Chapter 121 [Episode 62] Dark Black Wings 2



“Black Flight!”

Sang Hyuk summoned the Dark Black Wings and used Black Flight straight away. Then from behind Sang Hyuk’s back, the big black wings unfolded and Sang Hyuk’s body flew over the sky.

Black Flight allowed Sang Hyuk to fly, but it could not fly without limits.

50 meters from the ground. All of the flight skills in EL were up to this point. He could fly at higher altitudes with the aid of a vehicle, but it was the same that it could not escape the 50 meters using the vehicle.

Strictly speaking, he could escape. However, when he rose above 50 meters, his health and vitality dropped by 2% per second, so he could die almost instantaneously.

Sang Hyuk soared through the sky and looked down at the iron golem looking at him from the ground.

In the case of monsters who can not fly and had no long-distance attack, it was impossible for the monster to attack Sang Hyuk. And if this state were maintained for exactly 10 seconds, the health of the iron golem was recovered instantly to 100% as the battle cancelled.

In other words, it was impossible to fly into the sky and hunt iron golems safely.

However, while Sang Hyuk was hunting for iron golems, he used the Black Flight to learn how fast he could activate the flight skill during battle.

Sang Hyuk was hunting the Iron Golems while making the Dark Black Wings completely his own.


“It’s much faster than I thought.”

If it was this level, it seemed to be enough to be used for movement during battle.


“If I can stretch and fold the wings in a single second after a little bit of mastery, then I think it’s possible to use it instead of jumping.”

Sang Hyuk thought of the possibility of such a thing and folded his wings again and turned off the Black Flight.

Sang Hyuk had always emphasized that no matter how good a weapon is, if one did not know how to use it properly then it would be a big fail.

Especially, Magic Armor was a thing with a completely different mechanism than existing weapons, so if you are a first-time user, you have to work hard for at least a few months before you can adapt properly.

Of course, thanks to his previous experience, Sang Hyuk simply adapted in a matter of days, not months, but it was possible because Sang Hyuk was a regressor.


“By the way, the mood is heightened nowadays, so should I sell the Lion King’s Fury?”

Magic Armor was an item like a pie in the sky for 99% of the users. But the top-level users have already created and begun using Magic Armor.

Of course, the information about Magic Armor coming from them was exciting for a lot of users.

Especially, the concept of amplification was a concept that did not exist until now, and it was possible to use the amplification ability to accomplish things that seemed impossible in the past.

Even the lowest-grade 1st class Magic Armor had gain of 30%, and although it doesn’t look like much actually it’s not just getting 30% stronger, it’s almost 50% stronger, so even with just the lowest-grade Magic Armors, you could succeeded in a previously failed raid and you could beat an opponent who you’ve never won against.


As a result, the Magic Armor’s worth kept going higher. There was a word everywhere saying that if you create a Magic Armor, you can enter an entirely different world.

That was the user’s dream.


“Now the 1st level of Magic Armor sold for almost a billion won in reality, right? It’s definitely overpriced.”

In Sang Hyuk’s memory, this Magic armor craze would soon end. In fact, it was not that difficult to build the Magic armor once you learned the hidden information and the tips for making it.

If the material is poor, a 0-grade Magic Armor, which doesn’t even reach 0.5 grade, will be created, but even the garbage-like Magic Armor had a gain of 10%.

Even if it is like garbage, there were people who use it for the amplification alone.

When this kind of Magic Armor with 0 or 0.5 grade is available and supply of the 1st grade Magic Armor increased, then the hot air has no choice but to cool down (the popularity is decreased).


“I have to sell the Lion King’s Fury before the fever(hot air) is over.”

The hot air creates a distorted price. So at this point, the Lion King’s Fury had a value such that the seller can demand any price.

Before the bubble disappeared….. Sang Hyuk was thinking to sell the biggest bubble in the world (the most popular thing).


* * * *


The sales method Sang Hyuk chose was similar to the way he sold the ‘Wyvern Blood’ before.

But the last part was going to be different. After selecting the five finalist bids through an online bidding, he would invite the five people separately and open a VIP auction and he was going to sell that thing as expensive as possible after making them compete fiercely for it.

Sang Hyuk wrote an auction announcement in the name of Gold Mountain to various online communities. This time as well, as the users searched for the Gold Mountain announcement and get a recommendation to read the article, it was easy to publicize the auction.

Naturally, the auction notice also included the image files with detailed information of the ‘Lion King’s Fury’ so the reaction of the users was so explosive that it was not even comparable to when Sang Hyuk was selling the Wyvern Blood.


[2.5 grade Magic Armor? Wow, who created this mad item?]


[What is this? Is what I’m seeing now really an item that exists in the game? Wow…. There are two pluses in the 2.5 grade. This is a scam!]


[Gold Mountain is the seller. Where on earth are these guys getting these crazy items?]


[How much should I pay to buy this??]


[Well… Should you not pay at least two million dollars in cash?]


[What kind of game item costs two million dollars. Nonsense.]


[It makes sense, tho? An extraordinary world that you don’t know will unfold above it. They will try to own that item even if they pay more than 200 million dollars.]


[ (some curses words came out but I don’t know any curse words) I envy you.]


[It says here that Drake Blood was used as a power source…. Even if you sell the Drake Blood only for one billion won, you might get laughed at.]


[I assured you that this item will be sold for more than any other existing items. The amplification rate added by the plus effect is 96%. This is worth calling a scam item.]


[Seriously I want it.]


[Even if sell my house, I can not buy it. Hyuu, if only i was born as the conglomerate’s son then I will directly buy it, tho.]


[Even you have money, it should be hard to buy it, you know? This eventually will be sold in a private auction… So, there’s no way we can win in the final auction if the oil-conglomerate heirs join in.]

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