Actually Sang Hyuk was thinking of letting them join the One Guild, but because of his circumstances, it would be difficult to let them into the One Guild apart from trusting them.

To let them join in the guild, Sang Hyuk would have to give up various things and change certain things. It was not very effective.

If so, only one thing remained.

Mercenary contract. If it was that, a clear relationship could be established when all conditions were met.


“Let’s form a team with the both of them. I don’t know about the guild, but forming a team should be enough.”


The formula of ‘Raid Team = same guild’ was not really necessary.

Sang Hyuk, who put in a long period of careful hard thinking, contacted Gye Baek and Dark Knight straight away. As a result, the number of Ink-Black Dragon passengers increased from two to four.


“Wow….it was really great. Others are still in the stage of barely starting…. but my friend Sang Hyuk is really amazing.”


Gye Baek raised his thumbs and made a admiring expression.


[It is great.]


Dark Knight was thinking of himself on another world.


“Hyuu, I want to go with you badly….but let alone the Sky-grade Ship, I can not even create the Magic Armor…. I also was collecting some materials because I wanted to make the Magic Armor, but it was much harder than I thought.”


Gye Baek and Dark Knight were in a similar situation.

Both of them wanted to make Magic Armor, but they lacked the resources necessary to make Magic Armor. In fact, both of them were solo players like Sang Hyuk, so it was very hard to make Magic Armor alone.


“Well, now that I’m talking seriously, listen to me well. I’ll make an offer to both of you. If you take this offer and decide to go with me, I’m going to bring both of you to a higher place than here. Of course, it is not free and you need to help me with what i want.”


When Sang Hyuk laid out his proposal, Gye Baek opened his mouth while giving the expression that he did not even need to hear the proposal.


“First, I call. Whatever your proposal is, I call with everything.” (call, the expression to say yes or okay)


[Me too…. I want to do it together.]


Surprisingly, Dark Knight, who was always careful, answered without hearing the details.


“Hoohoo, I thank you both, but you still need to listen to the proposal. This can be a very important turning point for both of you. Do not just say ‘call’, but listen to my proposal and think about it carefully.”


Sang Hyuk laughed pleasantly and began to explain each of the things he had thought about.

He told them everything in detail, from the team composition to the mercenary contract, especially the details of the contract.

Gye Baek and Dark Knight focused on Sang Hyuk’s words and knew exactly what Sang Hyuk wanted.

When the explanation was over, Gye Baek looked at Sang Hyuk with a peculiar smile.


“I absolutely call. Ah, just in case that you misunderstand I’m not saying call without thinking like before, but I say call because I am sure after I hearing your explanations.”


[I also sincerely want to be with you!]


Dark Knight was expectedly felt the same as Gye Baek.

Honestly, Sang Hyuk’s proposal was an opportunity for both of them.

It was stupid to refuse this.


“Okay, so for now both of you purchase all the things I mentioned using the points that you got this time. I will make the Magic Armor for you.”


Magic Armor was an unconditionally necessary in the Middle Layer.

So SangHyuk was going to make the Magic Armors of at least grade 2 for both of them.

Of course, even if Sang Hyuk recognized both of them as teammates, he could not produce Magic Armor by solely using his own resources.

It was impolite to both of them and he did not have all the ingredients right now. So after they purchased the main ingredients with their official points, Sang Hyuk thought he would make the Magic Armor by providing the rest of the materials needed from his own stocks.

Especially since Sang Hyuk had the title ‘pioneer’ so his Magic Armor production ability was better than anyone else.


“Ah, and also let’s name our team as Rush.”


“Team Rush…. It’s good, right?”


[I also like it.]


Gye Baek and Dark Knight nodded simultaneously at Sang Hyuk’s suggestion.

* * * *

It did not take a long time to make their Magic Armor.

All the core materials were purchased at the first level reward shop and Sang Hyuk already had the rest anyway. And moreover since there was no need for Mana Amplification Magic Circle and Magic Engineering Furnace, Sang Hyuk was able to create two Magic Armors in just one day.

2nd grade Magic Armor [Ice Heart]


2.5 grade Magic Armor [Bloody Spiked Armor]


The two Magic Armors were completed. The Ice Heart was for Gye Baek and the Bloody Spiked Armor was for Dark Knight.

For the plus, Ice Heart got two plus attached and Bloody Spiked Armor got one.

This was an excellent result.

Of course Gye Baek and Dark Knight were delighted and satisfied. Sang Hyuk could not help but be happy because he made the Magic Armors to augment the two people’s abilities.

While Sang Hyuk was creating Magic Armor, Gye Baek and Dark Knight finished all the things that must be done in Hagye as Sang Hyuk said.

Actually, both of them were solo players, so there were hardly anything to be finished.

At most, it was all about consigning items to the auction house and getting ready the consumable items they needed for a long trip.

As Sang Hyuk said, once they advanced to the Middle Layer through the Skyway, they could not go down to Hagye for a while.

Therefore, they had to prepare enough consumable items.

The two received Magic armor and signed the mercenary contract provided by Sang Hyuk. In the end, in two days everything was ready.

All that left was to fly.

What they had to do was to board the Sky-grade Ship and learn for themselves what it was like to sail Sky-seas.

Team Rush was ready to go!

After all preparations done, Immortal, Gye Baek, and Dark Knight got on the Ink-Black Dragon to get ready for the flight.

Chapter 132 [Episode 68] Team Rush 1 – End


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