The Sky Whale’s movement speed, evasion ability, defenses are reduced again by 10. (Cumulative reduction 20) This time again it is perfect. Gye Baek’s shooting skills are not mediocre, no, surely they’re extraordinary.

Two harpoons stuck into the Sky Whale’s body and Sky Whale was really tightly fixed to the Sky-grade Ship.


But the Sky Whale, which resembles the water strider, has not been quiet. It made a strange sound and sent a powerful sonic wave attack to Dark Knight who is holding its aggro.


Dark Knight uses a skill that overlaps two shields to minimize the damage he receives. But even with that, 25% of his health disappeared instantly in one attack.

It was virtually impossible to tank Sky Whale because Dark Knight was not a hard tanker style player. Of course, Sang Hyuk knew this well.

Sang Hyuk just wanted Dark Knight to hold on for ‘a while’.

That moment was the time needed for this one hit.

Dududuk, Flash!

In the dark, a strong black light stretched out and precisely struck the Sky Whale’s head.

Kwajik! Kwagwagwagwagwang!

The attack of this powerful single hit blew away 20% of the Sky Whale’s health. and naturally the aggro has also been passed on to Sang Hyuk.

Sang Hyuk, who came out from the concealing shadow, looked at the Sky Whale while swinging with one hand the Great Sword of the Weakened Shadow King. In fact, if Sang Hyuk had been determined to do maximum damage, then he could have taken more than half the health of the Sky Whale.

However, it was obvious that ragna blade would be definitely invoked and make everything a mess.

Sang Hyuk was able to obtain more accurate information about ragna blade through several experiments before entering the Sky-sea.

He was able to find out the level of damage that did not trigger the ragna blade through the experiments at that time. A little earlier the attack was limited to just that level.

Since ragna blade was an uncontrollable ability, so Sang Hyuk had no intention of using it unless it was really a crisis situation.

Especially with Gye Baek and Dark Knight next to him, it was foolish to use the skill like ragna blade.

Even if both of them were trusted people, if they see a bizarre skill that can only be seen as a bug then he really would be rumored to be a genuine bug player.

Lastly, the Sky Whale hunting video was essential to bring up the live channel, which is dropping down.

Even if it is not right now but at least in one or two months later, he had to use this video like the trump card but using crazy skill such as ragna blade will make the footage unusable, and he would be forced to discard it.


The Sky Whale that is in pain, threw its head back and screamed. Sang Hyuk, who had properly split that monstrous head, quickly summoned Magic Armor, stepping in front of the Dark Knight.

Phapapat, clink! clank!

Within the energy emission range of the Ink-Black Dragon, you could use Dark Black Wings as usual. If he is out of the Ink-Black Dragon’s range, he cannot use the Dark Black Wings, however, on the Sky-sea, there was little chance of out-distancing the Ink-Black Dragon’s energy transmission range anyway.

While Sang Hyuk was wearing Dark Black Wings, Sky Whale stared at Sang Hyuk, setting its head straight back.


“The parasites will crawl up! Please take care of it!”


After Sang Hyuk left Dark Knight with the parasites, he intended to concentrate entirely on the Sky Whale.

Gye Baek, who had been watching for the moment when Sang Hyuk and Dark Knight secured their position, also performed his role 200%.


“One last shot!”


Phhiiing, Kwadududuk!

Another shot was digging into the Sky Whale’s body.



Harpoon hit accurately.

Sky Whale’s movement speed, evasion ability, defense is further reduced by 8. (Cumulative decrease 28).


“Tsk, I missed a bit.”


Although he failed to make 3 times consecutive perfect, but in reality, even if he got a ‘good’, it means the catcher performed his role more than 100%.

Gye Baek, who used all three shots, put down the harpoon gun without regret. his next position was to help Dark Knight and Sang Hyuk as sub-damage dealers.


“Ilya, remove the parasites!”


Sang Hyuk even summoned Ilya. Frankly, Ilya’s help was not necessary. However, Sang Hyuk decided that it would be a good idea to let her get experience as a member to have the best teamwork.

Phapapat, as always, Ilya secretly appeared beside Sang Hyuk. She then moved quickly to remove the parasites that had started to climb smoothly under the Ink-Black Dragon as Sang Hyuk commanded.


The 9th grade Sky Whale once again sparked a powerful sound wave attack as it opened its beak wide. Dark knight, who against this monster a while ago got some damage from this attack, but Sang Hyuk was different.


“This is an inevitable attack.”


This sound wave attack was a special attack that was impossible to avoid. In that sense, for Sang Hyuk, who was an evasion tanker, could be considered a bad fit.

But that did not make much of a problem.

If he cannot avoid it, then it was enough to block or endure it.

Dududuk, Kwagwagwang!

Sang Hyuk had a number of powerful damage reduction abilities as an evasive tanker. And there were also a number of skills and attributes that increased defense and resistance.

Therefore, he was able to withstand this much of a sonic wave attack that the 9th grade Sky Whale gave out.

His health was slightly decreased, but this was a damage that could be recovered instantly with just the effect of the combination card with a ‘heal’ that he had been put on his body before.

Rather, Sang Hyuk withstood the sound wave attack with only his body and immediately counterattacked.


Sang Hyuk’s reddish red wire appeared from both hands.

Blood Wire of Full Moon, a mythical rank item, has finally appeared. Even this was not just Blood Wire of Full Moon.

It was the Blood Wire of Full Moon up to 10+.

It is a mythical grade item but it also had been strengthened to +10.

It was called a really crazy item.

A few days ago, Sang Hyuk had the Blood Wire of Full Moon up to +10. and he thought that this item could be used until he finished the game.

So, how could Sang Hyuk have been able to enhance the mythical item Blood Wire of Full Moon to +10?

This tremendous work….started with the legendary title ‘God Master’.

Chapter 135 [Episode 69] The First Sailing Route Quest 2 – End


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