“Wow daebak(jackpot)! What are the healers doing? All of you pour heals to the users!!”


“Heal shower! Heal shower!”

Even the user in the black Magic Armor was enduring the Krakon’s attack.


“What the hell is going on?”

Adam opened his mouth half and looked at the user in the black Magic Armor who was holding up the Krakon’s aggro while tanking.


“Is is true that we can deal damage?”


“Nonetheless, with tanker provocation skills not working, won’t the aggro switch as it rises up?


“Hoi! Stop attacking there!”

Dealers who gathered near Krakon were divided into two categories. The dealers who had the idea to stop the attacks for a while due to the aggro problem and the dealers who hadn’t bothered to read the event notification and kept on doing damage without thinking.

The dealers without a clue were much more than expected. Hundreds of users did not care about the aggro, but they poured out their attacks with all their might.

However, really strangely, the aggro did not switch at all.

Even at this moment, the aggro was rock solid.


“What? Why is the aggro like that? Did they not make this monster provocation immune?”


“It is immune. Many users have already used provocation skills and it has not responded at all.”


“But how can these aggro became so stable? Even if it cannot be helped, but I think about 300 people are recklessly pouring the attacks…..”


“I do not know that. By the way, are you going to just keep watching? If you do it like that, all the official points will be taken by other users.”


“Tsk, I cannot help it.”

Originally, those who were clueless had to follow those who read the notification, but as the situation is going strangely, inevitably, the smart people followed the lead of the idiots. *

Even the users who were mindful of the aggro and stopped dealing damage started attacking, one or two at a time. Then in a flash, more than a thousand dealers poured the attack on Krakon.

However, the aggro still did not rise up at all.

Rather, it has become more stable than before.

Watching this situation from the very beginning, Adam gave the unbelievable face and looked at the Giant Flight Demon, which is a Disaster Incarnate, then he looked at the user who was tanking it perfectly.


“He’s a dealer….. That crazy user is keeping the aggro now by dealing damage?!”

Adam has figured out the situation more than anyone else this time.


“Is that even possible? Can he deal an attack that is strong enough to take care the aggro alone, damage which has to exceed the powerful damage being dealt by thousands of dealers, while at the same time using tanking skills that is strong enough to withstand the monster’s attacks,  which are as strong as a few raid monsters combined? Even explaining that he is actually doing such an absurd thing….”


If that person did not wear the Magic Armor, he would have have thought that person was an NPC and not a user. But that person was wearing Magic Armor.

Fyi, Magic Armor was an item that only users could wear. At least in the Lower Third World.

So, Adam knew that person was a user. But he could not believe it. No matter how great one’s skills at evasion-tanking, it was impossible to tank Krakon without 100% evasion rate.

Since the evasion rate is 30% when the diminishing effects begins to be applied, and when the evasion rate reaches 70%, the evasion rate almost does not increase even if evasion rate related items are worn.

In other words, realistically it means that the maximum evasion rate is 70%. Actually, the achievable evasion rate was only 50%, even though one is wearing items which increase evasion rate, minimum unique grade, on the body.

Therefore, the avoidance tanker among tank users was known as the wild apricot that looks more delicious. (T/L note: looks may deceiving, the better looking apricot is more sour than the regular one.)

Adam knew this very well because he was a tanker to the core. So, he could not even understand the man in the black Magic Armor who is now tanking Krakon.


“…. is that a monster blocking a monster?”

Adam muttered a little while looking at the user in black Magic Armor. It’s already been 10 minutes since the user in black Magic Armor, who was tanking Krakon while still maintaining the aggro…. In Adam’s eyes, he was also seen as a monster as mighty as the huge monster that fell from the sky.


* * * *


The attack that Sang Hyuk needed to lock the aggro to himself was only one hit.

Of course, it was not an ordinary hit, but the first attack.

As soon as the very first hit struck to the Krakon’s body, while making sure that ragna blade does not trigger, the aggro locked on to Sang Hyuk for sure.

After that there was nothing difficult. Sang Hyuk has survived Krakon’s attack using his high evasion ability and numerous damage reduction skills.

And with that enormously powerful attack, the other dealers kept trying to exceed an attack that they could not even imagine

It was impossible to steal aggro from Sang Hyuk in the first place. No matter how many thousands of dealers poured in the attacks at the same time and distracted the aggro, it was hard to switch the aggro from Sang Hyuk who boasted an unrivaled attack. *

It was a fact that would not change even though thousands of people would change to tens of thousands.

Of course, no matter how thoroughly and perfectly the evasion ability and damage reduction skills are used, Sang Hyuk sometimes had his health drop to a dangerous level.

But the important thing was not to fall to zero. If only it doesn’t fall to zero, hundreds of healers was pouring heals to Sang Hyuk without worrying about overhealing and he was able to recover all of his health in a single second.

It was not that difficult to endure if only Sang Hyuk could keep the all-important aggro…



Chapter 126 [Episode 65] Reverse One 1 – End


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Editor’s Notes: I cracked up when I read this part. 😛


Editor’s Notes: While the author fails to talk about how aggro works in EL, we can deduce that like in other games, the strongest attack by a single player locks aggro.  Therefore, to switch aggro to someone else, someone else has to have a stronger attack than Sang Hyuk…pffttt!!! 😀


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