Now when the Skyway opens and the Sky-sea is revealed, then this Ink-Black Dragon will be able to move forward to the Sky sea.


Title – ‘The King of the Sky-sea’

Rating? Legend

Explanation? You made the first Sky-grade Ship and you are all ready to go to the Sky-sea. Take the Sky-grade Ship and conquer the Sky-sea!

Effect – [Prefix: None] [Suffix: None] [Sustainable Effect: <Sky-grade Ship Preparations battle (SS): Durability of Sky-grade Ship is slowly restored during non-combat. Also, during non-combat, the movement speed increases by 10%. Lastly, the efficiency of the shield increases and the power of the shield increases by 100%.>]


The legendary title had the effects that matched a legendary grade Sky-grade ship. Although the Karma recovery characteristic was low on his ship, it did not become a problem because it was not abandoned at all.


“With this, apparently all preparations are ended.”

Sang Hyuk, who had finished confirming the title, got up quietly.

What’s left is one…

The Sky Whale that falling to Hagye.


* * * *


Tune, the crash site of the Sky Whale, was a big metropolis now, but many things were going to change after the Sky Whale crash.

The fall of the Sky Whale in Sang Hyuk’s previous life almost ruined the city of Tune. The terrain deformed by the crash became a giant pit, and the monstrous parasites of the Sky Whale inhabited the pit, and Tune became a hunting ground, not a city.

Sang Hyuk, who judged that the time for the Event has come, did not leave Tune.

Instead, Sang Hyuk had all the NPCs that under his control, leave Tune. Finally, everything that Sang Hyuk had to do at Lower Third World has been done.

Sang Hyuk, who cleaned up everything, was only going around Gladiator Hall or Hall of Mortality as Lone King and stared at the sky everyday.

So, exactly 10 days passed.

As usual, Sang Hyuk, was sitting at an open-air cafe and having light breakfast while looking up at the sky.


“The time for it to fall……. Oh?”

Sang Hyuk, who had been waiting for Sky Whale to fall, caught something unusual with his eyes.



The normally blue sky is red. It was strange thing when it was morning.

Sang Hyuk got up quickly and looked at the sky more intently.


How many minutes have passed? The sky began to get more and more red with time.


“It has started!”

The reddening sky was a clear sign of the fall.


“First of all, I can not get hit by the crash so….”

Sang Hyuk ran quickly to the north side of Tune. Sang Hyuk knew that it had fallen to the south side of Tune.

The moment Sang Hyuk started running towards the north…

Finally, an official event notification has been sent to all users connected to the Heroic Lands.


Emergency Event!

A single Giant Flight Demon has pierced through the cracks on the Sky Wall and is falling toward the Tune area.

It was hurt by the shock of its penetration through the sky wall but it is still alive.

It is a 2nd grade Giant Flight Demon.

2nd grade Giant Flight Demon is an object that can be seen as ‘disaster’. If this monster is allowed to rampage, this world could be destroyed.

That’s why the help of the dimensional travellers are needed.

The Sky Whale which crashed into Tune is a lot weaker.

Before it recovers and reclaims the power of destruction it possesses, the dimensional travellers must join forces to defeat it.

There is no limit to the number of participants in this event.

Those who help to defeat it will be able to earn as many points, and will receive tremendous rewards based on those points.

You will surely be given a tremendous reward beyond anything you’ve seen before.

There is no time. Hurry!


The notification was quite long, but in summary:

Because a monstrous creature fell from the sky, before it recovers and causes a great calamity, combine all your strength and throw it down. Then you will get great rewards!

Of course, due to the sudden event notification, many users were just confused.

Those who were quick lifted their heads and quickly looked up at the sky.


As the event notification ended, the sky itself began to change in a terrifying way.

The sky began to divide slowly as an unbelievably huge crack formed in the sky, which turned crimson as if it had been dyed by blood. Then an immense fireball, defying belief emerged out of the crack.


Around the titanic fireball, an immense number of sparks were poured into the air, and it looked as if huge and colorful fireworks had burst from the top of the sky.


“Kya… This is why, people called this event as the fireworks that would not be seen twice in this world.”

Sang Hyuk nodded slowly as he watched it in real time. Of course he was shooting it from the best angle.

The fireworks were intense and gorgeous. But more important than that, it was the titanic fireball at the core of those brilliant fireworks.

The fireball was falling toward the ground at a terrifying speed.

Of course, the users were now aware of exactly what was happening. Knowing the situation, they could not just stupidly watch the immense Sky Whale falling at the speed of a meteor towards Tune.

Users started to run away from each other in order to escape the impact of the fall. Some of the quickest and skillful players have started to notice that this is not a usual event.

Of course, Sang Hyuk was already in place.


“Well, come on!”

Sang Hyuk stood up and watched as the Sky Whale crashed on its face and as the immense body fell into the city, it crushed half of Tune.



The world shook terrifyingly.

Numerous buildings fell down.

The massive event, which will be called the ‘Day of Disaster’, began with a massive explosion that opened up the sky.



Chapter 125 [Episode 64] Sky Whale 2 – End


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