Chapter 117 [Episode 60] Reality Like A Game 2



* * * *


Just in case something happened, Sang Hyuk had recorded all the important facts he knew from the regression. He was originally trying to record only things related to the game, but when he sorted out his memories, he was naturally not only able to organize the memories related to the game but also all the significant events of his life.

Sang Hyuk looked again at the record and began to look carefully for information that might help.

Sang Hyuk’s past life was centered around the game, so he could not help but to have useful information.

But even like that, the things that did not help at all were really not helping.

No matter how he lived a gamer’s life, there were big events that were reported. And such big events could be exploited in many ways.

Sang Hyuk looked at the big events that would occur in the near future out of the information he wrote down. And he found one piece of information to use among them.


“Super Typhoon Talas, this thing landed in Japan, causing tremendous damage. What can I do with this?”

This information was still clearly memorable. The reason he remembers this information clearly is that the indirect impact of the typhoon at that time caused a great deal of rain in Korea, which made the workplace he worked at to be flooded.

Sang Hyuk was rather thankful to the super typhoon Talas, because of that the workshop in the basement was moved to the third floor of another building.

According to the news that Sang Hyuk was watching now, the Force 10 typhoon Talas occured in Southern Philippines. At least for now, neither the predicted path nor the force of the typhoon seemed very dangerous.


“In the article at that time, this bastard became super typhoon and went through Japan, it said it was an unusual thing that far exceeded the expectations, right? I think I can do something with this information…..”

Sang Hyuk has already  confirmed the typhoon Talas information and started to think about what to do with this information. However, it was hard to find a suitable way with Sang Hyuk’s knowledge. In the end, Sang Hyuk was forced to hire a professional help.

You can meet Investment Professionals only if you have money.

Sang Hyuk was able to have a meeting with a most reliable investment professional on that day with the right amount of consulting fees.

Of course, Sang Hyuk did not intend to invest through that expert. Sang Hyuk only wanted a few tips.

It was a consultation that you needed to pay for, so that the expert very kindly told Sang Hyuk various things.

Sang Hyuk pretended to know nothing and kept on asking questions and he naturally created an atmosphere to freely exchange questions and answers. And then, after the mood lightened and relaxed, he threw in a question that seems to be nothing.


“So, Stock Investment is something that can be done in more ways than I expected. Ah, then if you know that there will be a big disaster will happen in a certain area, would you be able to make an investment using that?”


“Haha, of course you can invest. It doesn’t make much sense to be able to predict a disaster, but if you can predict it, you will be able to earn huge amount of money.”


“In what ways can you make the big money?”


“But why are you curious with this? Honestly, if you have some money and want to roll it, I would not recommend direct investment. Even it’s not me, invest your money in other trusted investment professionals. That is the best.”


“Ah, it’s not that I want to invest, I’m just asking for my personal curiosity. I don’t actually have anything in mind, but in these days, I’m interested in this area, so I wanted to listen to the expert, anyway.”


“As expected, you are not an investor, but a young master from a rich family, aren’t you?”

The expert listened to Sang Hyuk with a little regret shown in his face and closed the thought about getting an investment.


“Okay. So let’s assume that you know a disaster will happen so I will explain to you in as much detail as possible. Depending on the size of the disaster…. For example, let’s pretend that a major earthquake will occur in California, USA, then the ability to use the information is unlimited. It is not possible, but if you knew the earthquake will happen before it happen, first the stock market…..”

The experts told Sang Hyuk about various investment methods. Sang Hyuk continued his meticulous inquiry as he recorded his words entirely with his machine.

Anyway, to make an investment based on the memories of his past life was not a part that could be entrusted to others. So, Sang Hyuk was going to make the investment by himself after finding out as much as possible.


Sang Hyuk met with four investment specialists right after meeting the first investment specialist. And he asked the other specialists in the similar way, then he asked them his questions.

So when he met about five investment specialists, he had rough idea of what he needs to do.

Sang Hyuk was not an expert, so he picked out the most easy-to-understand and fast-paced investment methods.

The important thing was that it was easy and fast. Sang Hyuk had a lot of other information besides this information, so there was no need to invest with a long-term perspective here.

A lot of Sang Hyuk’s efforts were needed before the actual investment. For an entire day, Sang Hyuk didn’t sleep at all and diligently studied Foreign Investments. In the case of Overseas Investments, the study was necessary because he could not do it just because he has the money.

Because the Typhoon Talas was growing more and more powerful in the Pacific Ocean, so it was better to invest a little bit sooner. Now was the best time since the predicted route was not Japan.

Sang Hyuk has invested about 2 billion won after all the preparations are over. He had to see how the outcome of this investment would be. But the obvious thing was that in at least a few weeks, the results would be out.


“Even if it doesn’t work, I will at least get triple, right?”

It was a sure investment using the memories of his previous life. Therefore, the possibility of failure of this investment was zero. Because Sang Hyuk made the investment like this, it naturally felt like a game. Is that so? Even investing 2 billion, a large sum of money, he did not hesitate at all.


“By the way, if you want me to tell you about the dangers of the super typhoon, I cannot tell you.”

In Sang Hyuk’s memories, this Super Typhoon Talas had caused many people to die or be injured. So, although Sang Hyuk used this information, it was true that he had this uncomfortable feeling.

However, it did not mean that Sang Hyuk could do anything. No one would ever trust him if he had shouted how dangerous the Super Typhoon Talas was.

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