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Chapter 141 [Episode 72] The Changed Future 2


“Looking at the situation, it seems that we are going to start beta testing in two weeks.”


“So soon?”


“I don’t know the reason, but it felt like Raon Soft was in a hurry. However, because that side wants to proceed quickly, so we and the association are increasing our pace to match it.”


“I see.”


This was a changed future as expected. Originally, the beta service would have started in another three months, but the future changed and the beta service begins in two weeks.


“But, is it okay for you to just let me know this information like this?”


“What does it matter? Honestly, this information would have been passed on to users who should know it by now.”


Lee Mirae spoke while smirking. She was so cynical because of the numerous “backdoor” connections that existed inside the LGN(Live Game Network).

Sang Hyuk could understand her smile because he had witnessed and experienced these connections countless times in his previous life.


“Anyway, thank you.”


“If you are that grateful, buy me some food.”


“If it’s only food, just call me anytime. Speaking of it, it’s quite early, but should we go for dinner? Hmmm, How about sushi? There’s a good sushi restaurant around.”


“Sushi? It’s the best! Let’s go.”


It was no coincidence that Sang Hyuk suggested sushi. He knew Lee Mirae loved sushi through his memories, so he was being considerate.

After eating the expensive sushi with Lee Mirae, Sang Hyuk shared a cup of coffee with her and afterwards, they separated. Lee Mirae wanted to have a drink as well because she wanted to release some stress, but Sang Hyuk couldn’t drink because he had to go back home and return to the game.

Sang Hyuk  went straight to the DN(Dream Network) website and opened his personal account, then sorted out the numerous titles, equipment, and skills that he had earned.

The reason he did this was because of the EL Revolution’s beta service which is coming in two weeks.


“Limited mode is something that I’m not familiar with, so I’ll think about it when it opens to the public….. For now I have to pick the titles, equipments and skills that I’ll use in unlimited mode.”


As soon as EL Revolution is released, EL’s PvP content will be divided into two major categories.

Users divided it into the old PvP (Field PvP of Eternal Life) and Neo PvP (PvP in the EL Revolution System)…. and in Sang Hyuk’s previous life, Neo PvP steadily increased in popularity over time.

Actually, the old PvP attracted the interests of the guilds and unions who could be considered the “inner circle of Eternal Life” while Neo PvP was popular with the masses.


“By the way…. why so many…..”


Sang Hyuk, who was trying to organize all the things he had, was sticking his tongue out as he looked at the huge list of titles, skills, and equipment.

First he selected what looked good and after he listed them all, there were so many…


“Sigh, let’s look at them one at a time.”


Sang Hyuk, who has sorted things into multiple lists, decided to pick the titles first.

According to what he heard from Lee Mirae, the number of allowed titles was limited to five. In fact, these limitations in EL Revolution were quite unfavorable to Sang Hyuk.

He had more titles, items, and skills than anyone else, so limiting them would be a loss.


“First I have to prioritize the legendary titles and exclude the ones which don’t relate to PvP.”


Sang Hyuk had 12 legendary titles.

And he also had three special grade titles which were even more powerful than legendary titles.

Most players couldn’t even dream of possessing a single legendary title, but Sang Hyuk had an overflowing number of them in his status page. Of course, he possessed many, many more unique grade titles.

All of this was the power of monopoly. Because it was Sang Hyuk, who had ruthlessly monopolized almost all of ‘the firsts’, so he could have such a tremendous result.


“I don’t know about anything else, but I have to take this one out of the unique titles, ‘One-Hit One-Kill’


It makes no sense to not take this because the effect of the title ‘One-Hit One-Kill’, which is ‘Those who strike first win’ would maximize Sang Hyuk’s damage for First Strike. If you put it as his first pick, then the legendary or special grade titles that Sang Hyuk can choose will be reduced to four.


“This is very troublesome.”


Sang Hyuk, who was contemplating among the 15 legendary and special grade titles, finally chose four legendary titles and three special grade titles.


“Hmmm…. It’s enough to use the Shadow King in Treenark title so we’ll choose it.  So what’s left to do is pick three out of the four legendary titles.”


‘The First Solo Kill of the Weakened Shadow King’


‘The First Visitor’


‘One who Surpassed Despair by Himself (the first)’


‘Glory Itself!’


The finalists were these four legendary titles. All four titles have very useful effects. However he had no choice but to exclude one of them.

Sang Hyuk carefully contemplating and finally made a choice.


“Let’s take out The First Visitor.”


Just looking at the Sustainable Effects, The First Visitor was tremendously powerful, increasing 10% of all abilities and 20% of movement speed, but the prefix and suffix effect were useless in the EL Revolution because it was limited to the Heroic Lands.

Actually he took out The First Visitor not because it was bad, but because he couldn’t bear to get rid of the other three titles, so he had no choice but to take it out.


“Sigh, other players worry about what they can put in, but I’m thinking about what to remove…. it is surely a happy dilemma, isn’t it?”


Sang Hyuk, who chose his five titles, awkwardly smiled and muttered.

Now that he has chosen the titles, all he has left is to choose his equipment and skills.

Actually, there was no big problem in choosing the equipment.

Basically only one weapon is allowed, and armor for the head, shoulder, chest, legs, waist, gloves, back and four accessories, including a necklace, ring, and earrings (2). And only one special ornament was allowed.

As a result, the special item that Sang Hyuk usually wears, the ‘Completed Star of Glory’, cannot be worn.

Only up to five consumable items were allowed, regardless of type. Of course, it was five per game, so he could pick five again at the end of each game. Luckily, combination cards are consumable items, but exceptionally, they were also considered active skills so Sang Hyuk was able to take them separately and thus “stack the deck”.

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