“And the last daebak (jackpot)…. The unique characteristics in the Sky-grade ship enhancement have passed.”

One of the enhancements that Sang Hyuk wanted was missing. However, instead of having karma recovery, he was able to repair a Sky-grade ship using a certain amount of karma.

The Sky-grade ship could be damaged for various reasons, but if the recovery-related attributes were not attached, the Sky-grade ship had to be anchored in the ‘Spirit Virtual Space’ and wait for it to be repaired naturally.

But the natural recovery in Spirit Virtual Space was so slow that it was very frustrating. Especially when the grade of the Sky-grade ship is high, even for only 20% durability to be restored, it recovered so slowly that it has to be put in the Spirit Virtual Space for almost a full month.

Therefore, a higher level of the Sky-grade ship would have to be self-healing.

Actually if it recovers without consuming karma, then the naturally-done self recovery takes a long time, but the karma recovery was not that bad.

Because recovering consumes karma so the consumed karma is a bit of a waste, but rather in some ways, the karma recovery could be much better.

Anyway, Shield and Karma recovery were properly rated B+ and High Speed was rated S. This is a daebak (big hit) and moreover a unique attribute, Darkness, is attached.

Unique properties were a very special option that could only be attached to the corresponding Magic Armor.


Darkness (Characteristic): Darkness field within a radius of 40 meters around the Sky-Grade ship, significantly increasing the evasion ability of the Sky-grade ship and disturbing the enemy’s field of view. Also the sky-grade ship will never be defeated while this field is maintained. [Maintenance time: 30 minutes][Cooldown Time: 4 hours]


“The unique properties….. This Magic Armor production hit the jackpot among jackpots.”

Sang Hyuk had no choice but to laugh with a smile.


“Now if only the Sky-grade ship is really made…. I can leave the Heroic Lands.”

In fact, Sang Hyuk has got almost everything he needs to get from Heroic Lands.

Of course, there are named monsters that he has not caught yet, but they were not necessary.

At least, leaving behind the Mark of the Stars, the secret dungeon that he has yet to find, was unfortunate but he could not remain in the Heroic Lands only to look for this one secret dungeon which he had no certainty in finding.


“Let’s make the Sky-grade Ship.”

Sang Hyuk murmured and nodded.

Then he took off the Magic Armor ‘Lion King’s fury’. which had been worn by him until now.


When he took it off, the large lion tattoo engraved on his chest disappeared and a miniature armor of the same size as Dark Black Wings appeared on his left palm.

In case of the Lion King’s fury, it was useful for hunting Hydra. Although he did not expect the Skeleton Hydra that overcome the death to appear at all, he had already used it before and it was a big help for the Hydra Hunting.

So, Sang Hyuk, who took off the Lion King’s fury, immediately wore the Black Wings on his right palm.

Durururuk, Kriett, kriet!

The moment when the wings were absorbed into Sang Hyuk’s body, Sang Hyuk’s armor wrapped around him.

The black armor was wrapped around the body, but it was not in the form of heavy armor, but in the form of a light armor without any major restrictions on movement. The design and color did not stand out too much and looked nice, so it seemed that Magic Armor would not be noticable when summoned.

Fortunately, the appearance did not seem to be a major problem either.

After confirming the look of the Dark Black Wings, Sang Hyuk nodded his head and cancelled the Magic Armor.

Magic Armor naturally penetrated into Sang Hyuk’s body and turned into a tattoo.

A large black wing tattoo that fills the entire of Sang Hyuk’s back. This was the token of the Magic Armor.

Sang Hyuk, who completed the Dark Black Wings, tested the performance of the Magic Armor and also started to hunt Iron Golems to get the material ‘Adamantium’, which is necessary for making the Sky-grade ship.

Iron Golems were monsters similar to the Stone Giant, that Sang Hyuk had hunted eagerly.

An Iron Golem is more powerful than the Stone Giant, it is stronger than Named Monsters. The Iron Golem had an average level of 88, the highest level in the Heroic Lands.

When he caught these iron golems, he could get a little piece of Adamantium and he could collect these pieces to make an Adamantium ingot.

Of course, Adamantium was available elsewhere, but because it was a rare metal, it is a metal that is expensive to trade even among users.

Therefore, Sang Hyuk tried hard to catch an iron golem almost every five minutes and the iron golem hunt was the most stable and sure way to collect the Adamantium.

Actually, he did not make the Sky-grade ship because there was no Adamantium. Other materials could replace Adamantium. But if it was a proper Sky-grade ship, at least the keel (dragon bone) would be made of Adamantium.

However, no one knew about the Sky-grade ship because there was not enough knowledge yet.

Sang Hyuk hunted iron golems using the Dark Black Wings. Then, not one for every 5 minutes, but one per minute can be hunted at the speed of flight.


“While the condition is like this, I am surely getting used to the Dark Black Wings while camping here for the time being and let’s gather as much Adamantium as we can.”

Later, when the Sky-grade Ships were launched in earnest among other users, the Iron Golem hunting ground was crowded with the users who came to get the Adamantium.

That would reduce the number of iron golems available, so that even with Sang Hyuk’s power he would not able to hunt them rapidly like now.

So, Sang Hyuk was hunting as many iron golems as he could now, without competitors.


“No matter how hard I try, I will not be able to make the whole ship using only Adamantium, but at least the keel and the main parts of the ship can be made using Adamantium.”

So Sang Hyuk started to work earnestly in the Sky-grade Ship production.



Chapter 120 [Episode 62] Dark Black Wings 1 – End


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