Even if the Captain’s health was 0 but the durability of the pirate ship remains, the pirate ship’s durability became Captain’s second health. In other words, Sang Hyuk has to reduce as much as possible of the durability of the Pirate Ship, to be able to kill the pirate captain completely.

The Pirate Captain was originally an almost immortal monster, and thanks to this passive skill, it gained a huge second life.

This is why Sang Hyuk had Gye Baek fire on the pirate ship as much as possible.

The more the durability of the pirate ship was reduced in advance, the easier it became.

Ttadak, Sang Hyuk, who was on the pirate ship’s deck, immediately gripped the Great Sword of the Weakened Shadow King.

Swiiing, clank!


“It’s done when I go through the pirates and enter the Captain’s room, right?”


Sang Hyuk knew only the strategy he’d heard about attacking a pirate ship, but he had no actual experience from his previous life.

So, in the case of small difference in theory and practice, then he had to cope with it by adapting to the circumstances.

Shadow Knight quick draw ‘Flash Shadow Sword’!

Flash, at the moment the Great Sword of the Weakened Shadow King executed an unbelievably  fast quick draw, Sang Hyuk was slashing in the middle of the pirates.

Sang Hyuk, who was slashing with terrifying speed, used the Ten Thousand Shadow Sword, one of the four core skills of the Shadow Knight.


When Sang Hyuk wielded the Great Sword of the Weakened Shadow King, thousands of shadow swords slashed in every direction from the Great Sword of the Weakened Shadow King.

The basic attribute of Ten Thousand Shadow Sword was illusion. Naturally, the thousands of Shadow Swords have no physical power.

However, instead he injected crippling fear and terror into the enemy through the hallucination effect. This was a very good skill for NPCs and monsters, but not for players.






The range of Ten Thousand Shadow Sword was within a radius of 40 meters, centered on Sang Hyuk, so almost all pirates hallucinated as if a thousand real sword passed through their bodies.

As a result, they became unable to do anything due to fear effects for four seconds.

Sang Hyuk has used the Ten Thousand Shadow Sword, which can be called wide area CC(crowd control), to buy more time to use his real skills.




Sang Hyuk held the Great Sword of the Weakened Shadow King and breathed lightly. Then he put a combination card into the Great Sword of the Weakened Shadow King.

Advanced Combination Card Skill ‘flying sword skill’ (It refers to a technique or a state in which a sword that has fallen from a hand normally moves freely by itself and attacks the enemy under his control, independently.)

This card was created using the Wind Magic Card, the Sword Elemental Card, and the Magic Stone Card, which was a very expensive item.

Of course, normally it was too scary to be used, due to the high expense. Of course, if it was Sang Hyuk, who had a lot of financial power, it was a combination card that could be used without worries.

With this card, Sang Hyuk could fly his sword in the air for 16 minutes and then steer it according to his will. It was not that bad of a combination card, but the true power of this combination card was demonstrated when it was used in conjunction with other skills.

Shadow Knight core skill ‘Shadow Piercing’!

Sang Hyuk threw the Great Sword of the Weakened Shadow King in the air while using ‘shadow piercing’. Then the Great Sword of the Weakened Shadow King flew low, and pierced the shadows of the pirates who were struggling to escape the effects of fear.


Shadow Piercing was a technique that pierced through the shadow, not the enemy’s real body, but it caused a paralysis effect for a few seconds while damaging the real body.

Sang Hyuk used the Great Sword of the Weakened Shadow King to pierce the shadows of all the pirates around him, just as if he had nailed their shadows in place.






The pirates, who were barely beginning to overcome their fear, were locked down, held in place by their own shadows.

From the very first, when Sang Hyuk jumped onto the pirates ship’s deck, the ordinary pirates were utterly unfit to be his opponents.

Because the Shadow Piercing has locked down the pirate crew, there was only one thing left.

The final Shadow Knight core skill, ‘The Shadow of the Grim Reaper’!

Sang Hyuk used ‘the Shadow of the Grim Reaper’, the most powerful soul skill that Shadow Knight possessed. Then the Great Sword of the Weakened Shadow King, which was hovering  in the air, began to fly toward all the pirates who had blocked Sang Hyuk under his control.


The Great Sword of the Weakened Shadow King spun like the high-speed cutting blade of a lawn mower, slicing through all the pirate’s necks only in few seconds.

Starting with the Ten Thousand Shadow Sword, continued by Shadow Piercing, and finally the Shadow of the Grim Reaper, Sang Hyuk was able to exert a crushingly lethal force on a number of enemies below a certain level of power.

The pirates, whose heads were falling down, rolling around in front of Sang Hyuk, were such enemies.

There were only four pirates who survived among the 30 pirates on the deck.

Sang Hyuk, who decapitated with brutal efficiency all of the pirates on the deck in about 10 seconds, steered the flying Great Sword of the Weakened Shadow King in the air and destroyed the door to the captain’s room.


He had to catch the pirate captain to sink the pirate ship.


“Both of you block anyone from getting on the Ink Black Dragon!”


Sang Hyuk looked back and shouted to Gye Baek and Dark Knight. Like roaches, it was possible that more pirates will pop out from some dark corner and go for the Ink Black Dragon.

Gye Baek and Dark Knight had to stop them.

It meant that Gye Baek and Dark Knight should defend the Ink Black Dragon until Sang Hyuk took down the pirate captain and sink the pirate ship.


‘I can trust both of you.’


Sang Hyuk trusted Gye Baek and Dark Knight and went straight into the pirate ship. When Sang Hyuk walked a few steps through the broken door, a huge pirate appeared in front of Sang Hyuk, different from ordinary pirates.


“Hahaha, where are you going?”


If you look at it, it was not an ordinary pirate. Of course, it was not the pirate captain. It is…..


“The middle boss.”


Since the pirate ship was a dungeon, there was of course a mid stage boss.


“Why are you swinging your sword….”


Clank, kwadudududuk!

The middle boss, who was likely to be the deck chief, could not even finish his sentence.

The Great Sword of the Weakened Shadow King has completely shattered the head of the middle boss, like a pumpkin hit by a fire axe.


Sang Hyuk cut him down in one shot. He had no time to listen to a mere middle boss.

Chapter 139 [Episode 71] Pirate Ship 2 – End


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