“Darn… If it fails then I’ll be messed up!”


In the malefactors’ minds, this idea appeared. Is that why? They tried to break through even though they knew it was impossible.


[Everyone work together, everyone attack the tanker! You don’t need big hits, just break the balance and he will fall down by himself!]


The malefactors thought that they would not need much and would be able to break the tanker who is tanking Krakon if only two or three could break through.

So, they tried to break through at one point by joining forces, atypical behavior for malefactors.

Even if they were all killed here, they would complete the orders they had received. This order was an order from the highest place in their organization, so even if there was a sacrifice, it had to be obeyed regardless of the cost.

If they can not accomplish this, they would lose their place and be dismissed and tossed aside like garbage.

Knowing it, the malefactors despite their selfish nature, charged together.

As the 51 malefactors were determined to die, Dark Knight and Gye Baek were unable to stop them completely.

Of course, they did not plan to give up.

But, right at that time.

The ‘Party Chat’ that can be heard by the two people only.


[Both of you just stand still like that.]


And as the words was over, hundreds of swords came out from behind their back and horribly poured like a rushing waterfall of steel.


This could be called the Tempest of Swords.

Those swords, which appeared out of nowhere, were surprisingly not illusions. Actually, they were Real Swords.






The Storm of the Swords swept all 51 malefactors, who gathered to break through at a single point.

This was one of the advanced secret card magics, named the ‘Thousand Swords Fortress, Storm of the Swords’.

This was, of course, one of Sang Hyuk’s preparation for ‘Sky Whale Hunting’ that he had been busy collecting the components and preparing for the last month.

Honestly, Sang Hyuk did not like to use one of his hidden cards for scumbags like these malefactors, but now it was better to get rid of these garbage as soon as possible.

If these scum hit their target, it was not a problem for him, but the healers and dealers that barely stabilized could be shaken and even Krakon’s tanking pattern, which they focused on and took care of, is disturbed, then it would be quite painful to fix it again.

So, Sang Hyuk chose to make a quick end.

If he used 160 swords of the Thousand Swords Fortress, which are now buried in the ground, then he cannot use the highest secret card magic ‘Thousand Swords Fortress – One Sword Combination’, that he really wanted to use later, but it was not time for that.

The tempest of swords swept the 51 malefactors all at once. In the sword storm, Gye Baek and Dark Knight were also targeted, but because they were party members they were not damaged by the swords.

Of course, not all 51 malefactors were defeated. About 15 people were wounded and staggered.

But Sang Hyuk did not have to worry about them. Gye Baek and Dark Knight alone were more than enough to sort them out.


[They’re done.]


[Ehemmm…. This is a little……..]


[In this way, I cannot even participate in the event, can I?]


[Why don’t you join in this time?]


[And do you want to help the One Guild to monopolizing it? ]


[No matter how big this event is? If we put all the power in it, we can share it to some extent.]


[Now his plan can be seen, the Immortal had always planned to take the points alone for himself. To think we helped him in this situation was……]


The unexpected failure of the malefactors made the representatives of the Reverse One upset. They never thought of an alternative because they never thought that the plan would fail.

Therefore, they are divided into whose who should participate in the event even though it is humiliating, and those who would rather die than help the One Guild.

Four people wanted to participate and three people said that they should take different measures.

It seemed that there would be a dispute inside the Reverse One.

As the situation got worse, DD of the Dark Dragon Guild came up with a proposal.


[Let’s make it so this event is going to be carried out by the power of ourselves rather than our combined power as Reverse One. I will attack the Immortal as I wanted. So those who participate in the event, even if the event fails, please do not blame us or interfere with our plans. Is that okay?]


DD’s proposal was at least rational in the present situation, so no one objected.

It was a very pressing situation, they didn’t have time to oppose, argue, and coordinate their differences.

Eventually, Reverse One forgot the alliance for a moment and divided into seven great forces and began to respond to the event themselves.

And while they were so determined, Sang Hyuk had been tanking Krakon for more than two hours.

The Krakon’s health, which started at 30%, had just dropped below 10%, and the number of users who were present at the event exceeded 100,000 now.

About 90,000 out of the 100,000 present were damage dealers…..

Sang Hyuk was still bearing the tanking for these 90,000 people’s damage dealing alone. As the number of dealers increased, the aggro number added more variables.

In other words, the aggro could increase wildly unexpectedly when there were more dealers. When dealers were around 90,000 people, the aggro was able to reach nearly 4,500 points of damage per person even if it was calculated roughly.

By the way, Sang Hyuk was balancing this 4,500 points of fluctuating aggro with his deal ability. It’s not too difficult…. *

Sang Hyuk’s tanking that destroyed common sense.

At this point, most of the users noticed Sang Hyuk’s identity.

Immortal, the Guild Master of One Guild.

There could be no other person at the center of this madness.

Chapter 128 [Episode 66] The opening of Skyway 1 – End


Editor’s Notes: I think that the author is saying that these people are familiar with the unexpected due to the life of a malefactor, where they’re hunted by bounty hunters all the time.  Sounds stilted, but we’re trying our best to translate the correct Korean slang or idioms.


Editor’s Notes: As mentioned earlier, because Krakon is immune to provocation skills, Sang Hyuk has to inflict more damage than any other damage dealer to retain the aggro while he is tanking.  Luckily, he has absurd damage, even with Ragna Blade disabled.


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