“You’ll see that often in the future. Every permanent safe area in the Sky-sea is built on the body of a Sky Whale of second grade or more and left there. For your information, if a Sky Whale of 2nd grade or more died on the Sky-sea then the body does not disappear ever.”


Gye Baek and Dark Knight, who listened to Sang Hyuk, took a closer look at the Red Mountain.

It was very strange that the permanent safe area was set on the body of the Sky Whale itself.


“There is an NPC on top of that. They are the Sun people who have fallen for several reasons from the Continent of the Sun, now they’re usually called the Moon People.”


Sang Hyuk was friendly and detailed as always. in fact, Gye Baek and Dark Knight were still wondering where Sang Hyuk got such information, but they have not asked him as Sang Hyuk was reluctant to answer it.

This was in consideration of each other.

Sang Hyuk was able to convey this in detail because they gave him implicit consent to not ask for the source of the information. (TL Note: Gye Baek and Dark Knight could get this kind of information because they didn’t ask for the source. If they persisted in asking for the source, they might not have gotten on the Ship in the first place.)


“Well, then let’s port in.”


Dururuk, Sang Hyuk turned the key in his hand to one side and directed the Ink-Black Dragon to the stern of Red Mountain.

* * * *

Sang Hyuk, who safely docked Ink-Black Dragon to the marina, immediately got off the boat. Of course Gye Baek and Dark Knight also followed Sang Hyuk and Ilya, and Sang Hyuk cancelled the summon for Ilya.

Sang Hyuk put away the Ink-Black Dragon into the Spirit Virtual Space when everyone is down. Basically, at the marina no Sky-grade Ship could be anchored.

Based on the Lower Third World standards, Red Mountain was a city. It was an island and at the same time, it was a city.

When three people entered the Red Mountain, NPCs called the Moon people looked at the three people out of the corner of their eyes.

Sang Hyuk has maintained a basic favor with moon People thanks to the title effect, but it was natural for them to be alert to Gye Baek and Dark Knight because they were strangers.


“Maybe we should stay here for a few days and catch the bugs that pop up in the sea near the Red Mountain. First, let’s do that so you guys can gain more favorability from the Moon People of this island. In the meantime, I’ll go and find out about the sailing route quest.”


“You don’t need to gain more favor?”


“Oh, because of my title effect, I already have high favorability. So maybe I can talk to them.”


Floating parasites, of course, tried to climb the Red Mountain. But they only climbed up to the beach because they could not get in to the Boundary Area installed in the Safe Area. So, there were a lot of bugs near the Red Mountain.


“All right. Then since we are going to hunt, call us.”


Gye Baek left with Dark Knight to catch bugs.

Neither of them doubted his words because their confidence in Sang Hyuk was 100%. Of course Sang Hyuk had no intention to lie to them.

The three men’s history with each other led to this faith.


“Blue Sky Sailing Route? Why is a dimensional traveler looking for the Blue Sky Sailing Route?”


The one-legged old NPC, whose name was known on Sky-sea in the past, looked up at Sang Hyuk with his head tilted. Sang Hyuk directly give the keyword without turning around to see the reaction directly.

Blue Sky Sailing Route was the keyword to get the sailing route quest. Originally, this word also had to be earned through deep conversation with Moon People, but Sang Hyuk already knew the keyword and skipped the process as usual.


“It is for finishing the fight you could not finish.”


This time, he got directly to the point.

Because this conversation with this NPC served as a turning point and the result was based on it, so if you knew the answer, this straightforward style was the best.


“The fight is part of the Sun people. Nothing will change due to merely one dimensional traveler’s intervention.”


Obviously, the old NPC, who is responsible for Red Mountain and who gives the first sailing route quest, was not easily caught. If you are a regular user, you have to invest time on this NPC to barely get the quest.

However, Sang Hyuk already knew all the keywords and was possible to almost receive the sailing route quest in less than 10 minutes.


“Something has changed. You do not even have the courage to go to back to Continent of the Sun, but we are different. We will use the Immortal’s power given to us to break through this rough Sky-sea, and I swear we will reach the Continent of the Sun. And we will change this twisted world.”


Sang Hyuk spoke the three key points.


“The Sun People without the courage to go up.”


“Immortal’s power.”


“Turning around this twisted world.”


Sang Hyuk thought that the NPC would have to offer the sailing route quest with these three points.


“Hyuu… There is no word to say….”


The old NPC sighs once and goes on.


“Blue Sky Sailing Route Quest does not mean one sailing route. Many sailing routes in Sky-sea are connected to each other like spider webs and all of these sailing routes together is called the Blue Sky Sailing Route. So, whatever sailing route that you pioneering, that would be your sailing route. To get the Blue Sky Sailing Route, you need a vessel to hold the sailing route. Hunt a 9th grade Sky Whale off the coast of the Red Mountain and bring the heart of the Sky Whale. Then I will make it as a ‘Sky Compass’.”


You’ve received the beginning [Link 1] of the Sailing Route Quest, Blue Sky Sailing Route.




If you mount the Sky Compass on the key of Ink-Black Dragon, you are not only recording the sailing route of the Ink-Black Dragon automatically, but it also gives you the directions to go further. Of course, the sailing route has to be updated to continue the sailing route quest and to make the Sky Compass operate normally.

It was a must item to get to the Continent of the Sun called the Heavenly World.

Chapter 134 [Episode 69] The first Sailing Route Quest 1 – End


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