Chapter 128 [Episode 66] The Opening of the Skyway 1

@ The Opening of the Skyway


The reason why he was able to detect the suspicious movements that existed in the confusion was that he was personally interested in the Immortal.

If the situation was a little more relaxed, he would have preferred to contact Immortal first. Other users did not know that the user who is tanking Krakon is the Immortal, the guild master of the One Guild, but one man knew that it was the Immortal.

He was unaware of this at first.

He was one of two users on Immortal’s friends list.

Gye Baek was in Tune when the event occured.

He eventually rushed to participate in the event when it happened. Of course, Gye Baek was a dealer too, so he could not touch Krakon easily.

Immortal appeared when he was hesitating.

Gye Baek knew that he was Immortal from the time he appeared in the black Magic Armor.

The name ‘Immortal’, floating clearly above Immortal’s head.

Friends could see each other’s names.

Anyway, from the time he realized that the user in black Magic Armor and tanking Krakon was the Immortal, Gye Baek had no choice but to keep his eye on Immortal.

Had things been more relaxed, Gye Baek would have tried to talk to him because he was curious about how the Immortal could tank Krakon, so he could not deal damage properly and he kept on looking at Immortal who was busy tanking Krakon.

And in the process, he noticed the suspicious movement of some players.

Gye Baek has had battling a lot more users than monsters in the last half year. He enjoyed PvP in the field as well as Gladiator Hall.

Anyway as he wanted to enjoy PvP and needed other productive activities, he became active as a ‘Bounty Hunter’ catching malefactors.

Because of this Gye Baek, he could find the malefactors hidden in this suspicious movement.

And the moment he discovered the malefactors, he noticed what they were trying to do.

Backstab is one of the things that malefactors are best at.

Now it was clear from the angle of approach of the malefactors what they were planning.

Gye Baek immediately whispered to Immortal when he noticed it. And to another user….a person who could see his and Immortal’s name, he sent a whisper to that user as well.

The user who had just arrived a few minutes before.

All of this happened five minutes before the malefactors attempted to attack the Immortal.

And in that 5 minutes…. three people formed a party.

Immortal, Gye Baek, and Aspice (Dark Knight)

Because of this unexpected thing, these three people got together again for the first time, in a long time.

* * * *

The malefactors synchronized their attacks fairly well, which was unlike them.

Because the commands from the top was emphasized several times, they had to join forces to make sure they got the job done.

Generally speaking, when the malefactors, who are busy preying on each other, join forces, an exceptional power is born. They thought it would not be hard to finish their task at this level.

At least…. until they showed up.

Gye Baek used the ‘Ice Wall’ spell, which he prepared beforehand and quickly blocked the path of the malefactors.

The malefactors, who did not think that anyone would interfere, were surprised because of the sudden Ice Wall.

But because they were veteran PvP players ‘worn’ and comfortable with their world (experienced with bad thoughts), so they reacted promptly to the ice wall and coordinated with each other. *

If someone had noticed their attack and tried to stop it, it would have been enough to eliminate that someone.

They were experienced enough that they were prepared for such an obstacle although the probability was not that high, so they were surprised, but still ready.

The malefactors, who avoided or destroyed the ice wall, immediately found Gye Baek, who cast it.


[Group 7 and group 6 remove that person and the rest do as planned…]


There was no such thing as a leader for malefactors, but at least there was a person in charge of coordination.

He quickly dispatched personnel and tried to reorganize the assault as quickly as possible. But his intention was once more blocked.

Phuiinngg, Kwakwang!

Another user appeared out of thin air. The user raised a big black shield in front of him and immediately rushed to the malefactors.

The Shield Rush which was like the symbol of the Dark Knight Aspice. At the moment of its manifestation, the malefactors felt like a big dump truck was hurling towards them.

Dark Knight completes an active defense attack using a rushing attack, then at the back, Gye Baek jumps in with a quick spell.

It was a very simple strategy, but this strategy was far more fearsome than expected.

The skill of Dark Knight and Gye Baek were, in a word, the best.

The 51 malefactors in this area were talented, but they were at least two levels lower compared to Dark Knight and Gye Baek.

Of course, because the enemies numbers were overwhelming, Dark Knight and Gye Baek could not afford to be careless.

But at least, Dark Knight and Gye Baek were proud of their coordination and began to fight together, making it difficult to keep up.

In fact, Gye Baek and Dark Knight have often formed a party after breaking with Sang Hyuk. At least Gye Baek always joined in when Dark Knight hunted monsters.

There was no special reason.

But with Immortal, when the three were party hunting, they worked in harmony and because they were not particularly sociable, they used to contact each other when they needed a party for a hunt.

So, they were not only acquainted, they were used to joining their power and fighting together.

Thanks to this, the malefactors were confronted with a difficult challenge. Their goal was the user in the black Magic Armor beyond the Dark Knight and Gye Baek… but now they can not even go near to him.

When this happened, the minds of the malefactors began to panic. Time was not on their side.

Other users, who have already attacked Krakon, began to notice that something is strange.

In this case, they could be attacked not only by the two users in front of them, but also by the other users.

Obviously they did not think of failure until five minutes ago. But now this one word of failure have begun to fill their mind little by little.


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