Chapter 135 [Episode 69] The First Sailing Route Quest 2


Sang Hyuk, who received the quest, went straight to the beach.

He was able to catch the 9th grade Sky Whale on its own, but for the sake of sharing the experience, it was much better for three people to do it than alone.

Especially if they catch the Sky Whale, then Gye Baek and Dark Knight did not need to raise their favorability by catching bugs on the beach.

If they’re successful with the Sky Whale hunt, they would be able to raise their favorability to the level that they are able to talk with the Moon People of Red Mountain, so it was definitely right to go together.

Sang Hyuk went out to the water with Gye Baek and Dark Knight, who had been working hard killing the bugs at the beach. All that was left was to find the 9th grade Sky Whale on the sea near the Red Mountain and catch it.


At the moment Sang Hyuk thought that he had reached a sufficient distance from the shore, he turned off the Ink-Black Dragon’s engine and pocketed the key.


“Is this the point where the Sky Whale comes out?”


Gye Baek looked at Sang Hyuk who came down to the deck and asked.


“Sky Whales don’t have an exact spawn point.”


“So, why did you anchor here?”


“Usually Sky Whale does not show up this close to the beach. But, if you look at the quest, you are told to catch the Sky Whale that appears in the coastal sea. This means… if you go to the sea you will get the Sky Whale for the quest.”


Gye Baek heard Sang Hyuk’s answer and understood exactly what he meant.

Honestly, Sang Hyuk has never had a sailing route quest in his past life. Of course, what he said a little while ago was just the information he heard from other users.


“Then it will come out soon. I’ll be ready.”


Gye Baek, who heard Sang Hyuk, went straight to the harpoon gun. It was not an exaggeration to say that the beginning of a Sky Whale Hunt starts from the harpoon gun.

Clank, clank!

Gye Baek loaded the harpoon on the harpoon gun and put his hand on the knob. The harpoon gun responded instantly when the controls were tested and Gye Baek was confident to shoot the harpoon gun within four seconds.


[I’ll keep checking around.]


Since Dark Knight had nothing to do right away, he kept looking around and tried to spot anything strange.


“You do not need to be too nervous. The 9th grade Sky Whale is not that strong. With our strength, it’s not hard to catch this monster.”


Sang Hyuk encouraged the two and he also finished preparing for battle. He checked his titles and pulled out the Great Sword of the Weakened Shadow King. Then carefully he found a shadow and hid in it.

Even after the three people were completely ready for battle, they had to wait about an additional 10 minutes. Sang Hyuk began to feel that it’s time for his quest to make the Sky Whale appear from the Sky-sea.


“It should appear anytime now…..”


At the moment Sang Hyuk thought like that…

Something suddenly popped out from the Sky-sea in front of the Ink-Black Dragon.

Phuaaaaa, Khuaaaang!

The 9th grade Sky Whale has appeared for the quest.

Grab the monster and clear the quest ‘The Beginning of the Blue Sky Sailing Route’.

The 9th grade Sky Whale, for which they had waited and waited, appeared. It looked like a water strider on a stream or a paddy field. Of course, the size difference made the comparison ludicrous, but anyway it looked just like a water strider.


“Aim on sight! Let’s start!”


Clank, Phiiing!

Gye Baek has already aimed the harpoon gun at the same time the Sky Whale appeared and pulled the trigger after exactly 2.2 seconds.

Paaat, Kwaduduk!

The harpoon scored a hit on the Sky Whale’s body.

The role of the harpoon was simple. It connected the Sky Whale to the Sky-grade Ship to limit its movement range to be near the Sky-grade Ship.

If it was not done like that, the battle pattern of the Sky Whale was more chaotic and very tricky, so the the harpoon played a very important role.


‘Perfect!’ The harpoon accurately hit the target.

Sky Whale’s movement speed, evasion ability, defense is reduced by 10. The movement range is greatly reduced around the Sky-grade Ship.

Although it was the first time he shot a harpoon gun, Gye Baek gained a ‘Perfect’.

According to the degree of hit, the whale was given 2 – 10 debuffs. For reference, obviously the worst result was ‘missed’ and no hit at all. And the worst result when there was a hit was ‘bad’, which applied only 2 debuffs.


“For now one shot!”


Gye Baek shouted out loud and prepared the next harpoon. A maximum of three shots were permitted for one Sky Whale.

The harpoon gun itself was automatically reloaded only three times per battle, so he could not exceed three shots even if he wanted to shoot more.

Of course, it was possible to shoot the harpoon intermittently. However, if they did not limit Sky Whale’s movement as early as possible from the beginning, it would be harder to catch it.

So, in Sang Hyuk’s previous life, seasoned Sky Whale hunters would have emphasized that at least two harpoons should be inserted into a Sky Whale’s body with its appearance.

Gye Baek was thinking of putting in three perfect shots.

Gwagwagwagwa! Khukhukhung!

However, as the Sky Whale glowed while the body thrashed madly, the Sky-grade Ship which was tethered to it was shaking, so an immediate second shot was not possible.


[Aspice, hold him for a second and get the aggro!]


Sang Hyuk gave a quick order to the party channel. The Sky Whale was now flashing because the aggro was not caught properly.

Dark Knight heard Sang Hyuk and at the same time, he threw his shield at the Sky Whale with all his strength.

Hwiriririk, Dududuk!

When Dark Knight’s shield struck the Sky Whale’s body and returned to him then naturally the Sky Whale glared at Dark Knight.

At that moment, the shaking stopped. Then Gye Baek shot a second harpoon without missing the opportunity.

Phiiiing, Kwadududuk!



The harpoon hit very accurately.

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