[It is true that there is no time. The sooner we make our decisions here, the bigger the pie we can get.]


The words of the man who sat on the chair with the carved black dragon were right, they could not afford to talk about it anymore.


[But what is there to see? Don’t we just need to turn over the plate? This is the simplest way to go. Let’s stab the Immortal’s back and take what we want.]


A man sitting on a chair with the red star, as usual, tried to solve the problem simply and brutishly. But others gathered here knew that this was not going to be a simple matter.


[If you do that, you may be able to get the benefits of this event, but eventually you may end up with mass condemnations. It’s true that we have to take down the Immortal, but we can not do it openly.]


[Then we should use the knife in the dark that we all have? Honestly, everybody has prepared a hidden sword by now, right?]


A man sitting on a chair with blue hammer, who had been quiet until now, opened his mouth.

His words were correct. Each of the seven delegations gathered here held a weapon that could be called the sword in the dark, though the type might be slightly different to each delegate.


[That’s probably the cleanest way.]


To be honest, it was a waste to bring out the sword in the dark, which was a secret power, but now was not the time to be picky.

They were planning to stop the event from being handed over to the ‘One’ Guild.

The reason why they made this gathering, despite the intricate intertwining of their respective interests, was to prevent the Ascendency of the One Guild.

While blocking the One Guild, the seven guilds planned to take the share that the One Guild was about to take. This was why ‘Reverse One’ was created.


[There is not much time, so let’s go ahead and proceed like that and let’s keep talking about the rest of the game. There are no exceptions. Everyone who comes here should at least put out more than one sword. I will stab the Immortal with that knife and pull that monster down, after that we will take over the event and seize the prize.]


The confident Reverse One’s move.

They believed that they could take down Immortal and if the Immortal is removed then they could take over the Krakon hunting.

After investing a huge amount of money in the real world and in the game, it was Reverse One who understood the reality of the One Guild more than anyone, but still they missed the most important thing.

The Immortal’s skills which is irreplaceable…. Immortal’s ability that transcended the limits of the ‘user’, that cut apart the common sense of the ‘user’.

So it was impossible for them to comprehend the being known as the Immortal.


* * * *


“Kill the user who is tanking Krakon!”

This was a command sent to many malefactors.

Because all of them were commanded from high up their Line, the malefactors began to move to Tune, headed for the open event as soon as they heard the command.

Anyway, since they were not able to participate in the event, they had to think that if they were attacking the Immortal, someone was trying to manipulate the event.

It was hard to imagine who was behind the malefactors.

This command was not very difficult for the malefactors anyway.

Because the opponent was hardly able to deal with his present difficulties, so in this situation, even if he is slightly distracted, things would collapse rapidly.

This was easier than snapping fingers for users who are evil to the core.

Because this was what they always do.

A total of 58 malefactors were sent from the seven forces.

At first glance, it looks like there aren’t that many, but the 58 of them are almost top-level users with levels over 50.

Moreover, they knew each other’s existence. They even agreed to cooperate to a certain extent.

58 malefactors concealed their identity and moved to Tune secretly. Not only was the whole city of Tune shattered and a lot of users dying, but all the users in Tune were completely focused on the event, so nobody has noticed the movement of the malefactors.

Thanks to it, the malefactors were able to approach their goal easily.

All of the malefactors basically have the ability to hide themselves. Even a malefactor is troubled by people when it’s discovered that they’re an evil person, so they had no choice but develop the ability to hide it.

Anyway, the malefactors approached the place where Immortal, their ultimate goal, was while using the confusion as cover.

In the meantime, in a nonsensical wide attack of Krakon, seven malefactors disappeared with a scattering of white light, but things like that happen in a war zone.

The remaining 51 malefactors intend to attack Immortal at the same time.

They believed that if they strike the Immortal’s back at the same time, then even the Immortal would not be able to endure it.

Even if he stopped or avoided their attacks, he was forced to break Krakon’s tanking, which has been stable.

That was enough.

Breaking he tanking meant that the Immortal would be killed by Krakon.

If the tanking was broken in anyway, the raid would collapse. Then it would be Reverse One who flips the plate, as that was what they wanted.

The malefactors checked each other with the signal that they had agreed on. And they were able to adjust the timing with that signal.

  • ••5, 4, 3, 2, 1, now!

At the moment when the malefactor’s countdown reached one, 51 malefactors ran towards the Immortal.



Chapter 127 [Episode 65] Reverse One 2 – End


Editor’s Notes: The tanking mechanism, for an example of that, we have to look to…SAO.  I know, a lot of people have a huge amount of hate for Sword Art Online.  However, it is the best example of Tanker Mechanism/Formation I can think of.  Having a front rank, switching so that someone low on health can move to the rear to heal, and use of shield walls, that can be seen in SAO first season.


Editor’s Notes: This time, I’m not going to use a SAO reference.  Healer formations (according to novels of the VRMMORPG genre) usually consists of assigning healers (main tank, sub tank, etc) and a rotating schedule so some are healing, others are drinking mana potions, and so forth.  Logically, the main purpose of healer formations is to make sure that the tanks are covered at all times.  The priority is of course the Main Tank.


Editor’s Notes: It may seem obvious, but neither healers or dealers can do their job without the tank. By keeping the monsters from attacking the healers or dealers, they can do their job, and they can only do their job when the tank is keeping aggro.  Otherwise, since they don’t have significant defences, they’d be slaughtered.


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