Chapter 139 [Episode 71] Pirate Ship 2

Sang Hyuk was able to visually confirm everything when the pirate ship came within 1 km.

However, the size of the pirate ship was unimportant for now. Sang Hyuk quickly focused on the pirates who were on board the pirate ship.


“Gah… they are 7th grade!”


Using Infinity Challenge, the sustainable effect of the title ‘There is no Impossibility’, it was possible to deduce enemy levels. Because when Sang Hyuk met an enemy with a higher level than himself, then level correction would be applied, so by comparing his current stats to his real stats, he was able to infer the enemy’s level.

The average level of the pirates was 85.

If the pirates are at this level, then the pirate ship in front of him was more likely to be a 7th grade pirate ship.

The 7th grade pirate ship had a similar strength to the 7th grade Sky Whale, but it was more difficult to deal with.

The best way was to not deal with it. He wanted to obliterate it with the Ragna Blade, but with Gye Baek and Dark Knight next to him, this was unreasonable.

And since they were not going to be able to avoid it, it was better for everyone to have experience in dealing with pirates when the opportunity presented itself.


“It looks like a 7th grade pirate ship. It’ll be stronger than you think, so stay sharp!”


Actually, Sang Hyuk had no problems dealing with pirates. The problem was Gye Baek and Dark Knight. Because they were still on Hagye’s level standards, so if they want to play at Middle Layer they have to develop themselves.

But even though Sang Hyuk did not say that, the two were already focused.


“First of all, one shot!”


Kirikkkk, Bum!

After predicting the expected path of the pirate ship, Gye Baek, who had been leading the moving pirate ship with the cannon and waiting for the optimal shot, fired the gun without hesitation the moment he was confident of the shot.


One shot of the Magic Cannon struck the pirate ship’s hull and exploded. It was obviously a powerful hit, but the pirate ship, which was several times stronger than the Sky-grade Ship, was still closing in.

Gye Baek, who saw it, realized that it was not the time for leisurely aiming.


“Ineffective?! I have to shoot it as many times as I can!”


Gye Baek, who made a quick decision, immediately began to rapid fire the cannon, aiming instinctively.

Kwagwagwang, kwagwagwagwagwang!

He instantly fired 10 shots. He hit only 7 out of 10, but the shot rate was awesome when he used open sights shooting. However, even though it was hit by 7 magic cannon shells, the ship was still coming in.


“Tsk, why is it so hard?”


Gye Baek frowned his face and quickly moved from the cannon and moved to the harpoon gun.

Before the pirate ship threw grappling hooks and grabbed the Ink Black Dragon, he had to fix his harpoon to the pirate ship first. This might seem to be irrelevant at first glance, but in fact it was critical.

Once anyone managed to grapple the other party first, he got the right to board. And after that , using the harpoon to lay the Ink Black Dragon alongside the Pirate Ship, the enemy was prevented from launching their own boarding equipment.

Normally, a pirate ship would throw about ten grappling hooks, so if they let the pirate ship throw the hooks first, in a blink of an eye the pirates would have 10 grapnels attached to the Ink Black Dragon.

Then, the battlefield would be on the Ink-Black Dragon, not on the pirate ship.

Because of that, Gye Baek had to make the first shot. So, not only could Sang Hyuk could board the other ship first, but Gye Baek could limit the number of allowed boarding routes to one.

Once they secured the only route between the two ships, Gye Baek and Dark Knight would be  able to defend against the pirates coming to Ink-Black Dragon more easily.


The pirate ship crossed the Ink-Black Dragon’s bow. Now was the last chance to shoot the bow mounted harpoon gun. If Gye Baek missed this opportunity now, it was obvious that the first pirate grapnel would fly within 10 seconds.




Clank, Phiiiiiiiiing!

Gye Baek shot the harpoon aiming at the main-mast of the pirate ship. If the harpoon missed and could not properly connect the two ships, multiple pirate grapnel hooks would come in from the pirate ship’s broadside without fail.

Kwagwang, Dududuk!

Of course, Gye Baek was not the kind of person who would make such a mistake.

The harpoon he shot hit the main-mast of the pirate ship and stuck firmly.

A path connecting the Ink-Black Dragon to the pirate ship has been created. The initiative is on the Ink-Black Dragon’s side. This first boarding action guarantee ends in exactly 15 seconds from now.

15, 14, 13……

During the 15-second guaranteed period, the first boarding action could only be initiated from the Ink-Black Dragon to the pirate ship.

Sang Hyuk, who had been making his preparations, jumped into the pirate ship as soon as the count started, stepping on the gigantic anchoring chain of the harpoon.

At first glance, it seemed that there are more than 30 of pirates on the deck. If the Pirate Captain does not fall, then the pirates will respawn in multiple locations in the hull and come up on the deck, so it was meaningless to cut the pirates down.

In fact, when it comes to pirates, it was not a big problem for Sang Hyuk. Let’s said the average level was 85, it was only a mob that could be swept away in an instant with Sang Hyuk’s standard attack.

The important thing was the ‘Captain of the Pirates’, the boss of the pirate ship.

The Pirate Captain was a Named monster, of course. In terms of purely its ability only, it was not a very powerful named monster. Though the attack power is strong, its health is low, and it is a foe who can be caught more easily than you’d expect.

However, this was when it was encountered away from the pirate ship, but when it was aboard the pirate ship, it became a totally different monster.

It had a unique skill, ‘Captain does not die’, which was a passive ability, but the effect of this skill was really terrifying.

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