Chapter 118 [Episode 61] Focusing In Business Again 1



Focusing In Business Again.


Sang Hyuk spent all his free money to buy GL’s stocks. About a billion shares of common stocks were available and he bought as much as he could with his remaining money, so he doesn’t need to worry about investing for the time being.

Sang Hyuk finished investing in the real world so he began to focus on EL again.

Investing in reality was fun, but it was just like a bonus game. Sang Hyuk’s real fun was not in the reality, but in virtual reality.

Sang Hyuk finally decided to go ahead with the Hydra Attack that has been prepared steadily.

Hydra was the final boss of the Deep Sea Dungeon.

The Deep Sea Dungeon was of course placed within the deep sea. However, it was not accessible through the sea, but through an ordinary normal dungeon called ‘Temple of the Sea Dragon’.

In other words, to go to the raid dungeon named Deep Sea Dungeon, it means to clear the temple of the Sea Dragon, a normal dungeon.

When he clears the Temple of Sea Dragon, he can open the gate using the ‘Sea Stone’ and enter the Deep Sea Dungeon. You can use the Sea Stone repeatedly, so you have to clear the Temple of Sea Dragon only once.

Sang Hyuk quickly cleared the sea temple and got the Sea Stone. Then he went straight to the Deep Sea Dungeon.

The preparations were finished anyway.

The only thing left was to attack the Deep Sea Dungeon and hunt the Hydra.


* * * *


The Deep Sea Dungeon was the most difficult among the raid dungeons in the Heroic Lands, so even Sang Hyuk pull it off with difficulty.

Especially, Sang Hyuk was raiding as a solo player not as team, so he could not raise the clear speed.

However, in general terms, it can be said that he was able to run it at a very fast pace. Sang Hyuk’s standards were already very high, so progress was normal, according to his criteria.

At the end of his hard work, Sang Hyuk was able to remove all intermediate bosses and normal monsters, leaving only the final boss, Hydra.

Deep Sea Dungeon reset cycle was a month, so he had a lot of time to spare.

If only he can defeat the Hydra during the remaining days, in fact all of the raids in Heroic Lands were finished.

Of course the Hydra was not an easy opponent.

Except for the dragons seen in the Continent of the Sun, it was hard to find a monster stronger than Hydra.

Sang Hyuk did not catch the Hydra in his previous life.

But he watched the videos of raiding the Hydra several times in real time.

So, he knew how to attack and also the Hydra’s patterns.

Sang Hyuk completed the first attack on that basis. Though it may not be the perfect strategy, but he thought he could fill in the missing parts in real time.


“Anyway, it needed at least twenty times for it to be completely solved and the attack will be completed…..”

Sang Hyuk was not afraid of failure.

The most important thing about raids is that you should not be afraid to fail.


“Knock! Then it will be opened.”

Sang Hyuk attacked the Hydra with these words.

He did not hurry. Every time he challenge it, he got more than one attack hint and he is getting more and more accomplished in correcting and completing his poor initial strategy.

It was experience that is the most important thing in Raids anyway, so Sang Hyuk was steadily backing the Hydra into a corner as he improved.

As a result, he was able to complete an almost perfect strategy at the end of the twelfth try.

The strategy was completed much sooner than he thought. Of course, Hydra was not caught by the completion of the strategy.

The strategy has been created, but just because he knew how to solve the last piece of the puzzle, didn’t mean it was easy.

One of the last puzzles of the Hydra Attack was the ‘Petrified Eyes’, which shot randomly when his maximum health drops below 20%.

Hydra’s head was similar to a snake. And there were such nine heads. He had to cut off all these nine heads to kill the Hydra.

Each head has 10 lives, and the last immortal head that exists until the end has 20 lives.

Right when it only has the immortal head left, Hydra used the petrified eyes and if you hit by these eyes, you will be petrified. The only way to avoid this eye was to not look at its eyes.

Normally, after the petrified eyes, Hydra cast a deadly attack called ‘The poisonous fang of death’ one after another, so once you hit by the petrified eyes, it should be considered as the end.

Actually, the petrified eyes was not a difficult skill for a raid team. If only the team member with the ‘remove abnormal status’ skill did not become petrified, then that team member was able to restore his friends who were petrified immediately by using the skill.

So when a raid team is attacking a hydra, one of the team members who had the remove abnormal status skill would not participate in the battle at all if it only has the immortal head left and then when their other colleagues became petrified, he immediately used the remove abnormal status skill.

If it is done like this, then the petrified eyes become no threat at all.

However, Sang Hyuk had no colleagues to release him. When a team raid was run by a solo player like this, this was a time when something that was not a problem at all become a big problem.

Of course, there were some parts that were comfortable because he was alone, but mostly there were more parts where Sang Hyuk was uncomfortable because he was alone.


The ‘Petrified Eyes’ was known to be impossible to avoid because there was no “tell”. But that doesn’t mean that analysis was impossible.

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