First Sang Hyuk chose all of the settings he had thought of and requested an estimation.

The High Speed Ship characteristic is 250 points. Booster features 300 points. One naval gun was 50 points and the harpoon was 40 points.


“Oh, seems like I still have 60 points more? Hmmm… Should I choose to strengthen the naval gun? or should I install the disguise mode?”

He needed 60 points to mount an upgraded gun or disguise mode, so he was able to use all 700 points.

Sang Hyuk, who had been thinking for a while, chose the disguise mode.

Since the naval gun was not intended to be used much on a fast ship, he decided that it was not necessary to use it until it was strengthened and moreover, disguise mode was very rare, so it was a benefit that had to be chosen.

When all the settings were finished, vague lines are drawn on the translucent window and one ship appeared.

This completes the design of the Sky-grade Ship. Now it was time to start producing while still supplying the really necessary materials.

Sang Hyuk was planning to use all his powers and abilities to keep up with the materials needed for the Sky-grade Ship.

It took 4 hours and 16 minutes to complete the production on the 27th day. The fact that the production time was longer than expected meant that the structure of Sky-grade Ship was complicated.

Sang Hyuk was not in a hurry, though the production time was longer than expected.

Now he had to pay attention to keep filling the materials constantly. Sang Hyuk, who now had some spare time, steadily hunted iron golems and even collected a very small amount of adamantium.

Then he quietly waited for the Event to happen.

In fact, it was a big thing that shook the world, but for Sang Hyuk, who knew both the beginning and the end of that Event, he considered it simply as the Event to open the Skyway.


“I am unsure of the timing, but the place will be the same, right?”

If only the place is the same, whenever the time, it did not matter much. Because Sang Hyuk had already almost finished all the preparations so he could react immediately anytime.

And the time continued to flow like that.


* * * *


“Is this the end?”

Sang Hyuk checked out the final ingredients and packed 50 kg of adamantium, 15 hydra skins and 5 intermediate enhancement stones.

Just like the money-eater hippopotamus, the virtual space dock, which has swallowed all kinds of materials so far, consumed the last of the materials and finally started the production completion count.


[Finishing the Sky-grade Ship production. 0, 1, 2 ……]


As the count went up, a clear image began appearing in virtual space dock.

Dark and black hull was sloping but it seemed very fast in a glance. The size looked a bit small for a dual grade but it looked just the right size for Sang Hyuk.

The important thing for Sang Hyuk was performance, not size.

He was thinking about making a High Speed Ship that could outrun all other Sky-grade Ships.


“It seems like I had picked well as I thought but…..”

Looking at the image of Sky-grade Ship getting more and more completed, Sang Hyuk had a satisfied expression. However, he had to check the detailed information after it was completed.

After a few minutes it was finally approached the 100% line.

…… 97, 98, 99….. 100!

The moment it becomes 100, the Sky-grade Ship that Sang Hyuk produced so devotedly was completed.


Heavenly Sky-grade Ship [dual grade] has finished.

You were ready to go to a new world before anyone else by producing the first heavenly Sky-grade Ship. Your steps that lead the world as a milestone for others is worthy of praise.

You got the legendary title ‘The King of the Sky-sea’.

The name of the Sky-grade Ship can be set.

When the virtual space dock is imprinted on the soul, it acquires ‘Spirit Virtual Space’ and automatically the Sky-grade Ship is anchored in that space.


He knew the fact that it was going to be something nice because it was the first production. So Sang Hyuk was not surprised to receive the legendary title.

Sang Hyuk has already earned several legendary titles that an ordinary player couldn’t even dream of getting, even after decades of playing EL Thanks to that, he could nod his head quietly in a situation where anyone else would shout and cheer.

Sang Hyuk, who nodded slightly, immediately imprinted the virtual space dock on his soul.

Sky-grade Ship production is now perfectly complete.

All that left was to name the Sky-grade Ship, which he could do anytime.

Sang Hyuk paused for confirming the details of Sky-grade Ship.


“Ah…when I think about it, to test the performance properly I need to fly the boat not check the description…. and because the Skyway is not open yet, so this is impossible.”

Though he can see the details of his Sky-grade ship in the description, he also had to test drive the Sky-grade Ship to get the real performance.

The problem was the Skyway as predicted.

The Skyway was still closed.

To be more precise, that Event hasn’t happened yet.

Honestly, Sang Hyuk did not know exactly when that would happen.

If it is the same as in the past life, it will happen after more than a year, but it was not like that because events are happening faster than he remembered.

Sang Hyuk thought that now is the time for it to happen, considering the recent situation.

There has been a lot of change in the EL world for about 50 days when Sang Hyuk was concentrating on producing the Sky-grade Ship.

Users have now fully adapted to Magic Armor.

Of course, Magic Armor has become widespread.

2nd grade Magic Armor has been made by guilds and personal users have also started to own 1st grade Magic Armor.

And the most important thing was…. That the users finally started to pay attention to what Magic Engineering is.

This was the most important.

According to Sang Hyuk’s memory, this happened exactly at this point in his previous life too.

The accident that will turn the Lower Third World upside down….

It was just that there is a sky whale falling onto the Lower Third World.

The Sky Whale……

It is named Sky Whale but you should not think of it as a real whale.

The Sky Whale was just a name.

It was the ‘Giant Flight Demon’, which lives in Middle Layer, called the Sky Whale.



Chapter 124 [Episode 64] Sky Whale 1 – End


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