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Chapter 120 [Episode 62] Dark Black Wings 1



@ Dark Black Wings.


Sang Hyuk, who collected all the ingredients including the Hydra Blood, began the production of his Magic Armor. Unfortunately, there were no users specializing in design modification yet, so the design inevitably had just a basic appearance.

The framework of the Magic Armor was completed when the crystals containing the aura of the Dark Drake which can be called the blueprint, the bone from Drake Valley, and the Giant’s tendon were combined.

Then by layering the leather from Drake Valley as many as 10 layers and the ‘Drake Leather’ padded inner armor is completed.

The 10 layers of the Leather from Drake Valley belong to the highest tier of ingredients so the leather inner armor made was an item created from materials beyond the imagination of ordinary users.

And Sang Hyuk used the Hydra’s Leather here as the secondary outer armor materials. Originally, he was planning to use metals such as Mithril or Adamantium, but when he caught the Hydra and got the the hydra’s leather, he felt that the quality of this material is just as good as the expensive metals and it has good compatibility with the leather from drake valley, the inner armor, so he chose the Hydra’s leather as the secondary outer armor material.


After assembling all the necessary materials in this way, he finally installed the Hydra Blood as the power source.

At this time there was no better power source than the Hydra Blood.

Sang Hyuk was able to produce the Magic Armor anywhere as long he has the materials with the pioneer title.

However, he made the Magic Armor in a space where he can be alone without anyone watching just in case.

Shoooooo, flashing!


4th grade Magic Armor ‘Dark Black Wings’ is completed.

The first 4-grade Magic Armor is undoubtedly something special.

The Magic armor created by the pioneer is bound to be special.



When Magic armor was completed, Sang Hyuk screamed in surprise and clenched his fist.

He expected to be about 3.5 grade of Magic Armor at the most if the process has been done successfully, but it was the 4th grade of Magic Armor which came out. The 4th grade Magic Armor was a powerful Magic Armor that could not be easily made even after the next dimensional planet was released. In Sang Hyuk’s memory, it was at least a year after the next dimensional planet was released then 4th grade Magic Armor appeared here and there.

There were two messages that were special. This meant that more than two pluses were attached to it.

The completed Magic Armor was on Sang Hyuk’s palm.

The shape itself looked like a little miniature armor, so it looked like that before somebody wore it and when somebody wore it, a design was engraved like a tattoo on the body and it could be summoned at anytime.

First of all, Sang Hyuk checked the options before wearing it. Of course, it was not an item to be attached even if he wore it, so he could check the option even after wearing it, but he wanted to check the options immediately.


[Magic Armor] Dark Black Wings [Level 4+++]


– After completing the framework with all kinds of superb materials such as the dying energy of the Dark Drake, this powerful Magic Armor made with a core of Hydra Blood will give you immense power like a sliver of darkness piercing through the sky.


[Basic Amplification Rate] 150 (45)%


[Base Ability] Attack Power +20 (+6)%, Defense Ability+40 (+12)%


[Special Skills] Black Flight: Black Wing can be unfolded and can fly for 40 minutes. However, the amplification rate is reduced to 40% when flying. [Cooldown 2 hours]


[Unique Skill] Steel Black Wing: Wraps the user with Black Wings, reducing all damage taken for 4 seconds by 30%. [Cooldown 4 minutes]


[Bonus Effect] Agility: +15, Agility: +20, Health +25


[Charge Status and Efficiency] 100% [2 hours 16 minutes 22 seconds available]


[Charging Time] Charges 14% power per hour. [Magic Armor can be used if you have over 40% charge.]


[Sky-grade ship enhancement properties] Shield (B+), High Speed (S), Karma Recovery (B+), Steel Black Wing (unique)



Once he checked the options, Sang Hyuk was surprised once more.

Most of the options were top-notch.

In this level, the performance was comparable to a Magic Armor of the 5th grade, far beyond a 4.5th grade Magic Armor, which didn’t have any pluses.


“It’s triple plus as expected!”

With Magic Armor, a plus was more important than in any other item. Magic Armor was not just an ordinary item. but an amplification that amplifies the power of the skill you use. Therefore, when the plus is added, the amplification rate is greatly increased.

The Black Wing has increased its amplification from 150% to 195% thanks to its triple plus.

For reference, Magic Armor’s basic amplification based on its level were 1st grade (30%), second grade (60%), third grade (100%), fourth grade (150%), and fifth grade was 210%.

In other words, Dark Black Wings was able to have the same amplification rate as a 5th grade Magic Armor’s base stats due to its triple plus.


“And there’s also the flight skill, that is called as the best Magic Armor skill, attached to it.”

The best of the skills that can be attached to Magic Armor was the flight skill. It is a flight skill that is not attached to other items and difficult to obtain even with soul skills.

Although there was a penalty for a reduced amplification rate, but in fact there were no flight skill without penalty.

Is that all? The skill, that reduced 30% of all damage caused by the unique skill, were common, but it was also a skill welcomed everywhere.


“Even the charging efficiency is high.”

Normally if you can use it for two hours when it is charged 100%, then its efficiency was considered very high. However, the Black Wing could be used for more than two hours, specifically 2 hours and 16 minutes.

This difference was greater than what he thought. Instead, the charge time was slightly longer than normal, but Magic Armor was not a big problem because it was not something you could use anytime and anywhere.



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