Even if it is Sang Hyuk, the battle for the last hour with Krakon, who’s health dropped below 5%, was too tiring.

Clank, clank, Dududuk.

The Magic Armor was finally returned to inventory after being used until the last remaining drop of energy.




Sang Hyuk was also very exhausted. Even Sang Hyuk had to use the Drop of Phoenix Blood midway.

If the battle had lasted about 10 minutes longer, maybe Sang Hyuk might have fallen first. Krakon’s last struggle was so fearsome that he would never want to go against it anymore.

If Krakon had recovered 100% of its original strength after the crash, Sang Hyuk wouldn’t have lasted for even 10 minutes.

If anyone had targeted Sang Hyuk right now, Sang Hyuk might have been really in danger. However, Sang Hyuk had already removed all the nearby hazards.

He did it himself, or it might be he slightly steered Krakon’s aggro and Krakon naturally trampled them to death.

The rats were completely killed like that and at least there was no one targeting Sang Hyuk at this time.

Rather, many users have looked at Sang Hyuk, who is supposed to have won the first place in the official point ranking.

When all the interest started to focus on himself, Sang Hyuk moved quickly to get out of that place.


[I’ll wait you in Tint.]


Sang Hyuk disappeared quickly after speaking only to Gye Baek and Dark Knight using party talk.

Now all users know that the user with the black Magic Armor was Immortal. The users’ reaction who knew was much simpler than what he thought.


“Because it’s Immortal.”, “If it was Immortal after all….”, “It was Immortal.”

Those were mostly the reaction.

That was how much the users thought that the Immortal was special.

* * * *

Krakon’s Galactic Eye [Event]


– The eye with mystical knowledge belong to Krakon. It is not clear what can be done with this [sealed]. If you can reveal the secret and figure out how to use it……


[Basic Ability] ????


[Special Ability] ????


[Special Effects] ????


[Item Skill] ????

Title – ‘The Slayer of the Despair’

Rating? Legend

Explanation? You had the most crucial role in destroying Krakon, the Demon of Despair.  You are fit to  be called a hero when you literally slew the despair.

Effect – [Prefix: When you hunt in the Middle Layer, you can acquire an additional 50% karma.] [Suffix: You can acquire additional 50% increase in drops.] [Sustainable Effect: <Whale Hunter(S): When fighting Giant Flight Demons alias Sky Whales, increases health, vitality, and Magic Armor usage time by 30%.>]


Sang Hyuk quickly identified two rewards from this raid right after he arrived at Tint, the second largest city in Heroic Lands, following Tune.


“Galactic Eyes of Krakon…. I can roughly guess what this is.”


If it was someone else, he would have had to suffer a long time to find out the identity of it, but Sang Hyuk was able to predict it roughly through his memories of his previous life.

He had to check later, but Sang Hyuk felt he was  more than 90% correct in his prediction.

Another legendary title, it did indeed have very useful effects as a legendary grade.

He liked that he could choose either the bonus karma or bonus rewards, but what he liked more was the whale hunter.

Especially, the usage time of Magic Armor increased by 30%, which means that Sky Whale hunting becomes easier.

There were also 44,000 official points that could be said to be the real rewards but Sang Hyuk already had a satisfied look.


“While I am at this, let’s check the first level reward shop.”


The reward shop was basically a place you could enter with just a click in the player’s built-in interface system.

Since each user was provided with an individual space, so he did not have to worry about other people’s gaze.

Sskk, Sang Hyuk found the reward shop icon added to the interface and touched it lightly.

Then, in front of Sang Hyuk’s eyes a whole white space appeared, and there were many reward items arranged in rows stacked neatly.

This was the first level reward shop, the second highest rating in the reward shop.

There was one more higher level than this, but in fact it was a place where you had to meet special conditions.

Anyway, Sang Hyuk smiled once more when he saw the items spread out.

Now, what left is only to look around the items and check the points.

Of course, Sang Hyuk had also come in this 1st level reward shop in his previous life. So he knew well where the real luxury items were stored in these shop.

Sang Hyuk thought to pick only the items he could buy for more than a few tens of thousands of points.

In Sang Hyuk’s mind, there were items he already thought about. Anyway, he did not hesitate because of the price since he had an absurd amounts of official points anyway.

Because he was only able to go in and look around in his previous life, so he coveted everything even the small items, but now the situation is completely different.

440,000 points….. This amount of points was an unbelievably tremendous number of points that a single user should not really have.

Chapter 130 [Episode 67] Departure! 1 – End


Editor’s Notes: So basically because Sang Hyuk couldn’t be bothered to sort out the forces sent by the members of “Reverse One” from the regular users, Krakon got to slaughter them for three hours.  “the rats that were trying to raise their spoons quietly” refers to the forces from “Reverse One” hiding themselves among the regular users, trying to surreptitiously gather event points.  I left the translator’s original sentence unedited, despite the possibility of misunderstandings, because she came up with such a cool phrase!  I added this note to clear up the confusion. 😀


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