In fact, Seo Wontae and Chaos had a lot of conversation here in the early days. But everything has changed since the game stabilized and Chaos started to act as the true Ruler of the dimension. Seo Wontae rarely used the Creator’s authority. Rather, he reduced the authority of the Creator to the utmost and increased the powers of Chaos.


Seo Wontae decided that Chaos should be the sole controller in order to complete the new concept of virtual reality that he had envisioned. So by this point in time, he was already beginning to abdicate all his powers to Chaos.

So by now there is not much that the creator, Seo Wontae, can do. Still, Seo Wontae recently used all of his authority to make one thing… the thing that Chaos opposed.


“I honestly do not agree with you, and I had no choice but to intervene. But is it going to be a problem later?”


[I also did not stop the master because the master kept the changes small within a large range. But after he got the ragna blade, I continued the analysis separately… He unraveled the shackles themselves much sooner than what the master and I thought and rather, I think he can make ragna blade completely his possession. If so, he can have the power to damage the system itself.]


“That’s not right. When he untied his shackles and make ragna blade his own, the divinity that was standing in ragna blade would be sharply reduced and the ragna blade would be bound within the yoke of the mortal…. then the ragna blade has no choice but to stay within the limits of the mortal realm.”


[That is right. But he already has so many great powers that one user can have. When I think about it, even if I push ragna blade into the realm of the mortal forcibly, I can not completely eliminate the nature that it had, so I do not know when the divinity will break its prison.]


“I know what you’re worried about. But I could not let him go. Honestly, it does no matter if he is personally strong. But as he became stronger in an unbelievable speed so it’s a matter of him constantly forcing us to use time acceleration. You too have acknowledged this. It was an inevitable choice to stop the accelerations of time.”


[I fully understand the position of the master. But I’m telling you that doing things in an ad hoc way to slow down the use of maximum time acceleration can eventually shake the dimension with a greater distortion.]



Seo Wontae, who listened to Chaos, seemed to arrange his thoughts. Frankly, from Seo Wontae’s point of view, the current time flow of the eternal life was something he never expected at all.

Time acceleration was a phenomenon that had to occur when a new dimensional planet was revealed through a large patch. However, because there was no patch and it has appeared occasionally….. Of course, as for Seo Wontae, he could not just watch it. ***

In the end, Seo Wontae broke his own principles and explored the cause by using the creator’s authority. Then he found the anomaly that he thought was the cause.

Ridiculously, the anomaly was a single user.

Since then, Seo Wontae has been in a lot of trouble. And he also had a lot of conversation with Chaos.

Chaos, however, said that in principle he should never intervene directly with the users. Of course, Seo Wontae also knew that direct intervention was going beyond the operation of the game, and illegal.

So he squeezed his head and found a shortcut.

It is a power so great that it connects Divinity itself to the problematic user and shackles him with powers he can’t hope to control.

This was literally a shortcut to avoid the illegal activities.


“Fine. As you say, let’s say I made a mistake. So, what do we do at this point?”


[It’s already late to fix the mistakes. However, if you break the link between the Ragna Blade and the Sky Library now and lower the power of divinity in the Ragna Blade as much as possible, you can reduce the disruption to the Game Engine as much as possible.]


“But then the shackles will be released too soon, right? We can disengage sooner than we expected. But isn’t it dangerous to take action so that it can be released faster than that?”


[It’s better to release a series of small explosions than having a single huge explosion that you can not cope with later. You can not stop it from getting bigger and bigger anyway.]


Chaos has come up with the most reasonable approach.


“It’s driving me crazy… By the way, will it be okay? Ragna Blade is originally the force you used when you ‘initialize’, right?” *


[It is not perfect, but there are some other powers to replace it. It will be a bit annoying and complicated, but it will not be a big problem if I use those tools.]


“Anyway, I’m sorry. It’s because of me that things have gotten twisted.”


[No. I fully understand why the Master had no choice but to act by yourself. And I also thought that the master’s methods had merit. In the end, the mistake was not only done by the master, but I also did the same thing.]


“Yeah, let’s go in the direction you are talking about and try to remove all signs of our intervention. Carefully,  so he doesn’t notice anything strange.”


[I know.]


“And those who know his existence was only you and me, but just in case, please use extra care with security…. But perhaps, can you take care of him separately?”


[It is impossible because it is a violation of article 1, 7, and 16 of the Special Act of DN. I am limited to designating him as a major monitoring target.]


“Yep, I understand.”

Even when he knew the answer, he still asked again. That’s how much of a headache this  problem was.

A world that he has made himself but is now growing alone, leaving his hands…..

As the creator of that world, Seo Wontae thought that this world would be loved by as many people as possible for as long as he intended.


Chapter 122 [Episode 63] Hagye, Middle Layer, and Heavenly World 2 – End


Editor’s Notes: IMPORTANT!  You’re probably not going to remember, but in the earlier chapters, it was made clear that in order to prepare new Dimensional Planets, or even apply a new patch, Chaos has to accelerate time.  By increasing subjective time by a factor of 1000 or even higher, Chaos can work fast enough to apply patches, or prepare Dimensional Planets for the players to inhabit.  It’s implied in this section that accelerating time is not only resources intensive, but can cause glitches and bugs.  So the creator of the game and Chaos, the A.I. administrator, has a vested interest in reducing the amount, and frequency of time acceleration, and because Sang Hyuk keeps triggering patches, they’re trying various methods to slow his progress.  😀  (yep, our MC is giving the developers headaches.) 😛


Editor’s Notes: So the implication is that Ragna Blade is a Developer’s Tool, with the power to “initialize”?  To erase objects from the game itself?  No wonder it acted like that when Sang Hyuk used it to destroy that demon gate… 😛


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