Chapter 125 [Episode 64] Sky Whale 2



If the Lower Third World is the three continents, then the Middle Layer is a huge sea of the sky.

Users called the Middle Layer the Sky-Sea and in this Sky-sea, a horrible monster lives.

Giant Flight Demon.

These things, even a single one, required a full raid team to defeat. Hydra, the most powerful raid monster in Lower Third World, was not much different from the Sky Whales.

The Sky Whales also had grades, but the lowest rated 9th grade Sky Whale had roughly the same power as the Hydra.

In fact, considering that a 9th grade sky whale was common in the Sky-sea, we could see how terrible the sky was.

The sky whale, which is scheduled to fall to the Lower Third World, was a 2nd grade Sky Whale. At this point, the 2nd grade Sky Whale was a terrifying force enough to ruin the world, but fortunately, it would not be in a normal state due to the huge damage it took when it broke through the Sky wall.


“Even though it could not get back because it was fatally injured, there were a huge number of users slain by it.”

It was not accurately counted, but it was reported that at least 900,000 users had been killed.

Considering that nearly a million users ran to catch it at that time, most of the users ended up dead.

The event started with the Sky Whale crashing.

This event was attractive enough to bring a lot of high-level users in a short period of time.

In fact, it was no exaggeration to say that almost everyone who was in Heroic Lands rushed to the wreck at the same time.

The place where he fell was Tune, the largest city in Heroic Lands.


“The head that resembles four layers of huge wings and centipedes. And a serpentine and elongated body like a snake. I don’t remember the name of the Sky Whale, but it seems I remember how it looks.”

Sang Hyuk smiled bitterly and laughed. It was huge enough to casually crush the common giant monsters in Lower Third World.

It was so big that it was hard to check whether it was damaged or not, even if it was hit by the right attack.

At that time, Sang Hyuk had not died because he joined the battlefield shortly before it fell. But he could not participate in the event.


“It was so unfair that I could not participate in the event at that time…. That unjustice will surely be fixed in this life.”

It was the 2nd grade Sky Whale that is not easily seen in Middle Layer. In fact, the 2nd grade Sky Whale was more powerful than dragons, which would be called the strongest raid monster, considering various restrictions.

In addition, the appearance of the fallen guy was so great in scale and effect that the videos shot at different angles were immensely popular.

Sang Hyuk was going to watch the show in real time in this life.


[Sky-grade Ship] Please register its name. [Heavenly ☆]


– The first Sky-grade Ship made. There is a special ‘☆’ on this boat.


[Classification] High Speed Ship [★★★☆]


[Basic Performance] Durability 477000 / [Inner armor 98400] / [Outer armor 169000]


[Mounting Armored] Naval Gun [★☆] /  Harpoon [★☆] / Booster [★★★☆]


[Additional armament] Disguise Mode [☆☆]


[Basic Properties] High Speed (S). Karma Recovery (B+), Shield (B+)


[Inherent Properties] Black


[Minimum number of passengers] 2 persons.


[Recommended number of passengers] 4 persons.


[Maximum number of passengers] 12 persons.


[Size] Dual Grade


It also has ☆ attached because it was the first Sky-grade ship produced. In short, this star was similar to the plus (+) to an item.

Unlike a plus, it didn’t have three, but only one…… In fact, the probability of even a single star is lower than the probability of triple plus.

Since the stars were attached, all of the performance was enhanced.

In other words, it meant that all of Sang Hyuk’s selections, High Speed Ship, booster, naval gun, harpoon and travelling in disguise were all being reinforced.

Converting this to points, Sang Hyuk got almost 400-500 points for one of these stars.

At the moment the star was attached to it, the Sky-grade Ship is treated as one or two grades higher than the original grade.


“I intended to make it from the beginning, but…. I did not know this monstrous Sky-grade Ship would be born.”

Sang Hyuk, who checked the details window of the Sky-grade Ship, gave a subtle smile to the Sky-grade Ship, which was become so much more than what he intended.

The reason he made a subtle smile was because of the crew.

According to what he originally planned, the minimum number of passengers should be one person and the recommended number of passengers should be two.

But somehow this was increased to two people minimum, and four people recommended.

Even if it was a dual grade, it would be normal if the size was small and the minimum number of passengers and the recommended number of passengers were 1 and 2 people. However, for some reason, although it was made to the minimum size, there were two minimum and four recommended.


“This is slightly troublesome.”

The thing is that he could still run the Sky-grade Ship and run the test, but this is definitely the part that could disrupt Sang Hyuk’s plans.

Sang Hyuk, who was troubled for a while, first registered the name of the Sky-grade Ship. He had already thought about the name a month ago, so it was decided before the ship was made.


“Registered name Ink-Black Dragon.”

Sang Hyuk chose a simple name to call it. He thought it was not a bad name because he liked the image of the Sky-grade Ship.

The Ink-Black Dragon acquired its name and became absolutely perfect.

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