Chapter 131 [Episode 67] Departure! 2

If Sang Hyuk had been a regular user, he would have been gawking at the items in the store, but because this was the store that Sang Hyuk had already been to several times in his previous life, ‘only to look around’  so he omitted the window-shopping and immediately called the search box.

Right after the transparent search window appeared, Sang Hyuk directly entered the name of several items at once and clicked on the “search” button.


[Unique] Ogre Power Gauntlet (OPG) – 9,000 points.


[Unique] Crimson Blade? 11,000 points.


[Unique] Five-colored Ring ? 8,900 points.

  • •••••
  • •••••

Sang Hyuk continued to search and looked a bit bitter.

It was because the items he wanted to have so much in his past life were confirmed to be items that weren’t good enough to call ‘rubbish’ by his current standard.


“Darn those were the things I wanted to have at that time…..”


In his previous life, Sang Hyuk felt unfair that he did not participate in the event. At that time, Sang Hyuk used to come to this 1st level reward shop a few times and looked at the items with a deep sigh while he had no points but now, it was not really a big deal.


“The life that I live again… this kind of thing is really good.”


Sang Hyuk laughed lightly and removed all floating windows except for the default search box.


“Let’s look again for items that match to 440,000 points.”


Since the direction his life took between the present and the past was completely different, so it was a mistake to try to have the items he wanted in his past life now.

Sang Hyuk opened the search options and set the minimum criterion to 100,000 points.

In Sang Hyuk’s previous life, points were estimated to be around 40,000 points for a user who was known to have ranked first in the official points ranking.

Some said they earned about 60,000 points and others said they got 20,000 points…. After listened to some stories, it was most likely around 40,000 points.

So no one in the past had ever won more than 50,000 points.

But Sang Hyuk set the minimum threshold at 100,000 points in the search options. This was a search option that is only available to users with 440,000 points.

When the lowest price was set at 100,000 points, approximately 40 items were displayed in the search box.

Of course, all of them were legendary items or above.

Surprisingly, there were four mythical items.

But there was one item that especially attracted his eyes.


[Mythical Grade] Blood Wire of the Full Moon – 420,000 points.

The item that can costs the second most points among the four mythical items.

The big reason for Sang Hyuk’s attention was because of the word ‘wire’.

Sang Hyuk just clicked it for now to check the detail informations.

Blood Wire of the Full Moon [God]


– You can draw on all the energy of the moon and wield the thin wire made of blood through that energy. This wire will never break, and it can also steal away the health of your enemies.


[Basic Ability] ATK 700, All abilities +100


[Special Ability] All abilities +50, movement speed increased by 100%.


[Characteristic Ability] Health Extortion (S+) ? 10% of the damage inflicted on a foe is transformed and converted to the wielder’s health.


[Special Effects] <Burning Blood (SS): Burn the blood and raise all abilities by 30%. However, once it is activated, health is consumed by 1% for every second.>. <Blood Weapon(A): You can transform the Blood Wire into various shape.>, <Undestroyable(S): It cannot be broken nor destroyed.>, <Moon’s Energy (S): When the moon is in the sky, the attack power increases by 10%.>


[Item Skill] <Blood Seal (S+): Blood Wire can be used to bind the target. The tied target is completely locked in stasis and isolated from the world for 10 seconds and can neither deal damage, or receive damage. However, a hostile target with a higher level than the wielder can resist Blood Seal. Cooldown 7 minutes.>


[Uniqueness] Since the wire is made by drawing your own blood, so everytime you extrude ‘1 meter’ of blood wire, your health is reduced by ‘1%’.  Every time your health is reduced, the same amount of critical probability and damage increase. However, additional critical probability and damage is limited to 50%.

※ The item will belong to you at the time of purchase.

Terrific attack and options…..

The Characteristic Ability that only attaches to the mythological grade items was also enormous, and the introduction of the four abilities as the Special Effects was the icing on the cake.

And the item skill is really a exceptional skill that he can use in various ways.

He was able to use it freely, anywhere, anytime because he had to draw his own blood and turn it into wire. Though it was a disadvantage because he lost health whenever he used it, there was no problem because the chance of critical strike and the attack power was raised by his lost health.


“This is it. This one…..”


Sang Hyuk, who was blankly checking the details, nodded his head and muttered.

Now this was the basic information.

If Sang Hyuk bought this, the probability of any plus+ attached here was very high.

If it was his first time to acquire a mythical item, then minimum double plus seemed to be attached. Is that all? It even seemed possible to get a legendary title.

Even if he used a calculator, he could not buy anything better than this.

The most expensive item among the four mythological items in this store was ‘Tears of the Dragon God’ that can be purchased with 510,000 points.

However, Sang Hyuk was not interested because he did not have 510,000 points anyway.

Of course, he can also take part in other events later to collect more official points,but based on Sang Hyuk’s memories, there were not many events to get additional official points.

Even if it’s just an upcoming event, it seemed to occur after at least half a year in the future. Considering that time flows quickly, it was still half a year.


“Moreover, Tears of the Dragon God is a necklace… Because of Blink, I don’t want to change my necklace.”


Sang Hyuk has already checked the detail information of the Tears of Dragon God. Tears of Dragon God was definitely a great item worthy of 510,000 points. But the Blood Wire of the Full Moon was several times better for Sang Hyuk.

There was no reason to hesitate.

Sang Hyuk shouted refreshingly.


“Even if it doesn’t work, go!”


When Sang Hyuk made the purchase, 420,000 points out of 444,000 points disappeared and the item penetrated into Sang Hyuk’s body. All the items purchased in the first level reward store were attached items, so they were equipped at the same time as purchasing. Of course, the Ten Millennia Goldbone Whip, which had been registered as a main weapon so far, was automatically unequipped.

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