Chapter 122 [Episode 63] Hagye, Middle Layer, and Heavenly World 1



@ Hagye (the Lower Boundary), Middle Layer, and Heavenly World


At the end of the transaction, Sang Hyuk inserted the key into the air. Then a translucent door appeared in front of his eyes and opened naturally.

As Sang Hyuk stepped inside the open door, a new space appeared. This was the ‘Treasure House of the Lost Heroes’.

This warehouse was a place where the treasures left by the heroes who fought against the corps of Mawang (Devil King) at the Heroic Lands were gathered.

There were many treasures in this warehouse, all of which were more than unique grade and less than legendary grade.

There were about four people known to have obtained items using this key in Sang Hyuk’s previous life. Of course, there were only four known, and it was likely many more users used the key to get items out of this place. *

This warehouse was famous, because all of the items obtained using this key boasted great performance.


“Avengers would have come in, right?”

The number of times the key has been used displays ‘2/2′, but since the number of uses does not decreased as long as you do not carry out any items, it was more likely that they came here at least once.


“Maybe they looked it over and concluded that it was not better than the Lion King’s Fury.”

It might be natural for the Avengers to make such a decision. At least at this moment, even legendary-rated items could not get a better rating than the Lion King’s Fury, which is a Double Plus 2.5 grade Magic Armor.


“Now at this point, if I were the Avengers, I would have made the same decision. Thanks to them, only I got the daebak (jackpot).”

Sang Hyuk laughed and looked around happily.

There were several items arranged on the right and left along the straight aisle. Unfortunately he could not see the detailed information by touching the placed items.

He was able to see the details only by going outside with the item. The only information he could see in the warehouse was the appearance, rating and the name of the item.

This was the reason for the Avengers to give up the key.

If they were able to see the correct information about the item, they could have made a more detailed comparison and would not have offered this exchange.

Because it was virtually impossible to judge the performance of the items by rating, name, and appearance, so they chose a winning lottery ticket rather than scratching the lottery that could not be confirmed.


“The Avengers’ judgement is correct. But I…. can see whether I won or not without scratching.”

Because of that, Sang Hyuk was able to choose this key without any worries.

Sang Hyuk slowly walked forward and looked left and right.

Of course, even Sang Hyuk did not know the performance of every item in this treasure house. But at least he has the insight that can’t be followed by the other users.

The regressor insight. It was also the greatest strength that Sang Hyuk has.

Sang Hyuk was going to look at all the items in the treasure house. So he walked forward and did not miss a single item.

Because there were so many things, so even though he only saw the grade, name, and appearance of the items, he spent four hours fully in the warehouse. And through that process, he narrowed his list to four things.

Three items were legendary and one was a unique item.

The Golden Dragon’s coin, the mask of the faceless, The Flag of the Great General, Red Dragon’s Blood (2 items)

First Red Dragon’s Blood was an unique item, but he was going to take it unconditionally. When Sang Hyuk found the Red Dragon’s Blood in the warehouse, he shouted manse(cheering like ‘long live the king’ or ‘hurray’).

It was also a single set of two.

Even if it was the Red Dragon’s Blood, if there is only one of it, he would have to think more about it, but if there are two of them, there is no reason to think.

It was right to take it regardless of the grade.

Other than the Red Dragon’s Blood, three more remained…. The items that he had a rough idea about among the three items were the Flag of the Great General and the Mask of the Faceless.


“Mask of the Faceless is an item that is rumored to belong to the King of the Ninjas or the Great Thief, and Flag of the Great General is an item that belonged to Iron Man DeFrom, the person picked among the best tankers to be the main tanker of the Avengers Guild.

Sang Hyuk knew little about The Mask of the Faceless. Hanjo (or Hangzhou) was known to have established a unique combat style using this item…. But, Sang Hyuk did not know the details.

On the other hand, he knew the performance of the Flag of the Great General relatively well. It was an ornament item with a very powerful party buff.

Thanks to the Iron Man Defrom, who had this ornament, the Avengers had been recognized as the best guild of the top three guilds specializing in raiding.


“I should pick one of these two items, which I know the performance and power…”

Sang Hyuk looked at the Golden Dragon’s Coin, the last choice with a very distressed look.

Honestly, this was the first item Sang Hyuk saw.

Still, the reason he chose this item as the last candidate was because the word ‘golden’ attached to the name.


“The three heroes who believed in the Shadow King… The Golden Dragon which is likely one of the Guardians of the Four-Cardinal Directions…. I know it’s gambling, but it’s attractive.”

With his knowledge, Sang Hyuk didn’t need to scratch the lottery ticket to win. But now, Sang Hyuk wanted to scratch the lottery ticket after using the key.

It was an ironic situation, but because it was a gamble with the possibility of a fail he had to be worried.

Especially since Sang Hyuk had already gained a confirmed reward, the ‘Red Dragon Blood (2)’, so it might not be a big problem to gamble…


“The Flag of the Great General is not really a big need for me, so pass. And the Mask of the Faceless actually not a very useful item for me, but……”

Sang Hyuk, who had been struggling with his thoughts, eventually decided.


“Let’s just scratch the lottery once.”

A man is….not a man without challenges and Sang Hyuk decided to make the decision after considering various things.

If the gambling is successful and the golden dragon, which attached to the item’s name, is really the golden dragon that Sang Hyuk knew, Sang Hyuk was very likely to see various benefits.

Moreover, if we look at the context, it is also true that Sang Hyuk is more likely to be right.

So Sang Hyuk daringly chose the Golden Dragon’s Coin.


Kiiiiik, Clunk!

As soon as the door of the Treasure House was closed, the key held by Sang Hyuk disappeared.

Instead, there are two items added to his virtual bag.

Red_Dragon’s_Blood(2) and Golden_Dragon’s_Coin.

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