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Chapter 136 [Episode 70] The Beginning of the Age of Discovery 1

@ The Beginning of the Age of Discovery.

Title – ‘God Master’

Rating? Legend

Explanation? You are the first to own a mythical grade item. You, who reached the power of God before anyone, deserve to see the source of that power.

Effect – [Prefix: Strength increases by 10.] [Suffix: Even if the enhancement fails, the fortification does not decline with a 40% probability.][Sustainable Effect: <Light Enhancement Stone (SS): Two Enhancement Stones can be made into Light Enhancement Stone. Enhancement with Light Enhancement Stone succeeds in strengthening with 100% probability. It also has a very high probability of double or triple reinforcement. [1/2]>]


This was the effect of God Master Title.

A few days ago, Sang Hyuk made one light enhancement stone first. And he made the blood wire up to +7 using 12 advanced enhancement stones and 1 premium enhancement stone that he has been collecting through Gold Mountain all this time.

Then the next turn was of course the light enhancement stone.

Sang Hyuk’s goal was +9. At least +8 was secured, so he wished for the doubled strengthening effect and make it to be +9.

However…. A miracle unexpectedly broke out in the process.

Suddenly triple strengthening effect!

Thanks to it, Sang Hyuk now has a mythical grade item that has been enhanced to +10.

Moreover, thanks to the success of the first +10 enhancement, he got the legendary title ‘Reinforcement God’.

Title; ‘Reinforcement God’

Rating? Legend

Explanation? You have reinforced up to +10 for the first time. You may be called a god for all things related to reinforcement.

Effect: [Prefix: None] [Suffix: None] [Sustainable Effect: <Reinforcement God (SS): Increases the probability of enhancement by 30% and the bonus effect by 30%.>]

The effect of this title was simple, but its power was so enormous that it would overturn Sang Hyuk’s business plan itself in the future.


‘Reinforcement God’ and ‘God Master’. Thanks to these two titles, Sang Hyuk would be able to accumulate tremendous wealth through a ‘Reinforcement Business’. Of course, there was a lot of work to do right away so he could not do the reinforcement business. However, while Sang Hyuk passes through the Middle Layer, he collects enhancement stones earnestly through Gold Mountain, and when Sang Hyuk arrives at the Continent of the Sun, he can start earning a fortune by using the enhancement stones. It seemed like he can earn more than he imagined.


+10 Blood Wire of Full Moon [Myth(God) +++]


– You can take all the energy of the Full Moon and take out the thin wire made of blood through this energy. This wire cannot be cut, and it can also take away the health of your foes.


[Basic Ability] Attack: 700(+210)(+700), All ability level +100(+30)(+100)


[Special Ability] All ability increased by +50(+15)(+50), Movement Speed increased by 100(+30)(+100)%.


[Unique Ability] Health Extort(S+) ? 10% of your damage is converted to health and absorbed.


[Special Effects] <Burning Blood (SS): Raises all abilities by 30%. However, once activated, 1% of health is consumed for every second.> <Blood Weapon (A): You can transform the Blood Wire into various shapes.>, <Non-Destructible (S): Never cut or destroyed>, <Energy of the Moon (S): the damage increases by 10% when the moon is in the sky.>

<+5 Reinforcement Effect: agility +50>

<+7 Reinforcement Effect : Critical Hit Damage+100%>

<+9 Reinforcement Effect : vitality +150>

<+10 Reinforcement Effect: Reduces the movement speed and evasion rate by 30% and reduces the effectiveness of healing magic by 70%.>

  • •••••
  • •••••(The rest omitted)

At this level, it was almost like a nuclear bomb.

Originally, the wire whip did not have a very high attack power. Even a single handed sword of mythical grade, the base attack power exceeds 1000.

Moreover, the wire was a two-handed weapon. Therefore, wire can be said to be a weapon that benefits from other advantages than attack power.

But the Blood Wire of Full Moon, which has been enhanced to +10 on triple plus, shattered such limitations. Triple Plus 30% and +10 strength 100%… So, when he hit it twice, the attack power was really merciless.

Is that all? The increase in all the stats that were attached to the basic and special options were greatly increased. Also, the reinforcement effects were not bad.

If this wasn’t enough, let’s say that Sang Hyuk wore the Magic Armor and did not use a buff-type combination card on purpose when using the Blood Wire. If the Magic Armor boosted amplification continues to stack, it would be possible to trigger ragna blade just by using a little more powerful skill.

So, this was the terrifying performance of the Blood Wire.

Dudududuk, Kerrrrk.

Blood Wire wrapped tightly around the neck of the 9th grade Sky Whale, which looked like a water strider, and at that moment he felt the whole body of the Sky Whale lose energy.

Sang Hyuk jumped up away from the Sky Whale while pulling on the blood wire as hard as he could.

Sang Hyuk jumped into the air while his hands swung up the Great Sword of the Weakened Shadow King. Sang Hyuk was aiming at the forehead of the Sky Whale, but the problem was that the Whale also knew that.

Of course Sky Whale did not stay still. He tried to catch Sang Hyuk by using the two long roach-like feelers on its head.

It was very dangerous to just touch those feelers because there was toxic poison buried in them.

Swaaaaask, the two long feelers that were whipped frantically by the Sky Whale tried to strike Sang Hyuk from many directions.

It was not easy to avoid them in the air.


The feelers slashed Sang Hyuk. No, it looked like they slashed him.

As the Sky Whale predicted Sang Hyuk’s attack, Sang Hyuk also predicted the counterattack of the Sky Whale. To be more precise, he deliberately invited the Sky Whale’s counterattack.

Sang Hyuk’s shadow scattered in the air from the impact. Sang Hyuk used blink to avoid the counterattack of the Sky Whale.

He’s back on top of the Sky Whale’s head.

Sang Hyuk, who nullified the counterattack and broke the Sky Whale’s “stance”, does not hesitate to strike with the Great Sword of the Weakened Shadow King on its forehead.

Phuok, kwaduduk!


The moment the Great Sword of the Weakened Shadow King digs into its head, it shrieked and convulsed its body from the pain. But because it was already perfectly strapped to the Sky-grade Ship, its uncontrolled frenzy was unexpectedly weak.

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