Sang Hyuk listened to this system message and sighed deeply. Honestly, Hydra hunting was much harder that he thought. Sang Hyuk was expecting to catch a hydra if he suffered roughly for two weeks, but it took almost a month not two weeks, and the items consumed during the hunt were much bigger than expected.

Even if it was calculated simply by cash, it felt almost like he had burned through 700 million won.

Normally, people would not understand the fact that he spent 700 million a month for playing games, but considering the things that Sang Hyuk gained with that 700 million, it was actually not a loss.

It was rather a tremendous benefit.


“I can’t even get legendary titles right now with few billion….. But what’s precious is precious.”

Sang Hyuk swept all of his items in his bag and then returned to the city with his return stones.

And he waited for the ‘Drop of Phoenix Blood’ effect to end in the suitable place.

Approximately 5 minutes later, the effect of the Drop of Phoenix Blood was over, and all powers including Sang Hyuk’s health dropped to 1%.



It was not painful, but he felt dizzy in an instant.

Sang Hyuk sat down and shook his head.


“Hyuu, if the Ragna Blade was a little weaker or a little stronger than the Skeleton Hydra and I could not defeat that thing before the Drop of Phoenix Blood effect ended…. It would have been really dangerous.”

Sang Hyuk thought that the fortune was with him at the crucial moment of this event in many ways. Of course, there was an unfortunate thing happened, but it was something that he had to do because he made mistakes in his judgement.


“By the way, I cannot use the Breath of The Raging Dragon before I’m done with the Ragna Blade.”

Breath of the Raging Dragon was the same as a ‘tactical hack’ that Sang Hyuk could use. However, he realized that this tactical hack acts as a switch for the destructive hack called Ragna Blade, so he could not use it for a while.

As Breath of the Raging Dragon had suddenly became the worst weapon for Sang Hyuk, he had to seal up his strongest weapon, but he had no choice.


“Fiuh, let’s think about this problem a little more carefully.”

Because he had no reason to use Breath of The Raging Dragon at the moment, so it was better to think about this problem with care.

First of all, it was the most urgent to recover from the health that had fallen to the bottom and to handle the postponed thing.

In this situation, the best way to restore the fallen health and vitality was to eat.

Very expensive and delicious food.

Especially if he eat the special dishes made by skilled cooking users, then the health and vitality could be recovered in an instant.

Sang Hyuk ate the spicy ‘stir fried wings’ roasted with the sauce that he enjoyed in his previous life while checking out the rewards from this hunt.


Title – ‘The Primeval Hunter’

Rating? Legend

Explanation? You are eligible to be called ‘The Primeval Hunter’ when you first defeat a named monster with the primeval power.

Effect – [Prefix: None][Suffix: None][ Sustainable Effect: <Primeval Crystal(S+): If you defeat a named monster with the primeval power, you can get the primeval piece. Collect three pieces and combine them to make primeval crystals. Eating the Primeval Crystals increases power and agility, health, intelligence, wisdom and vitality by 7 times for 1 hour. However, this increased ability does not work when opposing players.> The primeval piece now (0)]


Title – ‘Hydra Slayer’

Rating? Unique

Explanation? The first to defeat the Named Monster Hydra. It is very difficult to defeat the Hydra that has inherited the dragon’s blood.

Effect – [Prefix: Strong resistance to poison.][Suffix: Can breath underwater.][Sustainable Effect: Unable to be turned into stone!(A): Strong resistance to petrification, endure a petrification-related curse with 95% probability.]


“Primeval Crystal? Se, seven times? Isn’t it crazy?”

The moment he sees what Primeval Crystal is, Sang Hyuk’s expression shows that he could not understand the fact that these items could exist.

Even if he could not use it in PvP, it was too outrageous.

Of course, because he had to get three Primeval pieces and then combine them to make one crystal and it is a consumable item that hold the buffs for one hour, so the Primeval Crystal could not be an item that could seriously destroy game balance.

But the obvious thing is if he can make it…..then Sang Hyuk would to be able to catch some transcendental existences who he thought it would be impossible to attack unless the next dimensional planet was opened and the average level of the players rose.


“This thing…. perhaps a lot of plans could be changed because of this item.”

Primeval Crystal, he had not even known of its existence in his previous life.

When it suddenly appeared, Sang Hyuk’s brain began to spin faster.


But in fact, this was just what it took…. and this was exactly what Sang Hyuk was trying to acquire through this Hydra hunt.


Knowledge of Blood ‘Hydra Blood’ [unused]


: You can take over the powerful strength of Hydra’s blood. The powerful toxicity hidden in the blood of Hydra transforms you into another being.

Detailed effect: Hydra’s Blood (S) [Resistance to poison reaches to almost the limit and your blood became strongly poisonous.], Hydra’s intelligence (A) [Intelligence increases by 15%], Hydra’s vitality (A) [Maximum vitality increases by 15%], Hydra Charm (A) [Charm increases by 15%]


Lineage Skill: Be a stone! (S) [Cursed of petrification, turn your opponent into stone for 3 seconds. However, the opponents, with the same or higher level than yourself, resist the curse with a high probability. In addition, even if the level is lower but your opponent has strong resistance to petrification, your opponent might resist the curse.

<Cooldown time: 10 minutes>]


Bonus Effect: You can breathe underwater.


“Hydra Blood. With this, I can create the Magic Armor that I want and if I have the Magic Armor, I can move a Heaven Class Sky-grade ship.”

Sang Hyuk wanted to get the Hydra Blood to make the Magic Armor. And the main reason to make Magic Armor was because Magic Armor also acted as a ‘power source’ for the Sky-grade ship.

It has been confirmed that the Sky-grade Ship can be made since he secured the Sky Levitation Crystal. However, the Sky-grade ship was not a completed product.

The sky-grade ship needed a Magic Armor unconditionally to fly into the sky as a real Sky-grade Ship. Also, the properties of the Sky-grade Ship depended on the rating and characteristics of the Magic armor.


“I don’t know what kind of Magic Armor will be made yet so I don’t know what attribute will be attached to the Sky-grade Ship…. But high speed, self-recovery, and shield. I would like to have at least two of these.”

In the case of the shield, it seemed like it would be attached unless there was a big accident because a decent Magic Armor’s characteristics have it, but he did not know about the other two.

Since Magic Armor which Sang Hyuk wanted to make is the Magic Armor of 3rd grade or higher then there could be 3 or more attributes attached and so the probability were rising a little higher.


“First, let’s make it. I’ll have a conclusion when I’ve made it.”

If you create a Magic Armor, the Magic Armor options allow you to easily approximate the attributes to be attached to the Sky-grade Ship.

Sang Hyuk got up from his seat after eating all of his stir-fried wings. Since his health and vitality were all recovered, the only remaining thing was to make a Magic Armor.



Chapter 119 [Episode 61] Focusing in Business Again 2 – End


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