Chapter 140 [Episode 72] The changed future 1

@The Changed Future.

Sang Hyuk, who had cut down the deck chief, ran forward and continued to look for the captain’s room. Of course, the pirates continued to block Sang Hyuk, but Sang Hyuk kept on going forward, his weapons knocking them down like bowling pins.

There were two more two middle bosses, but they were as nothing to him.

Sang Hyuk arrived at the captain’s room in just 10 minutes.

Sang Hyuk blasted the door of the captain’s room without hesitation.

The Pirate Captain, sitting on a large chair, stared at Sang Hyuk who shattered his door and and just casually waltzed in.

The pirate captain was three times the size of an adult man and biting on his pipe, wearing his buccaneer uniform.


“I don’t know if you are the fool who rushes in where angels fear to tread and you….”


The Pirate Captain tried to recite his preprogrammed lines, but unfortunately Sang Hyuk didn’t give a poo.


Sang Hyuk struck with two blood wires from both of his hands and rushed the pirate captain.

Phaphaphaphat, clank, clank

Then the Black Magic Armored Sang Hyuk, closed in and slashed with his blood wires.

Thanks to Sang Hyuk’s unexpected attack, the pirate captain was forced to end in the middle of his preprogrammed lines which had at least three more lines. Instead, he drew the double barrelled shotgun holstered at his waist and soon the battle began.


The double barrelled shotgun vomited fire. Each of the pirate captains had slightly different look and characteristics but one thing was clearly the same.

The higher the pirate ship’s rank, the stronger the pirate captain!

This was an obvious fact. The level of the pirate captain in front of Sang Hyuk was 89.

This level 89 was of an even higher rank because the pirate captain was a boss monster, not a normal monster.

If the Infinity Challenge effect did not reduce the level difference by half, then it was likely that Sang Hyuk would not find this solo raid as easy as it has been so far.


Sang Hyuk transformed the end of the blood wire into a thin shield, blocking the projectiles flying toward him.

If it was the normal users, they surely would have pushed a few steps back because of the powerful impact of the buckshot, but Sang Hyuk nullified the kinetic energy of the projectiles almost instantly using the blood wire.

Even if this doesn’t seem to be anything special for Sang Hyuk, but there was almost no one who could actually execute this delicate control in the game, much less in combat.

Some people would think it would not be a big deal if they were pushed just a few steps away. But this was the crucial difference between a pro and an amateur.

Sang Hyuk was able to instantly counterattack the pirate captain because he didn’t lose the 1-2 seconds needed to recover since he was not knocked back.

If Sang Hyuk had been pushed a few steps back, he wouldn’t have been able to avoid the pirate captain’s subsequent attacks, as he would have been out of position, and his stance in jeopardy.

Ziinggg, kwakwakwang!

The pirate captain swung the double barrelled shotgun in his hands, and suddenly out of the muzzle popped out two dagger blades and he slashed the blood wire that was threatening to stab him.

Even if it is Sang Hyuk, who had reincarnated, he knew nothing about the pirate captain in front of him.

The only thing he knew was that it had two lives.

Sang Hyuk had to fight it himself to find out about the rest.


“Is he focused on ranged attacks? Nope… The strength I felt when it defended against my counter-attack was harsher than I expected. I don’t think it is a monster with only ranged attacks.”


Sang Hyuk kept on analyzing during battle.

It was true that he had an overwhelming power, but that didn’t mean it was possible to catch this monster if he only used his skills without thinking.

* * * *

17 minutes, it took 17 minutes for Sang Hyuk to figure out almost all the information about the pirate captain in front of him.

Sang Hyuk figured out all seven different attack patterns and five defensive patterns that it has as well as the two deadly gaps that exist between these patterns.

In the process, Sang Hyuk suffered a certain amount of damage, but was able to recover with a few low-cost recovery combination cards.

Hunting this monster was not so difficult for Sang Hyuk. Of course, there could be other information or patterns that Sang Hyuk didn’t understand, but it was enough for combat.

After completing the 17 minutes tactical analysis, Sang Hyuk pushed the pirate captain mercilessly. From then on, the pirate captain really started to fight back.

Nevertheless, the pirate captain has been enduring Sang Hyuk’s attacks for a long time. Also, as the durability of the pirate ship was used as a second health bar, its endurance was unbelievable.

Fortunately Gye Baek has hit the Pirate Ship with a lot of shots and the durability has been reduced by 30%, otherwise Sang Hyuk would have had to fight for an extended duration.

Especially, the pirate captain had a unique attack, so should Sang Hyuk make a mistake during this long battle, all his hard labor up to this point could collapse at once.

Sang Hyuk pounded on his opponent for 42 minutes grimly. Even for Sang Hyuk, who boasts the highest level of firepower, the pirate captain was not an opponent that could be taken lightly.

If there were a lot of people, it would have been possible to make a mistake and endure a certain level of damage, but Sang Hyuk solved all the problems alone as usual, so a single mistake could lead to a raid failure in the blink of an eye.

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