Chapter 129 [Episode 66] The Opening of Skyway 2


Sang Hyuk, who wiped out the obstacles with the storm of swords, continued to focus on Krakon tanking. Even for Sang Hyuk, it was hard to keep focus at this moment.

So, Sang Hyuk asked Gye Baek and Dark Knight, who had spare time, and made some requests.

It was Sang Hyuk, who usually does not need any help at all, but at least for now, he needed help.

Sang Hyuk was able to concentrate more on Krakon’s attack thanks to these two people. Without both of them, it would be harder to tank Krakon, and it would take longer and more users would die.

Anyway, Sang Hyuk asked Gye Baek and Dark Knight for assistance and he kept focusing on Krakon.

Because Sang Hyuk did not lose focus until the end, time went by without any big problem.

Of course, Krakon was continuously bombarded with various kinds of ranged attacks as its health went down, so the number of users who attacking Krakon stabilized at almost 120,000.

This number was stable because new users were pouring in and if not for the constant influx of replacements for casualties, it would have been possible to drop down to 10,000 in an instant.

Krakon’s struggling like this was very severe, but in the meantime, Sang Hyuk endured Krakon without missing his tanking patterns to the end.

There was just only one dangerous moment. After 2 hours, the duration for using the Magic Armor’s was over. After removing Magic Armor, the tanking became harder and eventually he had a near-death crisis and the ‘Golden Dragon’s Coin’ was thrown.

Fortunately, he was able to get a second chance by luckily getting the face side and although it was still hazardous, he still could endure it.

Thanks to thorough preparation and excellent on-time ability, Sang Hyuk was able to maintain his completed tanking pattern without breaking.

But all of these things will only lasted until Krakon’s health drops to five percent.

After its health reaches 5% or less, then whatever happens, its aggro could no longer be controlled. Of course, according to the aggro, Krakon would attack the user dealing the most damage, but it was impossible to lock aggro just like now while preventing Krakon from attacking other players.

To make it simple, it’s not only aggro which just jump up, but its attack pattern is completely different and its power is even stronger.

In extreme terms, it was harder to reduce the last 5% of that monster’s health than to reduce 25% of the monster’s health.

Sang Hyuk was well aware of this fact, so he had made some preparations in advance. However, today there was a new variable so Sang Hyuk discarded all of his plans and improvised a new plan.


‘Nothing is free’.This is the name of the plan Sang Hyuk had to create on the spot.

* * * *


As soon as Krakon was shrieking with an immense, piercing voice that tore through his eardrums, Sang Hyuk quickly looked to his left and right.

Thanks to Sang Hyuk’s complete tanking for about three hours, many users were able to participate in the event quite comfortably.

When he recall his past life, the participants of this event in this present life were very lucky.

Most of the top rankers in his previous life died at least three times, but at least they were able to continue participating in the event.

Many people died dozens of times. Fortunately, there was no connection delay after death as an event effect, but Karma losses from the death were still there.

Considering that, it is no exaggeration to say that the users participating in this event now are consuming official points almost every second.


“Everyone have been comfortable so far, right? But now, it’ll be a little uncomfortable.”


Sang Hyuk did not hesitate to stop the tank when the red aura began to flow from Krakon’s body. And… he fell back.

5%….. Krakon’s health becomes 5% and it finally activated the widespread mode.

In fact, Sang Hyuk originally intended to defeat Krakon, when it activated widespread mode, as quickly as possible by using a lot of preparations. If he does that, he can get more official points for himself and there won’t be a lot of users dying unnecessarily.

He was not a saint, but he wanted to do his best with what he could.

But when the malefactors appeared, everything changed.


“Rats….. I can not tolerate your free ride on my bus.” (TL note: Sang Hyuk doesn’t want the malefactors to get the benefits of what he did. That’s why, he call them as rats, and he is unwilling to let them profit from his success.)


Sang Hyuk, noticing that there were a lot of rats behind the malefactors, made up his mind to not do what he could.

In reality, it was impossible to toss the rats out.

If those rats are called rice weevils, then now it is already hard to distinguish between the rice weevils and rice because there are too many rice weevils.

So, Sang Hyuk decided to abandon all the rice weevils and the rice.

If he does this, ordinary users who can be called the rice would scream. But it is what it is.

In fact, Sang Hyuk had no need to give consideration to these ordinary users. If Sang Hyuk sacrificed for them, then later Sang Hyuk would receive nothing.

Rather, they have already been lucky thanks to Sang Hyuk so far.

Sang Hyuk was not the kind of users who weeps at the sacrifices of ordinary users and tries to save them. He was a person who could kill any user if necessary.

So, Sang Hyuk chose to sacrifice everyone to handle the rats at once.


“Uh, uh, the tanker has left!”


“What, What! The aggro jumped up!


“Darn… It looks like its spreading, isn’t it?”


“Because the aggro is spreading, the tanker could not endure it and backed off?”


“Aarrgh, it’s looking at us!”


Because of him, the users were outraged.

As the tanker disappeared, Krakon began to violently rampage, just as it did in the previous life.

The battlefield, which was very stable, quickly became a mess.

Krakon trampled everywhere, killing hundreds of users at once.

Some of the tanker users said they would try to take the aggro, but they became puffs of white dust and disappeared.

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