Chapter 134 [Episode 69] The first Sailing Route Quest 1


@ The First Sailing Route Quest.

Ink-Black Dragon was really fast. The Sky-grade Ship that Sang Hyuk rode on his previous life was triple in size and was Terra-grade but compared to this ship, then it was almost like the difference between a bus and a high-end sports car.

And it has not yet even reached maximum speed.

The propulsion gauge went up and down between 80 ~ 85%, and the booster was not used at all.

The booster mounted on the Ink-Black Dragon was a booster enhanced by a ‘★’, so the speed was boosted to 300% when used.

Honestly, if Sang Hyuk cranked up the propulsion gauge to 100% while using the booster as well, the first sailing route would be traveled in an instant. But that would have not only consumed Magic Stones, but also skip the most needed thing, ‘experience’.

Now it was time to start putting experience first.

Kheruk, kheruk.

The 22 floating parasites stuck to the Ink-Black Dragon were ‘Red Hands Goblin’. These creatures typically found wandering on the Sky-sea clung to the ship right after the Ink-Black Dragon was revealed but at the first glance they were not ordinary monsters.

The average level is 82, and those who are in the group were similar to monsters in raid dungeons of the highest difficulty level by Lower Third World standards.

Then 22 of them appeared and were climbing rapidly up the hull to the deck of the Ink-Black Dragon. Because Gye Baek fixed the ranged bombardment correctly and successfully blew away seven of them, so it was not 22 but 29(at first) unwanted hitchhikers.


“Aspice grab aggro and Gye Baek together with Ilya clean them up one by one.”


In fact, the simplest way was to have Sang Hyuk drop the key and finish the Red Hands Goblins by himself. But Sang Hyuk had no intention of doing so.

Since Sang Hyuk has to deal with Sky Whales in the future, Dark Knight and Gye Baek had to take care of the common parasites living on the sea by themselves.

Later on, the more powerful bugs would be encountered, so his crew needed practice.


“It will take a bit of time to adapt, but if it was these two people, they can get through it well.”


Sang Hyuk believed in Gye Baek and Dark Knight. So he thought he didn’t need to help if it was not a life threatening crisis.

Having Ilya as a help was enough.

Actually, Aspice and Gye Baek were handling the Red Hands Goblins much easier than he thought. They were lucky because the title that they received adding strength in handling those monsters.

Title – ‘Sky-sea Explorer’

Rating? Unique

Explanation? You are the first dimensional traveler on Sky-sea. Your exploration spirit is already well known throughout the Sky-sea.

Effect – [Prefix: None] [Suffix: None] [Sustainable Effect: Never Get Seasick! (S): Increases the attack power and defense on the Sky-grade Ship by 10% during combat.]


Although the effect was limited to the Sky-sea, specifically to the Sky-grade Ship, but the effect was so good that Gye Baek and Dark Knight could fight better than they normally could.

Especially since the two of them have been a team many times, the cooperation was very solid. Added to it Ilya became a good helper for them, and Red Hands Goblin began to be sorted out one by one.

It took only 16 minutes for all 22 Red Hands Goblin to be cleaned up.

Of course, in Sang Hyuk’s eyes they still seemed a little short, but it was not bad considering that they were handling the first bugs.

Woodududuk, kwajik!


“Fiuh, this is better than I thought?”


Gye Baek mercilessly broke the neck of the last Red Hands Goblin remaining and sighed lightly.


“The floating parasites that float around here, are the weakest of all the bugs on the Sky-sea. Of course, you feel that they are weaker than you expected.”


Although Gye  Baek wanted praise, but Sang Hyuk was normally a person who was stingy with praise.


“Tsk, cold guy.”


Gye Baek grumbled while picking up the items that fell on the Sky-grade Ship deck.


[What do you want to do with the items?]


“Oh, let’s keep it in the warehouse first. If you have any item that you need or you want to have, then I guess you can tell us and take it. Anyway, the important things are the items dropped by the Sky Whales, so I think it would be better to distribute the miscellaneous items that the bugs dropped.”


Of course, the bugs would sometimes drop a decent item. But that was very rare. In particular, the items dropped by the bugs were the items that Sang Hyuk did not need.

The Ink-Black Dragon, that breaking through the first floating insects troop very easily, did not slow down and kept moving forward.

The Sky Whale did not appear as Sang Hyuk expected. Instead floating parasite troops appeared once more. But Gye Baek and Dark Knight, who have already become familiar to some extent with battle on Sky-grade Ship, have cleaned up the bugs faster than before.

This time as well, Sang Hyuk did not put down the key, so In-Black Dragon did not stop during the battle. Thanks to that, the Ink-Black Dragon just sailed through the whole first sailing route in only four hours.

Sang Hyuk was able to realize how fast Ink-Black Dragon was by recalling that the Sky-grade Ship he had rode on in his previous life took a full day to arrive at the destination of its first sailing route.


“The place we see in front of us is the destination of the first sailing route and actually the beginning of the Sky-sea, Red Mountain.”


Sang Hyuk called Gye Baek and Dark Knight to see it when Red Mountain came into view.


“Woaaa…. Huh? But that is……..”


Gye Baek, who looked at the Red Mountain, seemed to find something. And Sang Hyuk knew why he tilted his head like wondering something.


“Yes, it is the Sky Whale’s corpse. To be more exact, it is the 1st grade Sky Whale Red Mountain’s corpse.”


“Really? In a glance, I thought it was strange that something huge seemed to be lying down and I thought it was weird.”

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