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Chapter 130 [Episode 67] Departure! 1

@ Departure!

The top rank magic card ‘Seal God Boundary Area – Giant Trap’ has the effect of lowering the defense of the giant monster in the activated area. Unfortunately, Krakon is not just a giant monster, but it is a titanic behemoth of monster that transcends the imagination, so the Giant Trap was not 100% effective.

When the Giant Trap was activated, Krakon’s defense was reduced by exactly 20%.

It was unfortunate that Giant Trap’s effect didn’t fully work, but instead the other top rank magic card ‘Dark Blood? Madness Incantation’ was effective.

The effect of this magic card was to periodically reduce the user’s health, as well as tripling the attack speed.

Used with several combination cards with moderate sustained recovery effects, then you could endure the health that is getting reduced, so actually it would work like a buff effect that triples attack speed for 30 minutes.

Originally he was planning to nail Krakon’s body using the ‘Thousand Swords Fortress – One Sword Combination’ but because he already used a sword storm and expended 160 swords out of the thousand swords, so he could not use the One Sword Combination.

However, there was no problem because One Sword Combination was not available.

The Magic Armor was charged to about 50% while they were pulling out the rats.

No matter how great Krakon was, even if it was a second grade Sky Whale, there was no problem to finish it.

Of course, there will still be a lot of users dying in the process, but that was a trial they had to endure.

Rather if Sang Hyuk hadn’t appeared, they will not be able to defeat Krakon even after 12 hours passed and this event would be a half-completed.

For some, this indifference could have been disgusting, but it was reality.

General users were left twisting in the wind for three hours because of the rats that were trying to raise their spoons quietly. Three hours after that, Sang Hyuk, no Immortal, who re-wore the Magic Armor, came out again. The chastisement of the rats ended at this point and he had to finish the monster before it was too late. *

Immortal, dressed in black Magic Armor, pounded Krakon with all of the things he could mobilize. To be exact, he controlled his attack, exhibiting a breathtaking degree of control to keep the ragna blade from being activated, while executing unbelievably powerful and fast attacks on Krakon.

One more hour has gone and…… eventually Krakon, an immense existence that could never be defeated, slowly fell sideways.


Krakon collapsed sideways and finally trampled the big city Tune again without mercy.

All terrain destroyed as the aftermath of this event was considered ‘deformed terrain’ and was not going to be restored, so now Tune can no longer be called a city.


Amazing! You have knocked out Krakon, the Demon of despair.

For all users participated in the defeating the 2nd grade Giant Flight Demon are given official points.

No official points can ever be modified or recalled because the point is determined fairly by the activity and the role of each person.

From this moment on, all users will be able to enter the ‘first level reward shop’ where they can buy ‘rewards’ using their official points.

For those who are ranked above 100th in the official point ranking, the unique title, ‘Overcoming the Despair’ is given.

In addition, users, who are ranked above 10,000th in the official points ranking, are given the Rare title ‘Fighting Against Despair’ and those who are ranked below 10,000 will be given the advanced grade title ‘Not Escaping the Despair’.

The fallen Krakon does not drop any items.

However, Krakon’s Galactic Eye, the only event item dropped by Krakon will be paid to the top ranked player. In addition, the users who occupied the first place in the official points is given the legendary title ‘The Slayer of the Despair’.

The wall of the sky that was blocked is opened, and the Open Sky Ceremony is carried out. After the Open Sky Ceremony, the Skyway will be opened and the news of Middle Layer and Heavenly World connected by the Skyway will be heard.

When Krakon was knocked down, the system messages that were heard were cheered by all of the users who participated in the event.

The reward was literally hot.

Even those who just barely participated in the game and those who just managed to land a single hit and died were given a high-grade title.

Everyone was cheering.

However, if the users….. if they knew the official point distribution status, then it was obvious that they would not have been cheering.

Fortunately, the official points were paid separately for each individual, and even the exact rankings were not disclosed, so everyone could be happy with one accord.

Of course, the person who feels the happiest at this moment was Sang Hyuk.

Obviously Sang Hyuk ranked first in official points.

He earned about 440,000 official points….. if it was roughly calculated in percentages, Sang Hyuk alone took 75% of the official points received by all users.

Sang Hyuk also won the event item ‘Galactic Eye’ and the legendary title from Krakon.

It was an income huge enough to make anyone gnaw on their liver in jealousy.


“Huwaaaaa… Finally…..”

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