competitions, but only as a coach. It was the first time for him to win as a player.

Would that be the reason?

He somehow felt quite weird.


‘Winning······. It’s not too bad to feel this way.’

Sanghyuk nodded, opened the capsule and got out. The crowd was constantly cheering for him.

When Sanghyuk saw them, he held up his hand to let them know that he is the winner.

Immortal, the winner of the first the Best One Battle.

His popularity went beyond Korea, and started to sweep across the world.



* * * *


Sanghyuk received 20 million won as his winning prize. Since it was the first off-line competition, the reward wasn’t that big.

But the real jackpot was hit somewhere else.

The video Sanghyuk uploaded on Live Channel One which you have to pay for.

That video cost quite a lot…that was being downloaded like crazy.

It was known that the number of EL users around the world was very high, but it was being downloaded almost too much.

Especially, the moment when Sanghyuk won the the Best One Battle and proved his out-of-the-world strength to the whole world…the download counting of that video never seemed to end.

The profit generated by the one charged video was 2.41 million dollars…That was almost three billion won.

Also, since Sanghyuk had a great contract with LGN, they took only 20% as the commission fee.

That is, he had earned 2.4 billion won in less than a month with this video alone.

What’s more, he got paid straight away. In exactly one week after his victory in the Best One Battle, a large sum of money was deposited in Sanghyuk’s account. It wouldn’t be of any problem because he had properly paid his taxes. *

He had some money stocked up anyways, but with this, he had 2 billion won in his general banking account.


“Wow, this is an income that I had never expected······.”

Sanghyuk murmured with a slight excitement on his face, as he checked the money he had on his account with internet banking.


‘But I shouldn’t stock up money like this….’

It was definitely pleasant thing to earn a lot of money. He was a bit disconcerted because he had earned it so easily, but it was true that he was feeling great.

But as dumb as Sanghyuk is about managing finances, he knew it would be stupid for him to have that large sum of money in a general bank account.


‘Should I manage it a bit?’

He felt the need to manage the money. In his real life, he was only in his early 20s, but considering his previous life altogether, he was an old man.

That’s why he obviously knew he could get more money by investing it.


‘Would it be possible for me to earn a lot of money with the memory of my previous life? The problem is, I don’t know a lot….’

Sanghyuk started to arrange his thoughts.

He didn’t have any problem with living with a couple hundred million won.


‘After all, as time went by, the ones who became the superpowers in the EL were all very rich in the real world, ··· If you think about it, even if I’m the best in the game right now, they’ll be able to catch up, those guys who are growing at a fast pace with their real resources.’

Sanghyuk knew all too well that reality and game could not be considered separately.

A rich man in reality was rich in the game, and poor man was poor in both worlds.

In a capitalist society, money was too powerful.


‘The conclusion is, I need to have amount of wealth in reality, although I may not be able to become one of those top 10 billionaires.

Sanghyuk concluded his thought.

This was a problem that he had agonized over since he first returned to Korea, but he postponed it because he had nothing in the real world at that time.

But now there’s a snowball that’s small but can roll. Then, from now on, it was right to seriously consider this problem.


‘If I had known, I should have had some interest to this field in my previous life…. Although, who would have thought that I would return.’

It was a pity that he didn’t have a lot of information, but it wasn’t like he knew nothing.

He concentrated and tried to remember a few memories from his previous life, and he recalled some that may be helpful. He started to write down all of them.

Rolling a snowball down a snowy hill.

The beginning was to collect information through the memories of the previous life.


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