First, Sang Hyuk pulled out the Red Dragon’s Blood to see how much plus was attached. The Red Dragon’s Blood increased its use count by 2 times per plus, so actually it was good enough to see each use increase by one.

It was an item that the plus is that important.


“Only a single double plus. Tsk, such a shame…. It would have been a real daebak (jackpot) if I got even one plus on the second one.”

The first one was Double Plus, and the second one was nothing.

Red Dragon’s Blood combined and the total usage is 8 times.

It was the same number of the first triple plus Red Dragon’s Blood he got.


“Well, it’s been a total of 15 times, so I’m satisfied enough.”

In fact, even 15 times was a tremendous thing.

Sang Hyuk, who confirmed the guaranteed daebak (jackpots), held his breath and pulled out the Golden Dragon’s Coin.


“Please let it be good…”

Sang Hyuk nervously opened the information window of the coin, the unscratched lottery.


Golden Dragon’s Coin [Legend++]


– The wise golden dragon from the north took out a piece of his dragon heart to protect the world and made a special coin. This coin will be a light of the world in many ways.


[Basic Ability] All abilities +70 (+14)


[Special Ability] Highest Basic Ability +70 (+14)


[Special Effect] <Dragon’s Protection (S+): When an attack will lead to death, a coin is thrown and if a golden dragons (face) appears, then you can avoid death and restore the health and vitality by 20%. However, if the Dark Dragon (back) comes out, then you cannot avoid death, but instead defer the death for one minute, during which your health and vitality are reduced to 0%, but the attack power is increased by 20%. After 1 minute, you die unconditionally. This ability can only be used once every four hours.>


[Item Skill] <Great Luck (A+): All choices related to you are likely to have positive results. The effect lasts all the time while wearing the item.>


[Bonus Effect] Wisdom +10, Intelligence +15



Sang Hyuk looked at the item window and nodded with a brighter look.

Golden Dragon’s Coin was an ornament as expected, but the performance was tremendous.

The dragon’s protection, which help in avoiding the death with 50% probability, could show the great benefit even if it cannot help you to avoid the death and the great luck, that was attached to it as a passive item skill, felt like it was just icing on the cake, proving the legendary grade of this item.

Sang Hyuk had seen a passive skill similar to the Great Luck in his previous life. One player who belonged to his team had this ability as soul skill and its name was ‘Luck’.

At that time, Luck was a B-grade skill, and according to the player who had it, he said that his attacks hit more frequently than other people, and that his opponent’s attacks had less critical hits.

Not only that, he said that his reinforcement attempts were more successful and he won more often for even such things as rock-paper-scissors inside the game.

This player felt thankful even with the B-grade Luck, so Sang Hyuk was very happy with the skill Great Luck with an A+ grade.


“I have been a little frustrated because I could not find a useful ornament….”

Sang Hyuk was very satisfied and immediately wore the Golden Dragon’s Coin.


“By the way, looking at the item description, the Golden Dragon is surely one of the Guardians of the Four-Cardinal Directions, who occupies the northern throne.”

With the Golden Dragon confirmed as the one in the Northern Seat, the remaining Shadow King, High Elf Stella and Tochun the Fire King surely occupy the other seats, and then the list of the Guardians of the  Four-Cardinal Directions is completed.

Of course, among the four inheritors of the Guardians of the Four-Cardinal Directions, Sang Hyuk knew only of the ‘Firehammer Tokan’. *


“The obvious thing is that if I could get all of the Shadow King’s succession…. Then the possibility to occupy one of the throne of the Guardians of the Four-Cardinal Directions is very high, right?”

The Guardians of the Four-Cardinal Directions and the Heavenly Origin Throne which represent the four thrones.

This was something that would have to be occupied in preparation for a Great War later on.

Getting the good items and getting the useful information.

If this was the result, he felt like it’s okay to give away a few ‘Lion King’s Fury’s.


* * * *


After getting 500 kg of adamantium from the Avengers and adding the collected 170 kg while hunting Iron Golems, Sang Hyuk added the 490 kg purchased through the Gold Mountain, resulting in the accumulated adamantium going over 1 metric ton.

Sang Hyuk thought that the performance of Sky-Grade Ship would be of a Heavenly grade, even though he was planning to make it only at the size of dual grade.

The Sky-Grade Ship ranged from the smallest grade,’solo’, to dual, triple and quadruple sizes.

Of course, large didn’t mean better when it came to Sky-Grade Ships. The small ones had their own advantages, and the big ones had its own advantages.

However, if the performance is the same, it would have been more advantageous to have a larger ship in case of  collisions.

Sang Hyuk knew this fact, but he could not raise the size. As the size increases, the number of people required to move the ship increases.

Sang Hyuk inevitably chose a dual-grade size, because the limit to fly alone was dual-grade.

Anyway, assuming that the Sky-Grade ship is made with the smallest size in the dual-grade standard, it would require about 1.5 tons of metallic material to make the Sky-Grade Ship.

That meant Sang Hyuk could build a nonsensical Sky-Grade Ship made entirely of Adamantium after he collected a little more of the Adamantium.

For reference, the price of Adamantium has already reached 100,000 gold for 10 kg even though the price has not yet risen.

Later, when users started building Sky-Grade Ships, the price of Adamantium was going to go up to 500,000 gold per 10 kg.


“If only a few insignificant parts of the interior are built of steel, then I only need 100 kg of Adamantium, right? At this level no matter how much money needed, it can be bought by Gold Mountain, and quickly completed.”

Sang Hyuk thought that he should make it properly. That way he would be better able to endure the Middle Layer later.

Currently, Sang Hyuk is in Hagye.

Precisely, he is at a place called the Lower Third World.

And the place to use the Sky-Grade Ship after Sang Hyuk completes his task was called the Middle Layer, and the hell-like place that you can get to after passing through the Middle Layer, is the Continent of the Sun, which is called the Heavenly World..



Chapter 122 [Episode 63] Hagye, Middle Layer, and Heavenly World 1 – End


Editor’s Notes: The implication being that once the key is used twice,  it can be found again by someone else.  The author never explains the exact mechanism…


Editor’s Notes: King of Dwarves, he forged the whip for Sang Hyuk…


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