Chapter 126 [Episode 65] Reverse One 1



The Skyway has opened…..


2nd grade Giant Flight Demon ‘Krakon’ has fallen to Hagye.

In the aftermath of the fall, its health is only 30%, and all the powers he possesses can only reach 40%.

If this condition is not maintained and the players cannot defeat him, this will become a desperate situation.

Note that Krakon has immunity to all kinds of provocation techniques.


As the immense crash wreaked havoc, the large metropolis Tune was almost completely obliterated, and additional event notifications were delivered.


“Argh, Krakon! Yes, it was Krakon.”

In Sang Hyuk’s previous life, Krakon was weakened for about 12 hours.

For 12 hours, a lot of users ran to him, but most of them died.

Even though Krakon could not use all of its skill because it was fatally damaged but the second grade Sky Whale was terribly strong.

In fact, the best way to deal with it was to use ranged attacks from far away.

Despite how Krakon has a strong resistance to ranged attacks of all kinds, even if the damage of ranged attacks is reduced by 80%, it was the wisest way to accumulate points safely.

In previous life, long-distance dealers who worked in this way for a long time got quite high points. But it was true that Sang Hyuk’s choice was too crude.


“In my heart, I want to activate ragna blade once… but there are too many uncertainties, so let’s hold on.”

If only two things were certain, ragna blade could be the strongest and the best weapon in the present situation. In particular, ragna blade ignores all kinds of damage reduction effects, so Krakon’s strong ranged attack resistance was useless.

If Sang Hyuk was certain that Krakon will not disappear with ragna blade and that the damage of ragna blade applies to the official points calculation, then it is right to use ragna blade.

But both were issues that could not be confirmed.

Especially, the damage of ragna blade was very unlikely to be applied at all when calculating the official points. Even if it did, Sang Hyuk’s points could go to other people.

So, Sang Hyuk intends to seal ragna blade thoroughly in this event.

Anyway, even though there was no ragna blade, there was not going to be a problem.


“I have only one goal. The overwhelming first place in official points!”

The aftermath of the crash has not yet subsided, but Sang Hyuk jumped to the giant crater in front of him.


* * * *


“What is all this?”

Adam successfully finished the dawn raid and returned to Tune to rest for a while. He was the main tanker and guild master of ‘Mer’, one of the best EL guilds in France.

As soon as he saw the sudden event notification, he noticed that something incredible has happened.

First, he escaped quickly from Tune once he read the notification that a huge monster was about to crash into Tune, and watched the fall of the monster.

A massive explosion occurred with the fall of the monster, resulting in a huge pit. Inside the pit was a huge monster that was about a few hundred meters long and it was slowly raising its body.



“They said to catch that? Is that even possible?!”

In Adam’s view, Krakon seemed unable to be fought in a normal way.


“There’s only one way to get it.”

He opened his mouth with a bitter look as he stared at the thousands of users running towards Krakon.


“Zerg Tactics….. That’s it.”

Zerg Tactics was simple.  The users just keep on running in while the battle continues endlessly.

Of course, users who are hit will die in an instant. However, the users who ran to it was an endless horde anyway.

Even at this moment, the ‘tremendous’ rewards have been brought a vast number of users to this place

If those who ran to it continued to attack the monster, it will become a zerg tactics naturally.


“The issue of it being immune to provocation makes taking the aggro purely by the tanker’s skills impossible…. Isn’t that nonsense? As soon as a user pours an attack at the same time without any planning, the aggro will jump to the user and keeping the aggro itself would be impossible, so what do they want me to do? No, even if I can hit it the second time and even if I retake the aggro miraculously, can I even tank for more than a second against a monster that looks so horrible? Gah, this event will be a nightmare for tankers in many ways.”


Adam made an estimation at once like the Top Rank User he was.


“For now, should I just watch it little bit more?”

Adam did not rush into it stupidly. If he cannot do any proper tanking anyway, he would rather look at the situation first and he was going to find a place where he could participate rather than rushing over and die instantly.

He had to at least figure out the basic attack pattern of Krakon and only then move in.


While Adam was thinking about it, Krakon swung its giant tail and swept away the remaining half of Tune, which still had a few buildings still standing. *

It was just swinging its tail lightly, but dozens of users screamed and disappeared.

According to event notifications, Krakon’s capabilities are now only about 40% of the original. Nonetheless, a single casual attack, it looked like it could insta-wipe a full raid team.


“Ugh, how is exactly can we catch such a monster? Tanking is impossible after all…..”

Adam thought that this huge monster that crashed on Tune was the only monster that appeared in this event. But at that very moment Adam witnessed a nonsensical scene.

He doesn’t know where he came from, but suddenly there appeared a black male figure, and something like an elongated string protruded from his hands and struck Krakon’s body.

However, surprisingly at that moment, Krakon’s body wobbled.



Adam thought that it was just a coincidence. No matter he sees it, the mighty Krakon could not have been staggered by the attack of a single user. But the cries that came in shortly broke his thoughts at once.


“Oh, the aggro were caught!”


“Tanker in black Magic Armor! That person got the aggro!”


“The aggro got taken you said? How did he take the aggro of a monster that can not be provoked?”

As the impossible things happened successfully, Adam’s eyes shook sharply.


“Oh? He endured.”


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