Sky Whale was desperate to shake off Sang Hyuk, who was still left on top of its body, so it whipped its feelers back towards Sang Hyuk.

Like this, the Sky Whale, who instinctively knew that Sang Hyuk could inflict a fatal wound if he remained out of reach on its back, started spewing ‘poison spores’ from its roach-like feelers.

The poisonous spores did not distinguish friends or foe so it could damage the Sky Whale too.

However, Sky Whale thought that it was better to get the Poisonous Spores stuck to its body and injure itself from its own attack than having Sang Hyuk climb around its body.


Dozens of green spheres, each the size of a human head scattered from the whiskers, flew quickly toward Sang Hyuk. This spores attaches to living things, and it reduces the health, but it was more threatening to Sang Hyuk than to the Sky Whale.

Sang Hyuk had no intention to remain on the top of the Sky Whale’s carapace when he looked at the green spheres.

He pulled the Great Sword of the Weakened Shadow King, still stuck on the Sky Whale’s head and jumped down.

Huiiiing, Deerrrrk.

Because the bloodwire was still wrapped around the Sky Whale’s neck, so Sang Hyuk swung around holding on to the wire and flew under its body.

Naturally, the Sky Whale lifted its two front legs to attack Sang Hyuk. But Sang Hyuk’s dash was much faster than that monster’s front legs.

Shadow Flash Sword, one of the three final secrets that belong to Shadow Knight, was not an attacking skill that amplified the damage but instead was an attack skill that could benefit greatly from a very fast dash attack

Sang Hyuk was able to slash into the Sky Whale’s unarmored abdomen before the long legs of the Sky Whale were blocking his path, using Shadow Flash Sword.

As a result, the Sky Whale’s gap was revealed again, and of course Sang Hyuk did not miss this gap.

Phouuuk, Kwaduduuduuk!

He stabbed the Great Sword of the Weakened Shadow King into the Sky Whale’s thorax and ran straight ahead.

Sky Whale had a hole in its head and suffered a great deal of damage, but this time he had a big and deep wound from its upper thorax to its abdomen.

At this level, its health seemed to disappear by 10% or more.

Sky Whale wanted to fight again after somehow quickly pushing Sang Hyuk away. But Sang Hyuk wrapped the blood wire tightly around the Sky Whale’s neck and did not loosen it as if he is holding reins.

The 9th grade Sky Whale could not be Sang Hyuk’s opponent in the first place.

Especially when the three harpoons are fully pierced and moreover the Bloodwire is wrapped around……. The 9th grade Sky Whale’s movements were fully controlled by Sang Hyuk.

Kwagwagwagwa, plop!

The 9th grade Sky Whale lost all of its health in just 15 minutes and fell sideways.

You have succeeded in hunting the 9th grade Sky Whale ‘Skoop’.

Since this is the first hunting of the 9th grade Sky Whale, you received all the 74 items that you can get from Skoop with the first elimination bonus.

Quest item ‘Heart of Sky Whale’ has been acquired.

Congratulations. Cumulative karma has exceeded the limit and the level has risen.

When Sky Whale collapsed, a pleasant system message appeared. Sang Hyuk gained a lot of karma through the event to catch the sky monster and this time, the level has risen because he caught the 9th grade Sky Whale while he was in the state of ‘blessing of the Skysea’.

Now Sang Hyuk’s level is 59. He was a man with a quadruple soul. From a common sense point of view, if it was a normal person, they should have given up leveling up a long time ago.

However, Sang Hyuk was refusing to give up and he was raising the level faster than others in the 55-61 levels, which is called the “Military Hell” levels.

Sang Hyuk would achieve a big development again once he reached the milestone level 61.

Meanwhile, as Sky Whale collapsed, the parasites that constantly climbed the Sky-grade Ship disappeared quickly.


“Sigh, now it’s over now.”


Gye Baek, who worked hard to help Dark Knight, sighed and put the soul beads in his hand back into his storage.


“Let’s organize the item first and….. We do not need to set the safe area here, so let’s just leave the body.”


In fact, if there was someone with a production skill, they could dismantle the dead body of the monster to get materials, but there was no one with such a skill and because there was no valuable material that can be acquired, there was no big deal even if it was thrown away.


“Let’s log out after finishing the business in Red Mountain.”


Sang Hyuk was going to complete the first sailing route quest ‘The beginning of the Blue Sky Sailing Route’ cleanly and log out.

* * * *


[According to the information that I got, a sky-grade ship has definitely risen to the sky.]


The members of Reverse One were continuing the emergency meeting each day. There was only one reason they gathered everyday like that.


[Does the Sky-grade Ship belongs to the One Guild for sure? Anyway, isn’t it too fast even for the One Guild? We just found out that Sky-grade Ships exist and was trying to figure out how to make it, tho….. How can they already finish making the Sky-grade Ship?……]


[So, that’s why we are gathering here. One Guild is a guild that doesn’t make sense.]


[But are you sure about the information? Is there any possibility that it is wrong?]


[The probability for it to be wrong is less than 5%.]


[Hmmm… So, what should we do? Is there anything we can do realistically?]


Because they had been insulted by the One Guild at the last event, all the people gathered here were just a little bit furious.

It was Reverse One, which had been formed to bring down the One Guild, but they cannot help but getting angry because they have not been able to step on the One Guild properly.

In the midst of the complaints and dissatisfaction here and there…. DD, who got trashed the most and whose pride was damaged severely at the last event, quietly opened his mouth.


[You must build a fleet in the name of Reverse One. If you build a fleet and equip it with a mighty power that can’t be stopped by the One Guild…..  No matter how great the One Guild is, they will eventually get caught by us.]


DD’s words were not that forceful, but until now all the representatives who were chattering all this time closed their mouths and looked at DD.

Reverse one Fleet Configuration.

This was certainly a proposal worth thinking about.

Chapter 136 [Episode 70] The Beginning of the Age of Discovery 1 – End


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