Sang Hyuk went inside and watched the briefing, sitting quietly in one corner.

This briefing was about how they will utilize the contents of ‘EL (Eternal Life)’ in the future and disclose what special pro leagues will be made utilizing the game engine.

Although other people did not know, but Sang Hyuk knew that everything presented here would become an international standard.

Therefore, he personally attend this.

For today’s briefing, ‘Korea E-Sports Association’, LGN and EL’s producer Raon Soft have joined together.

They have developed ‘EL revolution’ that will run a little bit differently than the PvP that  is managed in the current game.

It was going to be revealed a little later.


And as soon as it is released, a lot of people will be amazed.


Sang Hyuk reviewed his memories and waited quietly.

As time passed and the mood grew impatient, it was finally revealed.


“From now on, the history of the new E-Sports will begin!”


Along with the host’s call, the video started to appear on the big screen on the stage.

It was familiar to Sang Hyuk.

As soon as the video started to appear, the host explained about the EL Revolution System.


“Fortunately nothing has changed.”


Sang Hyuk, who watched the video and listened to the presentation, was able to confirm that it matched his memories.

EL Revolution, it was another type of game linked to EL.

To make it as simple as possible, it is said that only ‘Gladiator Hall’ which exists in EL is selected and updated to match the format for E-Sports as much as possible.

To be honest, the Gladiator Hall System was somewhat unfit for ‘E-Sports’.

Especially, the differences in levels, souls, items, and titles of each individual were so great that fair competition was difficult.

So many experts have said that EL is a great reality game, but it was not usable for E-Sport.

For this reason, ‘EL Revolution’ was born.

In order to give the game longevity, eventually, it needs continuous evolution and publicity, and it is necessary to link it with E-Sports.

Because Raon Soft knew it, they actively worked on the EL Revolution and eventually a very good system was born.

When the presentation was over, the inside became chaotic. This announcement was quite a shock for those who had no idea of this development.

The MC finished the presentation and the audience immediately started to ask questions. It was a sudden announcement, so many people raised their hands.


“Levels and Equipment, Soul Skills and Titles are limited, but to what level are you limited?”


“The levels of all participants will be fixed to be the same. I can not say which level exactly, as the users of eternal life grows, the level of the EL Revolution will continue to change. And there will be no big restrictions on equipment. Instead, we only admit the armor that is worn, and for the weapon, only the main weapon will be admitted. Soul Skill will depend on the number of souls itself have, but it will only allow you to register up to 5 skills per soul. For example, if you are a Double soul, you can use 10 soul skills. Lastly, each player will be limited to only five titles regardless of the rating. Of course, everything might change later.”


It might be because this first question was expected, but the MC replied as if he had prepared for the answer. Of course, the host’s answer was not completely correct. According to Sang Hyuk’s memory, there was a slight change over there.


“Then, are you perhaps creating a new battlefield for EL Revolution?”


“We’re still discussing it, but… there will be a system that links EL Revolution to the Eternal Life Server anyway.”


“If EL Revolution appear, Gladiator Hall might lose popularity, how will you solve that?”


“Actually, this part was the part that had Raon Soft deeply concerned. This has not been confirmed yet, but I can tell you that the Gladiator Hall could be absorbed by the EL Revolution System.”


The questions kept pouring, and the MC calmly answered. When a question that is difficult for him to answer comes up, he also answered by contacting the people who could answer it.

On the other hand, Sang Hyuk was sorting out his thoughts while listening to the answers.


“EL Revolution is released just like before… now is the only thing left the Pro League Schedule? If EL Revolution did not change, then it won’t change as well, right?”


The biggest reason for Sang Hyuk taking the effort to come here today was due to the pro league that will be held in the future.

The people are not convinced yet of the success of EL Revolution, but Sang Hyuk is different.

He knew that this was a success, not only a success but an unbelievable success.

After about 30 minutes of Q&A, the host started to explain the pro league that will be unfolded through EL Revolution.

Sang Hyuk was able to confirm that everything was perfectly the same as his previous life after hearing this explanation, unlike the others who worried about the future.


“Okay, so now I just have to apply.”


The host started receiving questions about the pro league, but Sang Hyuk did not need to ask any questions because he knew more about the pro league than anyone else in that auditorium.

He got up from his seat and immediately moved to the registration booth next to the conference hall.

To take part in the league, he needed a team, but it was hard to start filling the entire team completely from the beginning.

So, LGN has created a tournament system that can formally enter the professional league through integrated qualification when an amateur team registers.

For reference, this system was supposed to be the first and last time for amateur teams. Later on, a relegation system was created to make a tiered structure that led to the first division, the second division, the third division, and the last four divisions. *

When this hierarchical structure is made, it is not enough to just win one or two games, but an amateur team had to  steadily participate in the quarterly leagues, raise the grade and win the championship, so for the amateur team to reach the professional tiers, it took quite a while.

So, Sang Hyuk decided to go straight to the first league through this tournament system.

That way, Sang Hyuk could get a lot of things done quickly. In just a short time, a lot of companies will be creating professional teams and the amateur teams will be crushed by the professional teams.

However, Sang Hyuk never intended to be bullied around by the professional teams.

An unbeatable amateur team that defeat the professional teams.

This was Sang Hyuk’s goal.

Chapter 137 [Episode 70] The Beginning of the Age of Discovery 2 – End


* (Source: Wikipedia) In sports leagues, promotion and relegation is a process where teams are transferred between multiple divisions based on their performance for the completed season. The best-ranked team(s) in the lower division are promoted to the higher division for the next season, and the worst-ranked team(s) in the higher division are relegated to the lower division for the next season.


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