Rather, it was clear that they would treat him as a deranged person.

And actually, after Talas became a super typhoon and hit Japan, warning people could become a bigger problem.

Sang Hyuk could not explain how he knew about the dangers of the Super Typhoon Talas, so he could be in big trouble.

So he just had to be quiet.


“Fiuh, let’s just give them a little big donation later.”

Sang Hyuk admitted that this absolutely could not be prevented. It was bitter but this was reality.

After finishing the investment, Sang Hyuk handled things that were connected to the game that were not accessible for a few days because of his investment tasks.


“Let’s start the Hydra hunting in a week after all things are done in reality.”

In fact, all preparations for attacking the Hydra has been over, but he did not want to make the decision right away.

Because he is going to roughly plan his investments for the next three years, so at least this week seemed to require more of his time in reality, than in virtual reality.


* * * *


Everything went as Sang Hyuk remembered.

Just like in his previous life, the Typhoon Talas became a super typhoon and suddenly turned the course northward rather than eastward then penetrate through the middle of the Japanese Archipelago.

Sang Hyuk watched the footage in real time. He did not favor Japan very much, but even so, he was not happy to see many people suffering in front of the Super Typhoon.

Of course, as Japan keep on hurting because of the Typhoon, the profit that Sang Hyuk earned was increasing. He knew that he could earn big money, but Sang Hyuk was really surprised to see the rate of the return in real time.

The typhoon has just passed and the damage was rising. The investment of 2 billion had already reached 9 billion.


“Was this something that could blow up this much?”

Sang Hyuk, honestly, did not believe it yet. Because Sang Hyuk could not confirm anything but the number, so he still couldn’t get the actual feeling.

One sure thing was that Sang Hyuk hit the jackpot.

Even though he still need to monitor his investments, but it seemed like Sang Hyuk could earn a lot more money than he had expected.


24.9 billion.

Exactly in 14 days, Sang Hyuk’s 2 billion has become 24.9 billion. Of course, Not all of the money belonged to Sang Hyuk. If Sang Hyuk took this money right away, he had to pay taxes and pay some money here and there. However, Sang Hyuk’s wealth was blown up from 2 billion to 20 billion won.

Sang Hyuk is still in the early stage, so it was only about the money that he put in using simple and quick investments. If it had been a proper investor using the information that Sang Hyuk had, it would have been a tremendous return.

Nope, even if he kept on investing a little longer in the present state, the money could go up exponentially. Two weeks later, Japan was still unable to recover from the damage left by the Super Typhoon Talas.

Because the Super Typhoon hit Tokyo directly, so many people were killed or injured, and the amount of damage continued to increase every day.

The experts have said that even if it was Japan, it will take time to shake off the damage and get back on their feet again.


“Is this the power of information?”

The power of information that has shown tremendous power in the game was just as powerful in reality.

The difference between the person who knew and didn’t know is big.

However, Sang Hyuk began to worry about continuing his investments.


“It’s only up to here, the information I knew for sure…. However, I don’t know how long Japan will continue to be shaken. So, even if it is bad, I have to take my hands off at this point.”

If real investment professionals had heard this. they would have said that he was crazy, but Sang Hyuk knew his limitations clearly.


“There are many opportunities to continue in the future anyway. So playing safe is the best.”

If he missed the snowballs that he has rolled up to here, then there will be no chance to even roll the snowballs at all next time. *

So, Sang Hyuk gave up the additional gains and decided to cash in the investments.

Sang Hyuk received the returns for all his investments the next day.

He only left it there for one more day, but 24.9 billion has become almost 30 billion. It was so dreadfully fast for the money to increase, it made him think “Should I have left it for one more day?” until the moment he received the return on his investments.

However, Sang Hyuk shook off the idea and recovered all his investment. This was right.

If he become greedy here, it would be an excessive greed.

When the investment was completed, Sang Hyuk became a great powerhouse with assets of dozens of billions of won from a small rich man with 2 billion. Since Sang Hyuk had already created a privately owned corporation called ‘SH General Investment’ from the start, the money was accumulated in the corporation.

Of course, he donated a billion won for the Typhoon Talas in the name of the corporation and gave the corporation a good image from it.

Sang Hyuk was not a person who would only leave the money in the corporate account. Especially when he learned  the fun of real investment, he never intended to stop rolling the snowballs.


“For the time being, there is no daebak (jackpot) thing as Super Typhoon Talas. But even if it is not daebak (jackpot), there is one sure information.”

The information of daebak (big hit) such as Super Typhoon Talas was limited. Especially Sang Hyuk’s memory was very poor for the things out of the game, so at least for the time being, there was no useful external information available for several months.

Instead, there was one sure thing.

That is…..


“Within the next two months, GL Company will release the G-900 series, which will be called the best encapsulated VR device over the next few years. And once it released, GL will become the first in the industry in half a year.

This information was so familiar because it was directly related to Sang Hyuk.

To be honest, this was not a large daebak information. And it did not make much money in a short period of time like Super Typhoon. But instead, it was a good to bury his money for a while because it was a profitable information for sure.

From that day, Sang Hyuk began to buy shares in GL. Of course, GL was second in this industry at this point, so the stock price was much cheaper than KH, which is the number one in the industry.



Chapter 117 [Episode 60] Reality Like A Game 2 – End


Editor’s Notes: Remember the snowballs reference in a previous chapter?  The author is using snowballs rolling down a snowy hill, growing larger as it rolls further as a metaphor for using a little knowledge for vast returns.


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