If Sang Hyuk wanted to use the Ten Millennia Goldbone Whip later, he can unequip the Blood Wire of the Full Moon imprinted on his body.

You have earned the Blood Wire of the Full Moon, a mythical rank item, using 420,000 official points

You became the owner of the first mythical rank item. There are no words for this tremendous achievement.

You’ve gained the legendary title ‘God Master’.

The legendary title was given as a reward as expected.

When he bought this, he had 20,000 official points remaining, but he left for now without using it. He thought he would use it if he needed something later.

Out of the store, Sang Hyuk quickly checked the plus numbers on the Blood Wire of the Full Moon.

And he cheered.




There were three pluses attached. This makes the Blood Wire of the Full Moon a real cheat item.

After shopping and leaving the shop, Sang Hyuk waited for Gye Baek and Dark Knight to have a cup of coffee. Anyway, they also had to take some time before coming to get into the first level reward shop.

Approximately an hour later, Gye Baek and Dark Knight reached Sang Hyuk.

The three people, who gathered after a long time, greeted each other with a welcoming expression and began to talk.


“So, the two of you kept in touch?”


Sang Hyuk, who listened to Gye Baek’s story, nodded and asked once again.


“We didn’t talk much, we just went hunting together. It is hard for outcasts to join a party, like you and like us, because we are strong. So, the outcasts should be with each other.”


Gye Baek replied, and Dark Knight nodded as if sympathetic to his words.


“You didn’t call me.”


“Whatever, you said that we would hunt together if I contacted you. You had business to do the last time I called you so you refused me twice. Because I am not Liu Bei, I can not keep on trying patiently. ***


“Ah…. Did I?”


Sang Hyuk laughed at Gye Baek’s words with sorry expression. In fact, sang Hyuk did not remember that he had refused twice until Gye Baek had spoken.

He used to have a lot of misunderstandings because of his nature that did not care when something like this happened.


“Because we understand that the Immortal also had his reasons, you don’t have to be sorry.”


Fortunately, Gye Baek was not easily offended by something like this.


“By the way, did you use the official points?”


“Ah! Right. I came here to talk about it…. Thank you so much. Thanks to you, he and I got daebak (a big hit).”


“Huh? Daebak? What do you mean?”


“You don’t know how much official points we earned, right? I got the second place in the official points ranking and Aspice got the third place. I got 25,000 points and Aspice got 22,000 points.”


It was a small number compared to the 440,000 points that Sang Hyuk received, but if it was compared to the normal users, it was a huge number.

Compared to the user who ranked fourth in the rankings who only earned about 8,000 points, they could see how big of a windfall they got.

Especially, the two had not been able to properly participate in Krakon’s hunting because of Sang Hyuk’s personal request to hunt the malefactors.

Nevertheless, because they were in a party with Sang Hyuk they were ranked 2nd and 3rd in the ranking with only a few fallen crumbs going to others who ranked below.

So Gye Baek and Dark Knight could not help but be thankful to Sang Hyuk.


“It’s me who got the help. Thanks to you and Aspice, you surely beat the rats…. so, no need to be thankful for the mutual aid.”


“Still, thankful is thankful.”


[I also want to thank you.]


Aspice, who was quiet, also type-talked a message and bowed his head lightly.


“Because I got more, please stop saying thank you.”


Sang Hyuk did not say that he got 440,000 points. Even if he can trust Gye Baek and Dark Knight, it was better not to talk about this.


“All right. Let’s stop being thankful. Ah, did you go to the reward shop? It was enormous as announced.”


“I also just came back from looking around.”


[I’ve been in too.]


“There is one item I saw there…..”


Today too, the conversation of the three people was led by Gye Baek. And today also, the atmosphere was cheerful.

* * * *

Sang Hyuk, who spoke for almost two hours with both of them and separated, went straight to a place with no trace of human and immediately opened the Spirit Virtual Space.


“Minimum number of passengers is 2…. Recommended number of passenger is 4…. This is my last homework to solve.”


The ‘Open Sky Ceremony’ is already over and the Skyway is opened.

And all the users were running around to get more information.

However, because Sang Hyuk was the one who knew the answer before the problem came out, so he was going to skip the whole process and launch his Sky-grade ship.

Sky-grade Ship ‘Ink Black Dragon’ summoned!  ***

Sang Hyuk called Ink Black Dragon shortly after confirming no one was around. Then a large Summoning Gate was created in front of his eyes.


Ink-Black Dragon, which slowly began to appear in Spirit Virtual Space.

Sky-grade Ship can fly anywhere on the Skyway. Just build a Sky-grade Ship, summon it, and then mount the Magic Armor on the Sky-grade Ship and you can fly into the sky.




Sang Hyuk lightly called Ilya while Ink-Black Dragon was summoned.


Then a black shadow popped out next to Sang Hyuk.

The reason for summoning Ilya was simple. He could not get Ink-Black Dragon into the sky alone because the minimum number of passengers is two people.

So he needed help from Ilya.


“Will it not work this time as well?”


Sang Hyuk is nervous because of what happened with Ilya at Dark Moon Shrine Raid last time.


“If she cannot do it, let’s think about other ways.”


Sang Hyuk was going to float the ship first then find out the exact problem.

Of course, he did not want to go up to Skyway and advance to Middle Layer in this way.

Today, he just wanted to test-fly it for now and after solving the last homework and after finishing all the tasks and preparation in Hagye, then go to the Middle Layer.


While Sang Hyuk was thinking that, the Ink-Black Dragon has completely summoned.


“Ilya, let’s go!”




Sang Hyuk took Ilya and got on the Ink-Black Dragon.

It was the first departure of the Ink-Black Dragon.


Chapter 131 [Episode 67] Departure! 2 – End


Editor’s Notes: Liu Bei is in the “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” as a paragon of wise benevolence.  So Gye Baek was saying he’s just not that patient.  If you want more information on Liu Bei, Wikipedia is your friend. 😀


Editor’s Notes:  I’ve received requests to change “Ink Black Dragon” into something cooler.  However, we can’t do that.  According to the translator,


“but the meaning literally is made of two words…mook (the black ink stick that usually used in calligraphy) and ryong (means dragon)”


So, you can blame the author. 😀  (or blame Sang Hyuk’s terrible naming sense. 😛 )


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