Chapter 127 [Episode 65] Reverse One 2



Sang Hyuk intended to keep tanking until this monster’s health dropped to five percent.


“Nonsensical tanking + Nonsensical dealing.”

When these two are combined, Sang Hyuk is able to make it work contrary to common sense. The official points that are achieved by Sang Hyuk, who pretty much threw common sense out the window, can not be followed even when all the points of the other users are combined.

But this was not the end.

Out of the 900,000 users who died while fighting with Krakon in Sang Hyuk’s previous life, about 500,000 people died after Krakon’s health fell below five percent.

No matter how strong Krakon was, there were patterns and phases because he was a ‘programmed’ monster.

As soon as its health dropped below 5%, he literally started to go ‘Berserk’ and that last-ditch rampage was powerful enough to erase hundreds of thousands of users.

Because Sang Hyuk knew this, he was ready.


Tanker, Healer, Dealer.

This could be said to be the three elements of raid team.

Basically, all users belonged to one of these three roles.

In order to successfully finish the massive joint content called the raid, these three roles had to do their part, and there was a clear order for all three elements

To start a raid, the boss had to be ‘tanked’ stably. If tanking cannot be done properly then you could not even start the raid.

No matter how many tanks were mobilized, they had to build a tanker formation which is able to hold the boss’s aggro and then complete the tanking mechanism. *

So when the tanker formation was constructed, the next thing to do was ‘ healing’.

The healers, like tankers, had to complete a healing formation after mobilizing, built well enough to cover the whole team without allowing the main tanker to die. *

The dealers were those left after the tankers and healers completed all their formations. They needed to be careful while dealing damage because of ‘aggro’, the very important mechanism that the game used to determine monster aggression.

Because of this, at first glance, things like formation for dealers seem useless, but in a real raid, the dealers’ senses was most important. Dealing was purely most affected by the individual senses, so dealers were the occupations that was inevitable for those with a high VRA and good senses.

And in conclusion, the dealer was the most fun.

So, 80% of all of the people who gathered at this event were dealers.

This meant that at least they would not be short of damage dealt.

When Sang Hyuk succeeded in tanking while enduring the Krakon’s attacks, then the position of the main tank, which had the first place among the three elements of a Raid, was occupied.

Let’s say it was organized like that then naturally, the second element, ‘healing’, was also present and the requirements for dealers was met because Sang Hyuk has locked the aggro tight. *

The tankers, healers, and dealers for Krakon were fully assembled. For now the framework of the attack was established, the only thing remained was to maintain the framework.

Since Sang hyuk has already been tanking for more than 30 minutes, healing and dealing has has been maintained.

Of course, there were a lot of people dying from Krakon’s wide-area attacks, but at least those with enough common sense and skill managed to avoid the embarrassing mass wipes.

During that time, the health of Krakon was also reduced by four percent. He still had a lot of its health, but because the dealers were still involved in this event with the help of stable tanking and healing, it seemed that the pace of reducing the monster’s health was continuing to accelerate.

The most surprising thing was Sang Hyuk, who was standing and enduring while tanking for 30 minutes.

The healers were focused on the user wearing black Magic Armor who did not seem ordinary at all and they were busily avoiding or dodging the Krakon’s attack here and there while pouring heals to the users who were tanking.

Healers were aware that the most obvious way to get official points was to treat the user with the black Magic Armor as the only tanker and the main tanker.

It was important for the dealers to deal damage well.

At least until this moment it felt like everything was going well.

It was a matter of time to catch Krakon, which seemed to be an event monster without any precedent at all, because everything was so stable.

Most users like this situation

Anyway they only needed to do their jobs to  participate in this event and win points. Most of the users knew that they can not be the protagonist in an event this huge anyway.

However…. Not everyone thought so.


[You must flip the plate over.]


The meeting was called urgently and the seven delegates, who could be considered the organizers of this meeting, gathered in the secret meeting room of the DN that they had prepared.

When they gathered, a man, who sat in the chair carved with a black dragon, spoke first.


[If it is confirmed that the user who is tanking Krakon is the Immortal, then it is right we should be the one to turn over the plate.]


The man sitting on a chair with the red star nodded and agreed.

This meeting was started about half a year ago.

The name of the meeting was ‘Reverse One’.

In short, it was a super-alliance that was created to prevent the Ascendency of the One Guild.


[Analysis shows that it is almost certainly Immortal. The different thing is that he is wearing a Magic Armor… Actually, it is true that everyone here knows that the Immortal has created Magic Armor, right?]


The man who was sitting on the black dragon carved chair was already convinced. No one has raised any objections because it was a convincing conclusion.


[Of course I know that. I bought a huge item called ‘Lion King’s fury’ from the One Guild and to sell such a great thing would mean that there is a better Magic Armor than that. But at the last meeting, I think we said that we at least should not bid on the auction and raise the price…. Did you all keep your promise?]


The man sitting on a chair with black hand engraved, said with a voice of dissatisfaction. This room was where the best multi-language translation options were available, so you could speak naturally with different languages.

However, there were many cases in which the expression of fine emotions was omitted in the translation process. In this case, it was recognized that the man was angry because of his emotionless face.


[Hmmm, everyone would have kept the promise. We are not gathered here to talk about it now and we don’t have much time, so let’s talk about it on another time.


A man sitting on a chair with the red star responded effortlessly, but in fact, the people sitting here were bound to let this matter stick in their mind.



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