The users realized that the broadening Krakon’s aggro could not taken by anyone.

The rampaging Krakon and the users who responded by using zerg tactics, using human wave attacks to delay it as a desperate last resort.

Actually in this situation, Sang Hyuk could deal an extreme amount of damage and minimize the casualties using all the hidden cards he has prepared beforehand. But Sang Hyuk had no intention of resorting to his final strike yet. (TL note: final strike, nuke, focus only on attacking and not defending)

He was going to wait a little longer for the rats to be swept away.

Of course, he wouldn’t just keep watching and he never planned to wait. He lets the rats, who were hiding among the ordinary users, to be washed away using Krakon, and at the same time, he was going to unsheath his claws and wipe away the rats that were gathered separately.

Just like now.


When Sang Hyuk wielded the Great Sword of the Weakened Shadow King, he shattered several users of the Dark Dragon Guild in front of him.

Sang Hyuk asked Gye Baek and Dark Knight to find these rats, Gye Baek and Dark Knight secretly worked together and found a bunch of rats looking and waiting for an opportunity.

The most noticeable of them was the Dark Dragon Guild.

Exactly, they belonged to ‘Line Dark’, and ….. the reason why Sang Hyuk can attack them without hesitation is that the One Guild was still at ‘war’ with them.

Sang Hyuk did not end the Guild War with them even though he completely destroyed them.

The reason was simple.

He deliberately did not end it so he can smash them again anytime. DD did not end the guild war so they could get their revenge.

Of course, if Sang Hyuk did not want to officially end the Guild War even though DD wanted to end it, then without mutual consent, the guild war was not over. *

Anyway, in that sense, Line Dark is hit by the bolt from the blue.

They had originally intended to defeat Sang Hyuk through a large-scale raid if Sang Hyuk was weakened due to his tanking of the Krakon.

So, DD stepped off from the battlefield for a while to check the timing of the surprise attack. But of course they were discovered by Gye Baek and Dark Knight and as a result, the situation has become like that.


“This is messed up!… Everyone run! That guy must have lost his strength for sure!”


DD was trying to surprise him, but the situation now was that they have been surprised in turn. But he could not just let it go like that, so he ordered an attack.

The elite users of Line Dark, gathered by DD, were about 200 people.

Originally, this number was an overwhelming power to deal with a single user.

However, For DD, who had already been destroyed once, his eyes were already filled with anxiety.

A monster against whom numerical superiority does not work…..

DD could not easily shake off the uneasiness around his whole body because he knew better than anyone how horrible the monster was, that stood in front of him.


‘Please…. Even if it is you, you have been dealing with that monstrous giant for 3 hours, there’s no way you’re not weakened, right?’


This is what DD believes.

It was an obvious fact that Sang Hyuk would have lost his strength while fighting against Krakon.

Of course, Sang Hyuk really was weakened as DD expected.

It made sense that he’s not at his best after dealing with Krakon, the 2nd grade Sky Whale.

If Sang Hyuk’s normal condition was 100%, it’s definitely 40% now.

He was obviously weakened because the difference between 100% and 40% was large.

But there was a very big trap in this number.

DD might have thought it would be worth it if Sang Hyuk was weakened but it was such a big mistake. Whether or not Sang Hyuk was at 100% or even 40%, DD was always the same.

If there are 2 people, a healthy and strong person and a sick and fragile person, how they would kill an ant….. the method was no different.

Just lift your foot and step on it.

To Sang Hyuk, DD was just such a thing.


It’s just a matter of lifting you foot and step on it.

Sang Hyuk stepped on DD and all his men. There was nothing difficult.

Just swing the Ten Millennia Goldbone Whip and the Great Sword of the Weakened Shadow King to sort them out in an instant.

* * * *

Cleaning up the rats ended sooner than expected. However, after cleaning them up, Sang Hyuk did not move and quietly watched the Krakon’s battlefield.

Anyway, Sang Hyuk was sure to infuriate the greedy rats with what he was planning next.

Sang Hyuk prepared three things in total.

It was the Thousand Sword Fort, which he had already used and had to be discarded, and beside that, he also prepared High Class Secret Magic Cards ‘Seal God Boundary Area – Giant Trap’ and ‘Dark Blood – Madness Incantation’.

But as he was looking back on the situation, it seemed that he could intervene in time and finish it using all the things he had prepared.

The right time to do it…after a lot of users have failed to reduce Krakon’s health and gotten themselves killed trying.

Without Sang Hyuk in the first place, they could not deal damage to Krakon properly.

Even in the previous life too, it was not the users who defeated Krakon. If the users just kept sacrificed themselves and endured then eventually when Krakon tried to regain its strength after the time limit, legendary NPCs appeared to finish the Krakon.

Thanks to them, the event rewards shrank in half and there were many rumors. Of course, the half reward was great, and they wondered what kind of reward would have come out if they had won.

Sang Hyuk was going to finish it before the appearance of the legendary NPC this time, so he expected the proper reward.

And together with it, of course, the Sky itself would open.

Chapter 129 [Episode 66] The Opening of Skyway 2 – End


Editor’s Notes: Obviously the author is referencing the fact that due to a lack of a formal peace treaty, the Korean War is officially in a state of ceasefire/armistice only.


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