Chapter 133 [Episode 68] Team Rush 2


“Waow, is this the Sky-grade Ship? It’s really amazing.”


After Gye Baek was on the ship, he was impressed with everything.


“I told you in advance, but your main position is a catcher. You are in charge of the naval gun and the harpoon, so manage them well.”


“What is there to manage?”


“You must always check the charge level of the naval gun and the harpoon. If the gauge runs out in a critical moment, you have to make an emergency charge and you have to use ten times the Magic Stone as usual, so keep it filled in advance.”


Magic Stone was used to charge the gun and the harpoon, but the charging time was so long that they could suffer later if Gye Baek had not filled it beforehand.


[What should I do?]


Gye Baek had a clear role as a catcher, but Dark Knight had no such definite role. So Sang Hyuk looked around and found a job for him.


“Aspice is the deck captain. As you will see later, many enemies will come to our deck. At that time, you will handle them.”


The job was to deal with the creatures that parasitize the body of the Sky Whale, but as said before, even though the creatures were parasites, but they actually are the same kind of monsters that exist in Hagye.

To catch the Sky Whale, they had to deal with the parasites. It did not make sense to not kill the parasites while hunting the Sky Whale. So the role of the Deck Captain that is given to Dark Knight, was more important than he thought.


“Okay.. okay… because you guys won’t understand everything when I explain it with words, let’s just go up for now. Let’s go up and you learn it by experiencing it, you will adapt soon.”


Sang Hyuk believed that because of Gye Baek and Dark Knight skills as players, they would adapt quickly.

Honestly, the things related to Sky-grade Ship were mostly things that Sang hyuk knew only as ‘theory’, so there were lots of things to learn while experiencing it for himself as well.


“Ah, and in case of Ilya, she basically just listen to my orders, but I’ve been asking her for active ‘cooperation’, so she should listen to you. Of course, don’t expect too much because it is really only to a certain extent.”


Only Sang Hyuk was able to command her because the basic condition of Ilya, who currently on the Sky-grade Ship, was ‘summoned’.

Immortal and Ilya, Gye Baek, Dark Knight.

Ink-Black Dragon, which carrying these four people, slowly ascended to the sky.

The Skyway, which opened through the Opening Sky Ceremony, is not visible on the ground, but it is seen clearly when you’ve reached above a certain height.

A clear trail visible between the clouds.

The trail was shining in purple, and it was absolutely possible to enter it from the Lower Third World.


“Watch it well. That’s the Gate of the Open Sky, the entrance to the Skyway.”


Even though Sang Hyuk did not shout it out, Gye Baek and Dark Knight were already focused and staring at the Gate of the Open Sky. It was haloed by a vivid purple aura and its appearance was quite spectacular.


“I explained it before, but once we pass through Skyway, we can not use return stones. Of course we can’t retrace our journey nor open the gate from the other side. The only way to get back to Hagye is by character death.”


Middle Layer, commonly called Sky-sea, prohibited all kinds of long range movement skills.

After passing the Middle Layer and reaching the Heavenly World, then the Return Stones and Recall Books can be used again.

In a word, the only way to go through the Middle Layer was by riding the Sky-grade Ship.

Even an individual’s recall from Hagye to Heavenly World was possible, but it was impossible to use Mass Teleport to bring someone else, or to open gates for others to use.

So, the Sky-sea was an area where every user had to go through once.


Sang Hyuk drove his Sky-grade Ship into the Gate. There was no reason to hesitate because all preparations were complete.


You are passing through ‘The Gate of Open Sky’ and entering the Skyway.

You entered the Middle Layer.

You are now the first user to enter the Middle Layer. As a reward, you receive a unique title, the ‘Sky-sea Explorer’.

You got the one-time event effect, ‘Sky-sea blessing’. This effect lasts for 160 days, but disappears when you die.

System notifications continue to come up, but now it was the time to concentrate on piloting the Sky-grade Ship.

The moment they passed the gate of the Open Sky and approached on Skyway, they felt something like pressure pushing the Ink-Black Dragon. Sang Hyuk endured the pressure silently and held the key tight.


How many minutes have passed? The pressure finally disappeared and the vast Sky-sea spread out in front of them.




Gye Baek screamed at the dream-like landscape which unfolding in front of their eyes. Dark Knight also looked around with a surprised expression.

Sang Hyuk was not surprised because it was the landscape he had seen in his previous life.


“The blessing of the Sky-sea…. This time I’ll use it 100%.”


In his previous life, Sang Hyuk had died in vain and lost this blessing without knowing what was in the Middle Layer.

The blessing of Sky-sea had this effect.


[Special Event Effects] The blessing of the Sky-sea – a small blessing given by the god of this world for you who walk the vast Sky-sea. I hope you will not lose your way.


[Effect] Acquired karma is tripled for 160 days.


[Uniqueness] It disappears when you die and you cannot get it again.

The effect itself was very simple.

However, the triple increasing of Karma was more powerful than any collection of effects.

The explanation was a little blessing, but it was actually a powerful blessing enough to turn over the rankings of many rankers.

Most of those who lost this blessing before 30 days in the previous life had their ranking fall hard.

On the contrary, those who have maintained this blessing for more than 120 days had their ranking rising up high.

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