Sang Hyuk discovered that the pupil shakes in a certain direction slightly when the immortal head emits the petrified eyes. It was a fact that he observed by the eighth challenge, and after that he challenge it four more times while checking the timing.


“Approximately….. 0.3 seconds? If I do not react during that time, I surely will be stone.”

Speaking in common sense, it was almost impossible for human to respond to something in 0.3 seconds. Especially to avoid the petrified eyes, he had to catch the minute tremor and instantly turn away in 0.3 seconds.

But he had to do this to get the Hydra down.

There was no other way. The Petrified eyes was what Sang Hyuk had to overcome unconditionally.


“Usually in this case…..”

Sang Hyuk smiled rottenly while looking at the entrance to the huge pupil of the Hydra.


“I have to keep going until I get it.”

Repeat attempts, that was the answer.


* * * *


Blurred, microscopic eye movements. The moment Sang hyuk caught them, he had already turned away.


Instantly, the petrified eyes from the immortal head flashed, but the energy only reached Sang Hyuk’s back.

Sang Hyuk avoided the petrified eyes in the same movement as the petrifying light and once again wrapped the Ten Millennia Goldbone Whip around its neck.

Hwiriririk, Deudeudeuk!


“Now the end is in sight, right?”

Sang Hyuk avoided the petrified eyes that flashed the petrifying light from the immortal head for exactly 38 times in this 43rd trial. Then, after avoiding it, he counterattacked steadily.

Unlike the other heads, the immortal head had 20 lives, but Sang Hyuk’s attack power surpassed the firepower of a good raid team.

So while Sang Hyuk’s kept up his counterattack, even if it is a Hydra, it can not endure it forever.

Sang Hyuk wrapped the Hydra’s neck with Ten Millennia Goldbone Whip and pulled it hard.


Hydra lost 8 out of 9 heads and one of them was half cut off. At this rate, Sang Hyuk seemed to be defeating the Hydra with a solo raid.

But, Hydra still has the last 1 HP left.

The moment when the Hydra’s vitality drops to 1. Suddenly the body of the Hydra shivered and began to burn itself.


“Huh? What is this?”

Sang Hyuk, who thought he was almost done, was shocked at the sudden change

Based on what he knew, the last pattern of the Hydra was the petrified eyes. All the Hydra capturing videos that he has seen in his previous life likewise said that the petrified eyes was the last pattern.

But the Hydra was collapsing like this.

So, why is this happening now?

This was actually because the Hydra, which had been burned to this state just before its collapse, was the “primordial” hydra.

The Hydra that was born when this world (the world of the eternal life) was born and has never been defeated until now.

The internal code is ‘HD-1’.


Sang Hyuk drove the primordial Hydra’s to the point of death.

Special named monsters of a certain grade or higher can get the title ‘Primeval’ and the named monsters which are called primeval have special powers.

The hidden conditions are met and the primordial hydra changes to the ‘Skeleton Hydra That Overcomes Death’.

If you defeat this Skeleton Hydra that overcomes death, you can get a very big reward.


“Oh, come on!”

With the system message, the Hydra almost dying in front of his eyes was revived and become the Skeleton Hydra that overcome death.

This was a situation that people had no choice but to swear.

He almost finished the raid, but the raid started again. Even the Skeleton Hydra that overcome the death had all nine heads restored.

The only thing that changed was that it was becoming a skeleton.

Of course, such an unexpected event and special rewards were not bad. But not now!

After Sang Hyuk finds a way to attack the skeleton Hydra that overcome death again, he would have to struggle for at least another ten days to defeat the Skeleton Hydra. Then it will be over the dungeon reset time, so he had to do the raid all over again from the beginning.


“I have to finish it now.”

Sang Hyuk had already been in the Deep Sea Dungeon for about 25 days and he had only five days to reset. So, he had to finish it now.


As soon as the resurrected Skeletal Hydra hostile roared towards Sang Hyuk, Sang Hyuk realizes that it is time to make an unavoidable choice.


“Uh, I brought it here just in case…. but it is really too precious to use it here.”

It is really precious.

In fact, it was a thing that would be wasted to use before the Continent of the Sun. No, it was worthy to use in the next dimensional planet beyond the Continent of the Sun.

But, if he does not catch the Hydra right now, he surely has to waste a lot of time and it can cause a lot of annoying problems, so he had to use it even if it was a waste.


“You should know that it’s an honor.”

Sang Hyuk looked at the Skeleton Hydra that overcome death and held a single combination card in his hand.


Then he threw it to the Skeleton Hydra.


“An angry dragon. Hurry eat all of the offerings I give you and destroy the enemy in front of me.”


Right when Sang Hyuk threw the combination card and spat out the command words….. The combination card, that slowly flying forward, shone red and the red thread stretched and connected to Sang Hyuk.

Then through the link like this red thread, all the power Sang Hyuk currently possessed was sucked into the combination card.

Life, Magical Power, vitality, all kinds of them without limit.

It absorbed all his power with only 1% left.

The skill of the combination card used by Sang Hyuk.

This was the ‘Breath of The Raging Dragon’, the ultimate destruction skill.



Chapter 118 [Episode 61] Focusing In Business Again 1 – End


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