Chapter 119 [Episode 61] Focusing in Business Again 2



The Combination Card ‘Breath of The Raging Dragon’.

To make this, a lot of expensive materials were needed. Most expensive of all was the Red Dragon’s Blood. But it did not end with the Red Dragon’s Blood.

Red Dragon’s Blood was only the most important material, and there was also a lot of other rare and precious materials going into the creation.

To make it simple, if you converted all of the ingredients needed to make one card of the Breath of The Raging Dragon to gold, it would be nearly 10 million.

It was 10 million gold for one card.

In cash, nearly 600 million won were put into making one card. It was a consumable item that disappeared when you use it just once.

Even though Sang Hyuk had earned in reality dozens of  billions of won, he could not use this combination card recklessly. No, to be exact, he did not know that he should use the Breath of The Raging Dragon at this moment even after he earned dozens of billions.

Breath of The Raging Dragon was not just expensive, but because it needs a rare item called the Red Dragon Blood for the production, so you could not make it even if you had the money.

Therefore, it was something very precious.

But Sang Hyuk, who knew that even the most precious thing could be junk if he cared for it too much, boldly used the Breath of The Raging Dragon.


At the moment when the combination card ‘Breath of The Raging Dragon’ was activated, an unexpected system message appeared.


Because all conditions are met, ‘Ragna Blade’, which registered as an event skill, is activated.


“No, what? Crazy! No!!!”

If Breath of The Raging Dragon was the ultimate destruction skill that wipes out the enemies in front of you, then Ragna Blade was the ultimate extinction skill that simply wiped out everything in front of you.

Honestly, this part was obviously Sang Hyuk’s mistake.

Sang Hyuk had no idea that Breath of The Raging Dragon would trigger the Ragna Blade. It was true that Breath of The Raging Dragon was a powerful attack, but at this point it was also hard to predict that the high master (120th level) attack power would come out.

Basically, the Breath of The Raging Dragon extracted all the energy from Sang Hyuk’s body and exploded this compressed energy, so the energy extracted from Sang Hyuk, who has not reached level 60 yet, was limited.

So, Sang Hyuk also thought that even the Breath of The Raging Dragon, which was without exaggeration madly powerful, would not be able to go up to high-master level damage at this point.

But his judgement was a miss.

Though there was no enhancement from artifacts, the basic abilities he had increased the power of the Breath of The Raging Dragon by at least a couple of times and as a result, woke up the ragna blade, which was asleep deep inside Sang Hyuk’s body.

If Ragna Blade had erased the Skeleton Hydra that overcome Death from the world, then Sang Hyuk had to face a terrible situation in which he suffered a lot and failed to obtain anything.

He had to stop it no matter what.


“Absolutely no!”

Sang Hyuk hurriedly twisted his body backward. He twisted his body with all his might and lifted his arms with the red combination card over head. The most fortunate thing was that the health and vitality had only 1% left, so Ragna Blade did not activate immediately.

To trigger the Ragna Blade, he needed to spend 30% of his maximum health and 70% of his maximum vitality. Ragna Blade was not activated if these conditions were not met….. but the problem is that if this state lasts for more than 10 seconds, Ragna Blade will take Sang Hyuk’s ‘life’ instead of his vitality and health.

Sang Hyuk twisted his body and pulled out another combination card and did not hesitate to put it into his body.


Activate the combination card ‘Drop of Phoenix Blood’!


Shoooooook. Flashing!

When the Drop of Phoenix Blood was used, Sang Hyuk’s health and vitality temporarily recovered to 100%. Immediately thereafter, the ragna blade absorbed 30% and 70% of the his health and vitality respectively.



The absolute power of god once again erased everything in front of Sang Hyuk’s eyes.

The Ragna Blade pierced through the Deep Sea Dungeon and even punched through the ceiling of the Deep Sea Dungeon. There was a very large hole in the ceiling of the Deep Sea Dungeon. The sea was above the hole and an immense tunnel was made in the sea.

The illogical and irrational tunnel in the seawater created by the ragna blade made no sense, yet this tunnel in the seawater was somehow stable, somehow behaving as if it was made in a solid medium. Not a single drop of seawater fell from the ceiling.

The microscopic traces of the enormous energies of the Ragna Blade somehow kept the millions of liters of sea water from collapsing this impossible tunnel in the sea.

Sang Hyuk did something out of the common sense to destroy the raid dungeon but it is not important to him now. Sang Hyuk, who used the ragna blade and was wobbly, quickly turned his head and looked at the Skeleton Hydra.



The Ragna Blade’s direction miraculously changed, but because it was such a ridiculously powerful skill that the skeleton hydra could have been obliterated.

However, fortunately the skeleton hydra did not disappear. Although the nine heads were reduced to one again and more than half of the body had disappeared, the important thing was that it was alive.

Fortunately, the Skeleton Hydra that overcome the death was much more powerful than he thought, and this miraculous result came out.

If the skeleton hydra had been a little weaker, it would have disappeared leaving only handful of dust after being caught in the merciless fury of the ragna blade.



Sang Hyuk sincerely thanked the Skeleton Hydra.

Of course, the skeleton hydra was about to collapse, but the karma, which determines the compensation, was created only after it had fallen completely, so there was no need to worry about it being destroyed by the ragna blade.

It was as easy as flipping the palm of your hand to blow off the remaining health of the skeleton hydra which was staggering and struggling to keep itself upright.

Although unexpected variables occurred consecutively and he used the combination cards that were not only expensive but also difficult to create, such as ‘Breath of The Raging Dragon’ and ‘Drop of Phoenix Blood’, but the results were not bad after all.


* * * *


Skeleton Hydra that overcome Death has been defeated.

You have defeated the Primordial Hydra and became a true Hydra Hunter.

You, who was the first to defeat a named monster with primeval power, will be called ‘The Primeval Hunter’.

You got the legendary title ‘The Primeval Hunter’.

You have defeated a Hydra the first and alone. You got the unique title ‘Hydra Slayer’.

Since the first Hydra was defeated, you receive all of the 44 kinds of items that you can get from the Hydra with the first kill bonus.

Congratulations. Cumulative karma has exceeded the limit and the level has risen.


He overcame two crises and received the reward message.



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