The fact that he could never make mistake was a bigger pressure than he thought. But Sang Hyuk proudly overcame and eventually defeated the pirate captain.


“Khurrrrrrk, the blue sky is in front of me……”



7th grade Pirate Captain ‘Comei’ has been defeated.

Since you are the first to hunt down a 7th grade pirate ship, first kill bonus has been applied and you receive all 57 items that you can get from Comei.

The pirate ship has been sunk and you have received all the karma from the pirate ship.

You have sunk the pirate ship in exactly 1 hour, 10 minutes and 48 seconds.

You have earned the Time Attack Bonus level S and you have earned the Pirate Ship’s Treasure Chest (S).


“Huh? Time Attack Bonus? Treasure Box? What else is this?”


Sang Hyuk tilted his head at a line of system message that he didn’t expect.

First he put the 57 items dropped by Comei and a huge golden treasure chest into his virtual bag, then he came out on the deck.

The deck was empty because the pirate captain was defeated and all the pirates were gone.


“Wow, you’re back.”


Gye Baek and Dark Knight were sitting on the deck of Ink Black Dragon and breathing roughly. Their vitality was running out after dealing with the pirates which trying to cross over to Ink Black Dragon for more than an hour.

After Sang Hyuk stepped on the harpoon chain and crossed over to the Ink Black Dragon, the pirate ship began to sink slowly.


“Sigh, it was really hard. If it lasted for 10 more minutes, then both of us would have no chance to continue and we would have been defeated.”


Gye Baek spoke with an exaggerated expression. But Sang Hyuk thought that even if it had been 10 minutes longer, both of them would still have survived.


“Stop making a fuss and let’s check the reward.”


Sang Hyuk pulled out the 57 items and a large golden treasure chest from his virtual bag.


“First, let’s open this golden treasure chest.”


Sang Hyuk also knew nothing at all about the treasure chest. Even in his previous life, he had never heard of such a treasure chest.

There were one of the two possibilities.

Either it was an item which existed in the previous life but Sang Hyuk didn’t know of it because it was very rare or it was an item which did not exist in his previous life and was newly created in this life….. Sang Hyuk thought it was more likely the first one.

Clank, kiiiiiiik,

With the consent of the two people, Sang Hyuk carefully opened the golden treasure box. There was no magic traps in a reward, but he opened it carefully, just in case.






As soon as the golden treasure chest was opened and the four items in it were revealed, Sang Hyuk and Gye Baek exclaimed at the same time.

Dark Knight didn’t say anything, but nodded his head slightly and locked his gaze into the golden treasure box.

The four items in it were as following.


‘Comei’s double barrelled shotgun [unique rating]’


‘Top rated Enhancement Stone’


‘Top rated Magic Stone’


‘Pirate Flag Decoration [Unique Rating]’


All four things seemed unusual. Of course, Sang Hyuk was not interested in the unique rank items.

Top rated Enhancement Stone and Magic Stone.

These two items were very necessary items for Sang Hyuk.


“I just need these two things out of all the items dropped by Comei and from the golden treasure box. You guys can have the rest.”


Sang Hyuk wanted the top rated Enhancement Stone and Magic Stone.

Gye Baek and Dark Knight had absolutely no complaints because they needed the equipment more than the Enhancement Stone or Magic stone.


“A treasure box…. It could be that the information about the pirate ships that I know is wrong?”


Sang Hyuk had never faced a pirate ship himself, so he believed the information that the pirate ship was a monster which was more annoying than a Sky Whale and had nothing special.

But when he faced it himself and got the treasure chest as a reward, he realized the information might have been manipulated.

This manipulation of information was something that the established powers frequently used.


“Then we shouldn’t avoid anything in the future even pirate ships.”


Sang Hyuk changed his plans about avoiding the pirate ships as much as possible and hunting Sky Whales only.

Sang Hyuk, who quickly distributed the items among them, grabbed the key of the Ink Black Dragon again.

The Sky-sea was wide and they still had far to go, so they had to keep on moving forward.

* * * *


“So, the unlimited and limited….. So, the division is like that?”


“That’s right, we’ve been discussing this for a few days, and in the end that’s what’s been decided.”


Sang Hyuk was able to get the unexpected information from Lee Mirae.


“Unlimited means there is nothing restricted and limited means restrictions, is it that the unlimited is like the Gladiator Hall and the new EL Revolution has only limited class matches?”


Sang Hyuk tilted his head and asked when the unfamiliar formats that were not in his previous life appeared.


“I also thought so at first, but when I asked about it, it was totally different. They said that EL Revolution has created two completely different modes with the basic format still intact. To put it simply, the unlimited is just the original version of EL Revolution and limited is a PvP mode that limits each combatant to the same level, equipment, title, and skill within the EL Revolution system.”




Sang Hyuk, who listened to Lee Mirae’s explanation, was honestly a bit surprised.

Sang hyuk had no idea that the future would change in this way.


“From what I heard, various types of equipment, titles, and skills are assigned before the battle starts, and the users can choose and combine them by themselves. At first I thought it was a little strange, but when I heard it, it looks more fun than I thought.”


Lee Mirae explained a little more about limited mode.


“Why did this change happen? Perhaps…. is it because of me?”


Sang Hyuk was slightly taken aback by the sudden change, but he did not think it would cause a big problem.


“Hmmm, although I’ll have to find out more about the details, but…. as I heard it, I think it would be more fun than I expected.”


Sang Hyuk nodded with a similar thought like Lee Mirae.

Chapter 140 [Episode 72] The changed future 1 – End


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