Chapter 124 [Episode 64] Sky Whale 1



@ Sky Whale.


Sang Hyuk was completely unaware of the conversations about him at the top of the faraway world.

Nope, he was not supposed to know that.

In fact, it was laughable that one user was making things difficult for the Administrator and the Creator, but to be exact, Sang Hyuk was not a user but a regressor.

Because he was a regressor, he made many ‘coincidences’ inevitable, and as a result he held far too much power for a single user. He turned the impossibility into a possibility by his nonsense power, and as a result he became a terrible existence.

Since the Administrator and the Creator did not know that he had returned, he was forced to try to maintain the balance of the game as much as possible.

However, Sang Hyuk, who can be said to be the master of twists, finessed events for his own needs one by one.

Sang Hyuk knew very well that he would not be a regular user from the moment he made his return and started Eternal Life.

Because he was thinking of monopolizing all the best ‘abilities’ that he admired even if it was unique in the game, so in the end, he could not help but to stand out anyway.

But Sang Hyuk was not worried about this part at all. The reason was simple.

Sang Hyuk had a very clear understanding of the existence of ‘Chaos’, who managed EL and knew the Chaos’ power and limitations more accurately than anyone else.

Though Sang Hyuk obviously knew that he would monopolize the Chaos’ interests, but the reason he was able to master everything without being noticed… It was because no matter how much he tried to monopolize everything, he knew that Chaos could never touch him.

It was not exactly Chaos, but he could not be touched by Raon Soft, which owns EL.

This was clearly stated in the Special Act on DN, so unless they wanted to stop the game service immediately, it was the Act that had to be followed unconditionally.

In particular, Chaos was the best artificial intelligence, famous for its very thorough management.

In Sang Hyuk’s past life, Chaos was chosen as the best artificial intelligence for 10 consecutive years.

Sang Hyuk knew this very well, so he was not afraid of management intervention. They could not intervene in the first place so it was funny to be afraid.

If he was afraid of it, he would have constructed the Sky-grade Ship much slower.

Not only had Sang Hyuk had completed the virtual space dock already, but he also added about 300 kilograms of adamantium. He decided to use Gold Mountain to scrape up and collect more adamantium.

In this case, it seemed he could make a nonsense Sky-grade Ship made of 100% Adamantium.

Later on, it would be hard to find Adamantium even if he has money, so he could not even try to do such a ridiculous thing.

Now that the virtual space dock is complete and the materials are ready, all Sang Hyuk had left to do is to build a Sky-grade Ship.

The core of the Sky-grade Ship production was the Magic Armor which will be the power source and the ignition key. First when the Magic Armor which is the power source is registered into the dock, then a simple configuration window appears, where you can determine the shape and characteristics of the desired Sky-grade Ship.

The Magic Armor was the most important thing because the attributes of the Magic Armor determined the limits of the Sky-grade Ship.

As Magic Armor is deeply involved in the production of Sky-grade Ship, we could not create a proper Sky-grade Ship without a proper Magic Armor.

If he created a Sky-grade Ship with Magic Armor with lower than first-grade, then the Sky-grade Ship would be so poor that it would be impossible to navigate toward the Middle Layer.

So in Sang Hyuk’s past life, only those with at least a second-grade Magic Armor have made a Sky-grade Ship.

In fact, it can be said that a second grade was also lacking.

Most of the Sky-grade Ships based on the 2nd grade Magic Armor in Sang Hyuk’s previous life did not penetrate the Middle Layer. Although there was no accurate statistics, but it was reported that the percentage of survival of Sky-grade Ships based on 2nd grade Magic Armor was known to be about 10%.

There was a lot of difference compared to the Sky-grade Ship which was built on the 3rd grade Magic Armor, which was about 50%.

If Magic Armor is stinky, the Sky-grade Ship is also stinky.

Later after all, this would become orthodox and many people created better Magic Armors and Sky-grade Ship to cross the terrifying area called the Middle Layer.


“Summon the virtual space dock.”

When Sang Hyuk summoned the virtual space dock, a big screen appeared in front of Sang Hyuk.

A translucent screen that is still empty….Sang Hyuk placed his palm on the screen.


[Magic Armor ‘The Blackness of the Dark Wings’ detected. Would you like to register? Y/N]


The empty virtual space dock detected Sang Hyuk’s Magic Armor at once.



Sang Hyuk nodded and chose Y.

The Blackness of the Dark Wings was registered naturally on translucent screen.

When Magic Armor was registered, various setting windows were created for constructing the Sky-grade Ship in earnest.


“The basic form is a high speed Ship and the size is as small as possible… If it was like this, can I even install the booster?”

Since he has registered 4th grade Magic Armor, the points that Sang Hyuk can use is 700. 700 points could be used to make a bigger boat, but Sang Hyuk saved up points by minimizing the size and choosing only the selected High Speed Ship and Booster. ***

Fortunately, the performance of the Blackness of the Dark Wings was so good that he could pick a few more traits.

In fact, both the High Speed Ship characteristic and the Booster feature were very difficult to pick at the same time, because they were both used a large number of  points.

But, Sang Hyuk chose both of these characteristics at the same time and he reduced the number of guns and the harpoons to one. The reason was simple.

He knew how synergistic it was when these two characteristics were combined.

Sang Hyuk remembers exactly how the ‘Firework Pirate Corps’ who used this combination in his previous life had troubled many users.

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