Chapter 138 [Episode 71] Pirate Ship 1

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“You have one team member, is that so?”


At the registration booth, the LGN employee asked Sang Hyuk.


“Yes, that’s right. There is no regulation about the number of team members anyway, right? And additional team members can be registered later…. correct?”


“Well, wait a minute.”


Unfortunately, the employee did not know much about the regulations because he was an intern who just works at the registration booth. Now all he could do was contact the supervisor in a hurry.

Actually, although it was the supervisor, he did not know the rules better than Sang Hyuk. Sang Hyuk, who likes being thorough, always memorized the regulations when he was working as a director.

Of course, the regulations could have changed, so what Sang Hyuk remembered might be wrong. However, because the framework usually does not change, so most likely there was no problem.

Fortunately, the framework was still the same as Sang Hyuk’s memories. So, Sang Hyuk’s application was accepted without any difficulty.

Sang Hyuk chose the team name ‘Rush’, which was a choice he had kept in his mind since Gye Baek and Dark Knight might join this team later on.

He wrote down as a pure amateur team without sponsor.

EL Revolution copied the user data from the Eternal Life server, but because it is a separate game that used a completely different system, so he had to create an ID for the EL Revolution.

Of course, he could use the same ID that he used on the EL’s server. But Sang Hyuk changed his name. Although a lot of people would have guessed his identity over time anyway, even so, he did not want to advertise who he was.

The name that Sang Hyuk has chosen was ‘Slayer’.

After finishing the team registration, Sang Hyuk left the Dream Factory.

The briefing session was still ongoing, but all the important things had been confirmed and registration had been processed, so there was no reason to stay.

He sent a short message to Lee Mirae saying that he was busy and needed to leave.  Although he offered to buy her a cup of coffee but because Lee Mirae was also very busy today, she said they would see each other next time.

Sang Hyuk, who came home quickly, went straight to the game.

While Sang Hyuk was doing his business, Gye Baek and Dark Knight finished some of the quests in Red Mountain and gained additional favor with the Moon People.

For the future, they had to keep gaining favor with the Moon People.


“Now I feel like I have finally adapted to the Magic Armor.”


Sang Hyuk laughed when he saw Gye Baek hunting the bugs.


“When I use it, I know the trick, but there are still some awkward parts.”


“You have adapted enough. There are more kids than you think, who can’t use the Magic Armor’s power properly even after suffering for months. You and Mr. Aspice has really adapted quickly.” (T/L Note: Sang Hyuk mentioned Aspice with the title ‘nim’, like in very formal relationship)


Sang Hyuk’s words were not mere empty flattery. In fact, Gye Baek and Dark Knight had very good game sense.


“Hey, Aspice has told us address him casually. Also use his nickname, he said to call him Dark Knight.” (T/L Note: Aspice wants Sang Hyuk to speak in the non-formal level, friendly level.)


“Ah…. Yeah, but I am still unable to adapt to it yet. Well, it’s gonna get better.”


Aspice preferred the nickname Dark Knight rather than the name Aspice itself. Though he did not tell anyone how old he was, he just asked them first to speak comfortably.

Actually, Dark Knight did not speak a lot because he was a person of few words. So, that is why he didn’t have many chances to talk comfortably.

Sang Hyuk helped Gye Baek and Dark Knight to finish the quest in progress and went straight to the marina with both of them.

Red Mountain was just like a starting point. All the Blue Sky Sailing Route began here. It became one of the five islands that the user would most likely land on later in the Middle Layer.

However, they have nothing left to do here now.


Sang Hyuk summoned the Ink Black Dragon and went up to the Ink Black Dragon with his crew. Their destination was the Continent of the Sun that exists above the sky.


“From now on, it can be said this is the real sky-sea. This is a place where you may expect the unexpected anywhere, and anytime, so don’t be nervous.”


Sang hyuk slowly raised the Ink Black Dragon’s power and moved in the direction shown by the arrow.

From here on, there were more things that Sang Hyuk did not know than things he knew. But he did not feel frightened or nervous.


“No matter how though the Sky-sea is, it’s not as though as the Continent of the Sun….. To win a place on the Continent of the Sun, you have to sail the Sky-sea.”


The Sky whales and the bugs that appeared in the Sky-sea were powerful, but they had the same limit as monsters. But the Continent of the Sun was different.

The Sun people there were also NPCs, but they were monsters at the same time. Continent of the Sun, which is a world that can crush even the strongest… For the users, it was a place beyond their wildest imagination.

* * * *

After they left the Red Mountain, they approached the Blue Sky Sailing Route and everything changed. The Sky-sea which was once calm, peaceful and placid, was beset by rough waves which tossed and shuddered the Ink-Black Dragon.

Although Ink-Black Dragon was a high grade and powerful vessel that could push through the strong waves, but as Sang Hyuk said, if they lose their focus then they would be thrown off-course in the Sky-sea.

In the process, a lot of bugs crawled over the ship, but they were easily handled by Dark Knight and Gye Baek.

Sang Hyuk focused solely on controlling the Ink Black Dragon. The navigation arrow is present, but the arrows were merely indicators for the direction in which the destination is located.

If they only followed the arrow, then they would never able to arrive at the destination safely.

Most of what was actually existed in the terrestrial sea existed in the Sky-sea.

There were typhoons and storms, as well as triangular waves and underwater reefs. In other words, they would have sunk the ship sailing without focus, care and prudence.

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