Chapter 137 [Episode 70] The Beginning of the Age of Discovery 2

Dark Dragon, stopped talking and looked down at his steady hands, slowly opened his mouth and continued.


[Based on the information revealed so far, it seems almost impossible for a single guild to create two or more Sky-grade Ships, no matter how big a guild is. Realistically, at most one. This is also a fact for the One Guild. Well, then how can we get ahead of the One Guild? It is embarrassing, but after being shattered many times by the One Guild, I feel that it is impossible for us to try to beat One Guild with our own power. I have to admit it is what it is. One Guild is strong. It is not just strong, it is savagely strong. That’s why we have to build an overwhelming force to deal with the One Guild, once and for all!]


DD laid his cards on the table and outlined the most realistic measures. He publicly acknowledged the One Guild’s skill more than anyone else.

So, he ignored the elite users who had already given up thinking about dealing with the One Guild.

The delegates who listened to DD had a serious look and thought about his proposal.

In large measure, the fleet structure itself was not bad.

But, the problem was internal conflict.

Small conflicts, such as loot distribution, chain-of-command, vanguard selection, etc, caused hesitation in making the fleet formation.


[I know why everyone is hesitating. But if you continue to let One Guild be, you really can lose everything. How long must we all be dragged down by this small guild? You must definitely break it down before you go to the Continent of the Sun. That is how we remake EL the way we want.]


Those with vested interests did not tolerate the threat to vested rights. All the representatives here are those who can be called the vested rights.

In Sang Hyuk’s previous life, they had dominated EL’s world as vested interests. Since the logic of enormous power has been applied in a similar way to the real world and EL, so among these great powers, individual users and small guilds have always been used or sacrificed.

In that sense, the crazy rush of the One Guild was a very unusual miracle.


[The One Guild is a small ant that is poisonous. It is a powerful poison that will kill anyone bitten. But the thing we have to remember is no matter how powerful the poison it has, it is an ant. Even if a few people die from poison, you must not step back. The moment you step back you give him a chance. Rather, we all have to rush up and step on it at the same time to kill it. In the end it is an ant that will die if we step on it. How many times should we step on this loathsome bug?!]


DD has prepared what he wanted to say. He admitted what he had to admit, but he did not let it eat away at himself.

The other delegates who listened to DD’s logical statements sat in silence with a serious look.

They were not stupid enough to misunderstand what DD was saying. However, there was only one reason why they could not agree with DD’s words.


“In the end, somebody will be poisoned and die. But I do not want to be that somebody.”


This was the problem. They know that all of them can go out and kill it, but they did not want to be the one discarded because they got bitten by the ant and poisoned.


[Know this, our Dark Dragon will stand at the forefront in all the battles taking place in the upper Middle Layer.]


DD made the decision.

He thought he should sacrifice so much to convince the members of the cowardly Reverse One. His thoughts were right.


[Hmmm, because Dark Dragon has come this far, it would be very rude to not agree with this, right? I am in favor of the fleet structure.]


[We are in as well.]


[That’s right. We can step and kill that ant if we join forces. If there are any material that is not enough to make the Sky-grade Ship, I will supply it at cost from the black market.]


When DD sacrificed first, the other delegates followed naturally.

Those who gathered here were already producing Sky-grade Ships. Of course, the Sky-grade Ships required at least one more month to complete.

The number of the Sky-grade Ships that can be collected in about one to two months is more than ten.

At this level, it was possible to build a fleet.

* * * *


Sang Hyuk inserted the Sky Compass from the quest into the center of the key. Naturally, Sang Hyuk saw an arrow in front of his eyes.


“It seems to be real from now on.”


Sang Hyuk nodded lightly and looked at the endless Sky-sea.

There was no foam topped waves of blue green sea-water like the real sea, but pieces of clouds that were scattered like wisps of fog were layered together and shone with a milky light.

This was the sea of the Sky-sea.

It was obvious, but you can not swim in this water. Of course you did not fall to Hagye when you fell from the Sky-grade Ship into the Sky-sea.

If the Sky-grade Ship is powered, the local gravity field, that pulls up the passengers who fall within the sphere of influence, is generated naturally.

Of course, it was best not to fall down because you could not move during the process of being pulled up.

Sang Hyuk, who mounted the Sky Compass on the Ink-Black Dragon, got off the ship and put the Ink-Black Dragon back into the spirit virtual space.

He could continue the quest, but Sang Hyuk had one thing to do in reality and decided to start tomorrow morning.

Sang Hyuk, who puts the Ink-Black Dragon in the virtual space, logged out near the end of the time limit.

Sang Hyuk fell asleep on his bed right after logging out and slept for about four hours. He wanted to sleep for two or three more hours, but today he could not do that.

He cleaned up, dressed, and went down to the underground parking lot. Then he started the Mercedes Benz S Class that has been sitting there gathering dust.

Today’s destination was the Sangam Dream Factory DN(Dream Network) Stadium.

Sangam was not far from Ilsan, so he arrived soon. Sang Hyuk came here today to attend the EL Pro League briefing which took place today.

Of course, he already knew the content so although he did not need to hear it, he needed to check if there were deviations in this future, from his past memories.

Sang Hyuk showed the invitation he received before and went inside.

This invitation was received from Lee Mirae, a PD(Production Director) of LGN(Live Game Network), who has a lot of acquaintances.

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